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What is Build to Rent and Why is it Becoming So Popular

Build to Rent (BTR) is an emerging trend which has been making waves in real estate, as developers are starting to see it as a way to address the growing demand for rental properties. But what exactly is Build to Rent, and why is it becoming so popular? Build to Rent is a method of developing and managing residential properties which are purpose-built for renting.

So, they are designed with renters in mind, with features and amenities which cater to their specific needs. Build to Rent properties are usually managed by property management companies, so tenants benefit from prompt and reliable service and have access to high-quality support and resources. Here are some of the main benefits:

Join a community of like-minded people.

Build to Rent developments aim to actively foster a strong sense of community and belonging. With shared amenities like communal lounges, fitness centres, gardens, and other social spaces, residents are provided with great opportunities to interact with neighbours. This strong sense of community is especially appealing to young professionals, students, and people who have just arrived in an area and want to build networks.

Better quality of living.

As Build to Rent accommodation is custom-built for renters, it offers a range of amenities that established buy-to-let properties often cannot. Build to Rent developments, for example, often include communal areas, gardens and gyms, where residents can meet their neighbours and build community bonds.


Build to Rent accommodation offers more flexibility than traditional buy-to-let properties. For example, tenants may be offered shorter rental agreements, or the option to move between apartments in the same development if their needs alter.

Build to Rent accommodation is designed with renters’ needs in mind.

BTR accommodation is purpose-built for renting which means that everything from the design of the properties to the amenities on offer is specifically tailored to the needs of renters. BTR apartments are designed with flexible living spaces to be able to accommodate a range of lifestyles and family sizes.

So, they have open-plan layouts, larger windows, and built-in storage to optimise space. They also prioritise energy efficiency, sustainability, and smart home technology for a modern, comfortable living experience.

Single ownership and management structure.

With BTR, a single entity normally owns and manages all the accommodation in the development. The single ownership structure offers several big advantages for tenants. It means a more streamlined and efficient service, with a single point of contact for queries which makes it easier to resolve problems and maintain the property.

It’s common for each development to have a manager who oversees and manages all aspects of the residence, including organised events. This offers numerous benefits to residents and helps to create a strong community.

Higher quality amenities and shared spaces.

BTR developments normally include a variety of amenities and shared spaces which are provided for the exclusive use of residents. This can include, for example, gyms, swimming pools, communal lounges, co-working spaces, roof gardens, and restaurants. By providing these amenities and shared spaces, BTR developments aim to offer a more attractive, modern, and convenient living experience for all their residents.

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