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What Healthy Foods To Eat To Gain Weight?

What healthy foods to eat to gain weight is the question mark for those people who are suffering from less weight. There are so many people around us, who eat a lot but never gain weight or become fat. For those types of people gaining weight is quite a challenging matter. However, if you can add some healthy foods in your regular meals then you can gain some weight. In the matter of both gaining weight and losing weight, one has to be very careful and selective about their diet or what foods they are consuming daily.

Therefore, I have selected a few healthy foods that will offer them to gain weight. Most of us have the common question, what healthy foods to eat to gain weight and what to keep in the diet list to get a fruitful result. Here I will try to help them out from this problem.

Few Healthy Foods To Increase Weight

There are many healthy foods to eat. However, a few of them will able to give you an effective result. Let us see quickly what healthy foods to eat to gain weight for an individual person.

1. Protein Smoothies:

The protein smoothies are very helpful to gain weight naturally. Especially the homemade protein smoothies are very beneficial. If you want to grow your weight then do not drink those smoothies, which are available in the shops. There are so many flavors of smoothie; you will get from the internet. There are chocolate banana nut shake or smoothie, vanilla berry smoothie, caramel apple shake, super green shake, and chocolate hazelnut smoothie, etc. all these recipes you can make in your home easily and drink these good foods to gain weight fast.

2. Milk:

Milk is the most helpful drink, which can build your muscles and help you to grow the weight of your body. The milk has a good portion of balance protein, calcium, and fats. However, it is a good source of vitamins and minerals too. If you are thinking, how to gain weight fast and healthy then drink one or two glass of milk on a regular basis. Besides this, if you want to eat something with the milk then you can take some bread, fruit, or any other thing, which you like.


3. Rice:

The rice is another most essential food, which you help you to put on your weight. After finishing your breakfast in the morning, you can take the rice in your lunch meal. One cup of cooked rice (165 grams) will provide you 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs, and a little amount of fat. It will probably solve the question, how can I gain weight safely from yours.

4. Nuts Butters And Nuts:

Another perfect food to gain weight that is nuts and nuts butter. A small almond contains over 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats in it. Therefore, you can eat almonds every day. On the other hand, nuts butter is also very helpful in this weight gaining process. You can add the nut butter on bread and eat in your breakfast. Easy Indian breakfast recipes with bread will help you to make dishes for your breakfast table.

5. Red Meats:

To grow the bodyweight fast than one can eat red meats. It has the best natural sources of dietary creatine, which will help to grow your body weight and build your muscles. It is a supplement and if you consume it daily then you will see an amazing result at the end of the month.

Red Meats


Therefore, I mentioned a few things, which will generate weight in your body. However, there are many things, which can also help in this journey of your weight gaining. Such things are dark chocolate, eggs, cheese, cereal bars, dried fruits, etc.

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