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Some Delicious Easy Indian Breakfast Recipes With Bread

We all know that breakfast is the first meal of our day. Without breakfast, our days will be incomplete. In our family mostly all the members eat the same foods for breakfast. However, the little ones of our family always want something new and interesting on their plate every day. Therefore, they need some extra food and at the same time healthy as well for breakfast. Generally, at the breakfast table, many of us like to have bread, milk, fruits, eggs, etc. Although people like to prepare easy Indian breakfast recipes with bread within a short period of time.

In this vast world of the internet, it is easy to find out which recipes take a minimum of time to prepare. You will have all those recipes with all the ingredients. Now I will discuss a few easy Indian breakfasts that anyone can make and serve at the breakfast table.

Some Yummy And Easy Recipes With Bread:

We Indian people like to eat the innovative dishes and especially the children like these types of recipes. The colorful dishes catch the attention of the children and they like to taste those dishes. Now let us have a quick look at a few healthy Indian breakfast recipes to eat in the morning.

1. Veg Sandwich Mayonnaise:

Within just ten to fifteen minutes, you can make this bread recipe in your kitchen to serve. This is a very yummy and delicious recipe for the breakfast table. The upper creamy layer will surely bring water in your mouth. To make this recipe you just have to take some piece of bread, mayo, fresh vegetables, some herbs, and spices.

Veg Sandwich Mayonnaise

2. Garlic Cheese Toast:

This is one of the easy Indian breakfast recipes with bread, which anyone can make. It is one of the popular, snack bread recipes, which we have. The required ingredients for this food are butter, mozzarella cheese, and garlic. Within a few moments, one can prepare this recipe to eat.

 3. Simple Veg Sandwich:

In the morning, maximum people like to have this veg sandwich for breakfast. It can be prepared without any cheese or sauce. One can prepare this bread recipe with or without the help of the oven or toaster. If you are going to make any dish then it is the most appropriate food recipe for them to make. If your children are very weak and low in weight then you can check this recipe, what healthy foods to eat to gain weight.

Simple Veg Sandwich

4. Tasty Bread Upma:

It is one of the best north Indian recipes. People who live in north India like this bread recipe very much and they very often make this dish for their breakfast. To make this recipe one just needs 15 minutes and after that, they can serve it to the table. To give a colorful look to the recipe you can add some carrots, peas, and potatoes as stuffing to this recipe.

5. Bread Pakoda:

It is another most popular easy Indian breakfast recipes with bread. One can have these pakoras in their breakfast or can eat with the tea. To make this recipe you just have to take some bread and potatoes. As an evening snack, you can also enjoy the bread recipe with chutney. However, if you consume it on a daily basis then it is not good at all for our health.

6. Bread Pizza:

Most of us like to eat pizza, thus we often go to the restaurant with our friends and family to enjoy the taste of the pizza. In the shape of pizza, you can also convert the bread into pizza.

Bread Pizza


Therefore, here I provide some easy recipes of bread that you can prepare it in your home. One can try any of these bread recipes and eat.

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