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What Are Raincoats Made Of [Details with Explanation]

The raincoat is a type of waterproof jacket that protects us from rain. I guess most people wonder about what are raincoats made of. Raincoat jacket specially made of water-resistant fabric and other materials. But before discussing the materials of raincoats you must know when and who invented this? Charles Macintosh in 1836 invented this mixing rubber with fabric and it was the first modern raincoat. But now there are various types of raincoats with different colors available in the market. For kids multiple colors of raincoats also accessible in the market.

The answers to those questions how are raincoats made and what is a raincoat made out of provided with all details. So carefully read this article to know the real facts about making raincoats.

#Find Out What Are Raincoats Made Of:

With the basic fabric materials, the raincoat made of but if those products do not contain water-resistant properties then the researchers add water-resistant products. Here are some materials that need to make raincoats:

1. Nylon:

Nylon is a type of synthetic polymer and looks like silky material. This material is not so much expensive and long-lasting material. Most of the companies in the market prefer nylon for its long-lasting and low cost. For its synthetic polymer, silkiness, and easy folding, many people choose this for the monsoon season and summer season. For its lightweight, you can easily convey when tripping.

2. Fabric Cotton:

The first raincoat was made with fabric cotton. But the raincoat of this material is so heavy to use and also not usable for the kids. Now fabric cotton made raincoat not so much available in the market. Oilcloths of this material are available in the market.

3. Gore-Tex:

Gore-Tex is a waterproof fabric and breathable material. It is usable for all-weather for its lightweight. Gore-Tex was first invented in 1969. It is extremely different from other products and people use this for its comfort. Many raincoat-making companies are using this fabric. It is perfect for an outdoor campaign and trekking.

4. Vinyl Fabric:

Vinyl fabric is made of chlorine and natural gas (ethylene). It is strong plastic materials and mainly used for a raincoat, outdoor tablecloths, and other products. Vinyl fabric is used to forming the raincoats of kids. This material is not too much costly. Various raincoat maker companies prefer this for multiple color options, water revolting, and easy to clean.

5. Wool:

Though wool does not provide waterproof quality in winter place it gives warmth. Making with water-resistant woolen coat provides extra durable and it is mainly used in the fashion garments and military men.

There are also other items that need in making raincoats like belts, buttons, lining, thread, trip, zippers, and seam tape. In the market various types of stylish fashionable raincoats like Waxed jackets, Sou’wester, Gannex, Anorak, Oilskin, Inverness cape, Mino, Driza-Bone, Poncho, etc available.


In the end, I want to say something very important talks, before buying raincoats check colors, durable system, stylish, water-resistance quality, etc those are suits for you. After reading this content the query about what are raincoats made of is now clear to the readers.

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