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Top Romantic Places To Visit In Spain On Your Vacation

Spain is a lovely and charming place, be it a honeymoon, a romantic relaxing vacation, or just a trip with your special friend. Spain has it all, with its globally celebrated beaches, fertile pastures, green forests, hills and snowy mountains. Not to miss out the dances of flamenco, hot samba and the countless Sangrias. Spain is one of the most charming countries in the world, full of lovely architecture, picturesque and picturesque towns and lovely cities. The best spots in Spain for a lovely honeymoon – the magic nation! In a way, you never before have encountered Spain will definitely put your sweet and loving-pin side out. Check out some of the top romantic cities in Spain and have a romantic honeymoon vacation with your loved one!


Cadiz is associated with the sea, with music and the Carnival, and it’s also conveniently situated all year round for a romantic reason because of the environment of the region and the scale of the region. The harbour town has gorgeous beaches in which you can sit down and admire the view of the palace for a holiday in Spain with your loved one.


Granada is a refuge with rich heritage and stunning scenery with the magnificent Sierra Nevada range on the horizon. Take some time to dine on tapas, drink scented brews in tea houses in the Moorish neighbourhood of Albaicín and enjoy flamenco plays in Sacromonte ‘s famous ancient caves. The palace offers fantastic views of the whole town and amazing gardens full of oranges, flowers and myrts. The majestic Alhambra, Moorish palace and fortress atop al-Sabika attract many tourists to the city.


Malaga is so fun to linger, since it is compact enough to visit all these and stroll about, but broad enough, including nightlife to be lively and entertaining. It’s a lovely spot on the promenade with wonderful monuments. Take a look at the huge museum of Pablo Picasso-Malaga is his den.

Walk along the historical centre’s quaint streets and walk on the sand.



Segovia has been listed on World Heritage by UNESCO during and it’s not impossible to see why. With its beautifully preserved Roman Aqueduct, magnificent gothic cathedral and magnificent mediaeval Alcázar the city is exquisitely perfect. While Segovia can be its star, at any turn, from the nice, ancient rivers to narrow cobbles and the majestic Segovia Cathedral, Segovia has romantic architecture. Not everything: the city is full of elegant buildings, magnificent cathedrals and colourful sidewalks.


Situated on a scenic plateau on the Andalusian peak, Ronda offers a great place to hit your own mountain range. The views from the clifftops are incredible and give you the impression that you are comfortably isolated from the rest of the world. A conventionally romantic area, you can enjoy your sweetheart in many activities. Take a dive in the glorious river pool of Cueva del Gato and take in beautiful views from the perspective of the Mirador de Ronda, or visit the Port of New Bridge for a nice couple of pics. Ronda is the best location for an unforgettable romantic retreat and one of Spain’s most uniquely thrilling destinations.


San Sebastian

If you want honeymoon areas in Spain, don’t miss out San Sebastian on your itinerary, a gem of the northern part of Spain, which is an excellent haunt for foodies, ski bums and people who love the coastal vibrations. The region has two beaches called La Concha and La Zurriola which make it an excellent destination for swimmers and snorkelers.


Visit some of Spain’s most scenic beaches on Mallorca Island. Mallorca is suitable for lovers longing for an island retreat with its astonishing calcareous cliffs, sunny sand beaches and enticing crystal-clear waters. Explore one of the relaxation centres to chill with the other half before enjoying some nearby wines from one of the wineries. From one of those viewpoints on the island take in a panoramic sunset view over the horizon as the waves fall softly on the sea. There’s no such thing as romance as a paradise island.



The former town of Toledo is situated just 80 miles south of Madrid. But the hustle and bustle of the major city could not be further apart. Toledo whims romance around the corner, walled and fortified, with a fortress above and a river below. A journey to Toledo looks like you have taken a journey back in time with its cobblestone streets, medieval walls and historical architecture. It is a beautiful city where you can see the great panoramic views with your loved one, abandoned avenues.

I’m sure after all that travelling and shopping, you’re gonna need some ‘you’ time to explore these cities on your Spain vacation. So head down to any of these romantic cities in Spain and take back home a bag full of memories. Oh now that you might be excited to plan your Spain tour package, head on to Pickyourtrail so that you could book your vacation to Spain right away.

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