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Maca Root – Top Benefits of this Marvelous Adapt genic Herb

Nicknamed Peruvian ginseng, Maca root is an old plant. It is applied in the Peruvian diet and as a therapeutic plant. Do you know its benefits, and do you know how to include them in your daily diet?

What is Maca Powder?

From its scientific name Lepidium Meyenii which indicates a small case, Maca is a plant of the Brassicaceae species that grows only in the Peruvian Andes, at the height of more than 3,500 meters. In this hostile environment, the Andean peoples cultivate traditional and organic as Peruvian Maca or Peruvian Maca since 1600 years BC.

Famous for its quality

Remedial and aphrodisiac qualities, this tuberous plant whose bulb favors an onion has been applied for millennia as a food and therapeutic plant by Peruvians. The tuber is eaten fresh chiefly in the Andes or powdered. In this instance, it is naturally dehydrated in the sun before being demoted to powder for greater conservation. Today, organic Maca is most usually consumed in food supplements, powder, or tablets.

Since the start of the 20th century, and after numerous researches and clinical trials, Westerners and the Japanese have introduced Maca powder in their diet to help from all its advantages on the body and the mind. With an outstanding nutritional value, it has many health advantages.

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What are the benefits of Maca powder?

The powder of Maca is a superfood with a prosperous composition. Indeed, it includes, in particular, more than fifteen minerals and trace components such as potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, manganese gratitude to the soil healthy in mineral substances of the Andes. It also carries fatty acids, hydroxocobalamin or vitamin B12, 19 amino acids, vitamins riboflavin or vitamin B2, alpha-tocopherol or vitamin E, ascorbic acid or vitamin C, thiamine or vitamin B1, epicathecol or vitamin P, and cholecalciferol or vitamin D3, and proteins. It is thankfulness to this complicated alchemy that she has many benefits.

Maca is an energy specialist

Like ginseng, organic Maca is an adapted genic plant recognized for its energizing qualities. Indeed, it improves the levels of endurance and physical and mental energy and increases the testosterone level. Ideal for small relaxed shots, Maca powder will provide you energy and work like a tonic on the whole body.

Maca decreases stress

Many scientific types of research have confirmed the benefits of Maca on our mental and mental health. Thanks to its abundance of vitamins and minerals, Maca favors our organism and supports our fight toward stress and overwork.

Maca enhances physical and intellectual accomplishment

Maca is a food loaded with nutrients, mainly carbohydrates. It includes high-quality protein, which makes it very helpful for high-intensity physical and mental exercises. Its high mineral content enables it to work on sports recovery between two full sessions and immunostimulation. Fildena is the best remedy for treating ED. It is for this purpose that high-level athletes generally consume maca powder.

According to researches, Maca supplementation improved fight tiredness.

Maca increases libido and develops fertility

Aphrodisiac, Maca benefits improve fertility and enhance physical desire. Really, it would increase the creation and quality of spermatozoa in men and eggs in women. No research has yet established Maca’s aphrodisiac virtue from Peru, to be honest; Maca’s opinions differ on this subject). Still, as Maca has no health hazard, you lose nothing working. On the opposite, you have everything to win. In any case, many people who have used Maca have given positive recommendations about Maca and their love life. However, Maca on its own is not sufficient to increase libido. Thus, it can be mixed with ginger, added powerful aphrodisiac.

Maca root helps in menopause

The signs connected with menopause are hot flashes, hormonal imbalance, and weight increase decreased libido, and interrupted sleep.  Maca powder can help you overcome these signs by exciting the ovaries and the thyroid. Maca acts throughout our body as an adapted genic plant and plays an important role in our hormonal, immune, and nervous ways.

With a daily intake, Maca powder will enable you to boost your days by making you more tone, durability, and vitality. However, before using it, seek the guidance of your doctor.

In what form can we use Maca?

Today, Maca has more than 150 varieties grown in many countries such as China, Bolivia, Argentina, and other Latin American nations. But be cautious; these do not have the equivalent nutritional value as Maca from Peru. Furthermore, they are far from being organic. When you buy and consume Maca, make assured it is Lepidus Meyenii. So, do not take your Maca powder or Maca seed anywhere, and favor organic stores or specific sites.

In the West, organic Maca can be taken in many forms: in caps, tablets, powder, and gelatin. It is also present in the form of several food goods.


Maca powder is the simplest and least processed product. Be careful, though, to make a quality product like the one from the Guayapi brand. This superfood is effective and simple to use, 100% vegetable, certified organic, gluten, and lactose-free. Like maca vidalista 60 is also used to get rid of impotence. It is the superfood to attach to your culinary preparations to experience all the advantages of Maca seed.

In gelatin: 

Organic gelatinized Maca is an option to powder. The fact of gelatinizing Maca gives it more comfortable to absorb it.

In a capsule:

The capsule is made of extracts of Maca. That is to say, it includes Maca changed by a chemical process to reduce the plant’s therapeutic qualities. The benefit of capsule consumption is that we do not require to mix Maca with our products. A little water is sufficient to swallow it, and you’ve made.

In tablet:  Maca powder is combined with a binder to form pills. This form is also simple to consume and provides for both internal and outside use.

When to take Maca Root?

The Maca powder has a slightly malty taste with a sweet and caramelized edge, making her the food complement of your favorite moment’s satisfaction. Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of Maca powder in about 250 to 300 ml of your beverages such as a smoothie, milkshake, refreshing fruit juice, or in your glass of vegetable drink in the prime.

Likewise, you can attach Maca root to your coffee, tea, herbal tea, yogurts, and breakfast seeds or even your soups and gourmet cakes at noon or the beginning of the afternoon. You can join your Maca powder with all of your hot and cold drinks and drink it during the day.

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