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Spring Hair Trends: The Hottest Styles to Try This Season

Do you need a hairdo re-do? With warm weather on the horizon, it’s time to change up your hairstyle with the seasons. What spring hair trends are you going to try this year?

Not sure where to start when there are so many options? No problem. Read on for a few ideas of popular styles that you’ll be seeing this spring.

The Center Part:

Millennials may be cringing, but that isn’t stopping this trend from taking over 2022. That’s right, center parts are back (for better or for worse). 

Regardless of what you do with the rest of your hairstyle, parting it right down the middle is the first step. You can cut a fringe, do a blunt bob, or let it grow down to your waist as long as you stay symmetrical. 

Center parts are simple and they work well with many of the trendiest hair cuts and styles. The best part: you can try it out without visiting a stylist. 

Mid-Length Shag:

Shags always look effortlessly cool. In 2020 and 2021, short shags were stylish. In 2022, they’ve grown out and started reaching the shoulders. Mid-length shags are officially in. 

Shags work well with a variety of hair textures. People with straight and curly hair alike can rock this style and look great (even if it looks totally different). 

Shags have thick and choppy layers. When they’re too short, it’s difficult to pull your hair up out of your face on a hot day. With a medium-length shag, you’ll have plenty of hair for a braid, bun, or ponytail, but you won’t have to give up this funky layered style. 

The “Cool Mullet”

Mullets have been trending in 2021 and 2022, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. While they’re more popular amongst specific fashion subgroups, they’re also making their way into mainstream style. 

They’re not as dramatic as the mullets of the past. This “short on top, long in the back” style is breezy and, like the shag, effortlessly cool. You can gel it up for a total eighties look or let it fall down for a natural effect that pairs well with sundresses and jeans alike. 

Springy Highlights: 

As the weather gets warmer, the hair gets lighter. There’s no one best hair color for spring, but plenty of people get blonde and caramel highlights to mimic the sun’s natural highlighting effect.

Chunky highlights aren’t in this year (despite other popular nineties and early aughts styles trending). Instead, people are opting for a smoother transition. 

Balayage is a great way to make your hair look sunkissed for summer without overdoing it!

Which Hair Trends Will You Try?

If you’re in need of a new style this spring, why not try out one of these fun hair trends? Whether you’re keeping it simple with a center part or going full-mullet, you’re sure to amplify your style with a quick trip to the hairstylist.

Start experimenting with your hair!

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