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How Silver Jewelry Can Spruce Up Your Look

Do you ever open a woman’s wardrobe? If your answer is no then you are unable to see women’s favorite hobby. Their wardrobes are full of fashionable accessories and jewelry. With outfit ornaments they try to look more beautiful with confidence. Women’s Equality Day is all about showing the women you love how much you appreciate them. Help them spice up their look with elegant, easy-to-wear silver jewelry.

Some Tips To Spruce Up Your Look With Silver Jewelry:

Keep It Simple

One of the best things about sterling silver jewelry is that it is both simple and yet subtle. Silver stands out against any fabric and skin tone. That makes it immediately noticeable and flattering. You don’t need to pile on the jewelry to have a wonderful look when you’re doing anything. A few pieces in a low-key style are ideal for daytime wear with smartwatches.

Create a Whole Look

A whole look is a good idea when you’re looking at silver jewelry. You can think about all areas of the body. For example, sterling silver bracelets can be paired with a sterling silver necklace, sterling silver earrings, and a sterling silver barrette. That is one way to create a coordinated look that is highly effective. The hole allows you to shine and stand out in a crowd.

Find Your Own Path

Another fabulous thing about this kind of jewelry is that you can experiment with it and see what works best. That gives you a chance to think about what you like in silver jewelry. Some women like to go bold with big statement pieces. Others prefer to keep it a bit more understated. One of the great things about this kind of jewelry is that it works. You can play around with your own ideas. You can also use as many or as few pieces as you like. They’ll come together with a completely effective and highly attractive look of your own.

Add Interest With Colored Stones

Silver is a beautiful color that goes with just about any other color. You can wear simple silver items with ease. One way to bring in more interest is to go for silver with colored stones. Colored stones of all kinds set off silver perfectly. A large sapphire pendant set in silver is ideal for any woman with lovely blue eyes. Both precious and semi-precious stones are fabulous choices for your silver jewelry. Go for an opal or a pearl that adds a touch of color to the overall look you want.

Consider the Occasion

All pieces should be chosen with care. As so many women have found, silver works any time of day or evening. That makes it a good staple to have in your jewelry box. During the day, you can go for one or two pieces such as a simple necklace and a pair of earrings. At night, when you’re heading off for a company party or a night at the opera, it’s time to bring on the special pieces. An engraved necklace and some sterling silver cuff bracelets are one way to show off your ability to dress well.

Sterling silver jewelry from places like Silpada adds a great deal to any look. Give someone you love a special gift.

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