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How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

Do you know content is the king of any website? Yes, SEO friendly content or articles are created to boost the ranking of websites in Search engines. Before writing SEO friendly content writers need to understand about the Search engines ranking factors. 

To write SEO content we must find good keywords with low difficulty and high search volume. One thing we should observe is that the keywords must be site relevant. Here I bring valuable tips to write high-quality valuable content. 

SEO Friendly Content Writing Rules:

1. You must use a “Catchy Title” of an article that should be Six to Ten  words or 60 to 72 characters

2. Must include an “Introduction” of the content.

3. Add “Heading 2 and Heading 3” and “Conclusion” sections in the article. If Heading 4 is needed in the content you can also use. 

4. Write 60 words to 70 words each paragraph. That means short paragraphs are more effective than long. 

5. Keyword density is very important for SEO friendly content. You should use “Main keyword” one time per 100 words or 150 words. That means if you write a 600 word article then use the main keyword 6 times including the title. And use secondary keywords one or 2 times in the content naturally. 

6. Naturally use the main keyword and the sub keywords, not forcefully use these.

7. If needed you can use the FAQ section in articles. It depends on clients’ demand. 

8. Focus on the content readability; do not use passive voice more than 10% in an article.   

Avoid sentences starting with the same word; don’t use the same word more than 2 times. Try to use Consecutive sentences in the article. 

You should use short sentences; not more than 17 words in a sentence.

9. You must follow the Subheading distribution. Do not write just paragraphs and paragraphs, must use subheadings after 250+ words; that may be after 3, 4, or 5 paragraphs.

9. Avoid copying others’ articles, you should write relevant content by yourself.

Know About Keywords To Write SEO Content: 

1. An article has two types of keywords –

1)   Main keyword or focus keyword

2)   Sub- keywords or Child keywords

Example –

Vegetable recipes– It’s a main keyword.

Healthy vegetable recipes for kids, oily vegetable recipes, dry vegetables recipes, vegetables curry recipes, fry vegetable recipes etc. these are Sub keywords or child keywords. Know the Use Of Main Keyword: 

  1. You must use the main keyword in the “Title of the article”. Example-

Try Healthy Vegetable Recipes At Home (Title of an article)

  1. Use the main keyword in the introduction at the beginning of the content.
  2.  Use the main keyword in the “Heading 2” section. Example-

Some Homemade Vegetable Recipes: ( H2)

  1. You can use main keyword in H3 or sub-heading 3, it’s depend on content, (if you feel it is not necessary then avoid or if you feel necessary then add, it’s totally depends on you and your content)

 I hope this post will help you to write SEO content. 

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