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Savefrom Features, Benefits, Download Process

YouTube is one of the most popular facilitating platforms which offer users across the globe to interact, post, share and even download videos for non-stop entertainment. It also has some demerits like one can’t download the music in audio format or the app can’t run in the background or if the Wi-Fi goes down the video buffers. In this situation, one can download these YouTube to mp3 format for easy access to them anytime anywhere.

YouTube offers you the feature to download videos but some videos are restricted and explicitly mentioned not to download them. The savefrom app does the same and protects you from any such malpractices.

These days, downloading videos from YouTube is not as tough a job as it may seem. There are many YouTube to mp3 converters that help you to convert the videos and download them in mp3 format for easy access to the videos anytime anywhere.

Following is our handpicked list of different YouTube converter tools, their alternatives, popular features, and steps on how to download videos. If you’re currently wondering about the working of these conversion tools, we got you covered. This article right here is all you need, so, sit back and strengthen your technical game.

What is savefrom net?

The Savefrom net is a website designed to help users download videos online from sites like YouTube.  One of the most attractive features of this site is that it doesn’t cost any charges or registration fees which makes it even more popular among conversion tools.

This tool not only downloads YouTube videos but also supports downloads from different sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

What is savefrom net
What is savefrom net

One can easily download innumerable videos by savefrom mp3 feature in high quality and getting a kick out of unlimited access to it. It is portable for both phones and PCs.

But, one drawback users can view and end up seeing is multiple advertisements fairly often. The users may find back-to-back ads kind of annoying and somewhat misleading.

If you ever plan on using their services more often, our suggestion will be not to click on any of those advertisements.

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Features Of Savefrom net:

Save from the net to help you download the desired youtube videos/audios in mp3 format. It belongs to the category of conversion tools that help you convert the video into an easily accessible format and download it on your phone, pc or even iPhone.

The modern downloading software/websites let you download the videos as high-quality files to enjoy unlimited entertainment.

There are tons of downloaders online, but if you are someone who is super paranoid about getting viruses (like me) on your device, then you might want to explore the benefits of using good downloading tools like save from net.

Benefits Of Savefrom net:

Let’s have a quick look at the additional benefits of save from net:

1. Exhibiting original sound quality:

Downloading the videos from YouTube can be a little risky as people suffer from low-quality audio problems. Using a good downloading tool such as en savefrom lets you download the desired YouTube video in its original sound quality. 

2. Easily Personalizable:

One of the most amazing features of this tool is that the downloaded videos are personalizable and you can enjoy listening to them anytime anywhere you want. Not only these are personalizable but it also lets users download innumerable videos without limitations.

3. Saves time and space:

Downloading the videos can be a frustrating task especially when you spend hours downloading them. The savefrom mp3 YouTube saves your time effortlessly with its enhanced speed. It also saves your device space from running out.

4. Safety and Security:

If you’re someone who is scared of catching viruses on your device or getting your system hacked do not worry as good conversion tools are safe for any device and provide you with security.

How To Download Savefrom Net On Computers?

One can easily download savefrom from their official website. After downloading it on your PC, clicks install. The app gets downloaded on your computer.

These apps are usually designed to show disturbing advertisements and bizarre click-on downloads which are a little inconvenient for its users.

You can also use the website without downloading it from the browser. If you ever install it, our suggestion will be to turn off push notifications and change settings according to your preferences to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

How To Use Savefrom net?

Downloading YouTube videos may seem like a tough and risky job. But not anymore, as this conversion tool lets its users download high-quality videos in a few easy steps. Please follow the given steps to download your desired video by savefrom net mp3 resolution.

Open YouTube. If you’re using a mobile phone you can easily access the app. For pc users, try opening YouTube from your browser.

  • Search and select the desired video/videos you want to download.
  • Next, play the video and copy the URL.
  • Then, return to the savefrom net browser page.
  • Paste the URL and click the download button.
  • As you click the download button, lists of resolutions are displayed. Select your preferred choice.
  • After selecting your preferred resolution, click the download button.
  • The desired video gets downloaded within more than a few seconds.

Is savefrom net safe?

Do many users debate on whether it is safe to use savefrom net id or not? Let me clarify you all as it is substantially safe to use this website while downloading videos.

The website is reliable and you can download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other sites free of cost. As it is a free online website, it raises money from advertisements.

Though the ads can be a little misleading in some cases or the website may ask permission multiple times to use the push notifications but otherwise, it’s a decent downloading tool one can use. The website is a trusted site and it cannot harm your device or insert any viruses in your pcs.

Is It Illegal to use savefrom net?

As a matter of fact, savefrom net downloads videos from websites that don’t allow downloads. Considering this information, it is illegal to use. According to some reports, the site has been banned in the US as there were several complaints regarding copyright issues.

This sparked conspiracies resulting in causing a big issue also leading to pressing cash charges. These video downloading sites are actually third-party sites that let you download videos from different platforms that restrict downloading videos.

Thereby, making all of these video hosting sites illegal to use. If you still use this site, our advice will be to not use these downloaded pictures/movies for professional purposes. It may lead to copyright and even press heavy charges. Try using savefrom youtube mp3 for fair and personal purposes only.

What Is Savefrom Net Instagram?

Lately, Instagram has become one of the most popular/trending social media sites. You can get information on nearly every topic including news, music, business, entertainment, cooking, lifehacks, travel, memes and whatnot.

With the introduction of the reel feature, it has acquired both attention and love from users.

But downloading these videos from Instagram was considered a tough job. Not-any-more as the savefrom net Instagram feature of the savefrom net app lets you download videos from Instagram free-of-cost. Isn’t this amazing? You can click on savefrom ig to know more about it.

What Are The Other  Alternatives to Savefrom net Site?

Savefrom net has become one of the most popular sites for downloading videos. But after it shuts down in 2020, the people are left with tons of other options.

Finding the most suitable site which offers the same functionality as savefrom net has been a struggle. Not-to-worry as we have compiled a list of alternatives you can use to enjoy unlimited access to entertainment.


Unlike save from net which allows downloading videos from different sites, Y2mate offers you to download videos only from YouTube. Besides the restriction, the site is reliable and easy to use. One of the most amazing features which make this website stand out is its ad-free access/surfing. Anyone can download innumerable audio/videos just by copying the URL and pasting it on the Y2mate’s input bar simply by inserting pp after the video URL.


Y2mate allows users to download videos and audio in their preferred resolution. It offers a variety of video formats such as MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3 and WEBM. Another benefit of the site is that you don’t need to sign up to access it. You can download high-quality videos without hassle.

2.SuperParse.Com :

Still, missing savefrom net? Then, this site will give you a home feel while letting you download videos from different platforms like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, IMDB and others. But every site has its drawbacks like SuperParse.com only lets its users download videos up to 720p resolution. However, you can always enjoy different platform choices.


3. Keepv :

Keepv is another alternative for savefrom net.  The site offers downloading videos from different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Daily Motion, Twitch, Tumblr and Reddit.

It not only offers to download in different video quality options up to 4K but also allows its users to download the audio versions too. One can download the videos in formats like Mp4 and WEBM. Keepv offers additional flexibility for youtube downloads which makes it even more popular and easier. 

One drawback you can witness while using this site is that it only lets its users download videos individually. That means you cannot download videos in bulk. You have to download it one by one.


4. FileConverto:

FileConverto is an excellent site to download videos from different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, TED, Daily Motions and Reddit. It offers its users downloading and saving videos in mp4 format and has additional features which are useful in extracting audios from videos, merging files, compressing them and others. One of the most amazing features of this site is that it is an ad-free site and is also pretty easy to access.


5. Downvids:

Downvids is yet another site that lets its users download videos from different platforms which include Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. If you’re still in doubt, give it a try as this site offers support for several platforms. You can download the desired video in your preferred quality.

This site is also very easy to use as all you need to do is copy the URL, go to its input bar and paste it, choose your desired resolution and click on the download button. The video gets downloaded within no time and free of cost.

Still, wondering about the other alternatives? We got you covered. Besides the above-mentioned id savefrom alternatives, one can also use different sites to download videos from specific platforms. Like Fbdown.net lets you download FB videos,

Downloadgram lets you download Instagram videos, SaveTweetVid lets you download Twitter videos, RedditSave for Reddit Videos and Dmvideo for DailyMotion videos. These independent video downloaders are much more reliable than multiple ones.


The Bottom Line:

Downloading the videos from different platforms can even land you up in buying hefty-premiums which can be a burden on your pocket.

Savefrom net was an excellent site that allowed users to download videos from different platforms free-of-cost which ultimately became a reason for its popularity too.

Users were satisfied and happy using the site. But the sudden shutdown of the site left people wandering.

In this article, we have discussed the YouTube to mp3 converters, their potential benefits, savefrom net uses and also its alternatives you can use to experience similar benefits.

We hope you find it useful and consider this beneficial before selecting your preferred conversion tool.

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