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How to Host an Outdoor Movie Screening

Around 70% of Americans would rather watch movies at home, despite theaters opening. Because of this, many households have invested in designing a personal home theater, but this requires a hefty investment. Instead, hosting an outdoor movie screening lets you accommodate more loved ones and instantly creates a memorable event. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having an outdoor movie night, but you’re not sure where to start. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to host an outdoor movie screening everyone will love. 

Print Out Tickets:

The first goal on your outdoor movie night checklist is to design invitations. Make sure you include the date, movie, and location so guests know where to go. And, to make the night a special occasion, send out physical invitations as it gives everyone a memento of the movie. 

Choose a Movie:

You can’t have an outdoor movie night without choosing a blockbuster.

Keep it old-school by browsing your DVD collection or using your favorite platforms like Netflix, Skymovieshd, or Amazon Prime.

Or, if you don’t have that, use a streaming stick as it lets you plug in the movie and project it on a screen. But not everyone has the privilege of owning a screen, so check out these party rentals for inspiration. 

Set the Mood With Lighting: 

Once you’ve sorted the outdoor screen rentals, decide which lighting works best with your backyard. In general, you’ll want ambient lighting so guests can easily find their seats while being dark enough for others to enjoy the movie. Because of this, the best options include string lights and outdoor candle lanterns as they set the movie mood. 

You should also hang fun decor like a chalkboard announcing the movie and even a popcorn stand where guests can help themselves to snacks. 

Get Comfy Seating:

The key to hosting a movie screening is offering guests comfortable seating. Invest in an array of lounger chairs, bean bags, or even outdoor blankets covered in cushions. Or, if you don’t have enough seating, then bring out several dining chairs from inside your home. 

Prepare Snacks and Beverages:

Still unsure how to host an outdoor moving screening? Then, spend time preparing snacks and offering a selection of beverages.

You needn’t spend a fortune on snacks, simply offer popular theater candies and buckets of popcorn for guests. Or, if everyone’s hungry, then offer a BBQ where guests can enjoy hot dogs and burgers after the entertainment. And don’t forget to supply a steady stream of drinks like water, juice, and soda so everyone stays hydrated. 

Plan Your Outdoor Movie Screening Today: 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re ready to plan an outdoor movie screening.

Start by printing out invitations, decide on the perfect movie for your audience, and set the mood with lights. You should also arrange a comfortable seating area and prepare an array of snacks to complete the outdoor movie experience. Good luck with your venture! 

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