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Organize Your Anime Collection With These Tips

Anime is a Japanese animation style that features exaggerated facial emotions, rich colors, and stylized artwork. Anime has been popular in Western countries since the 1960s. And continues to rise in popularity as it becomes more widely available. Here are some recommendations for organizing your anime collection. So you can locate what you’re searching for fast if you have a lot of DVDs or Blu-rays.

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Create A List Of Anime Collection:

When you have sufficient room or want to keep track of where individual series are stored, this is a smart approach to arrange your anime library. Make an Excel spreadsheet with the names of each series, as well as the disc number and volume information for each one. If a series has more than one season, make sure to include them all so they’re easy to discover.

Sort Them Alphabetically :

If you don’t have enough room for a comprehensive list, sort your anime library by genre. First, sort your series alphabetically; for example, if you have all of them starting with A and ending with Z, sort them that way and label them so you can find them conveniently. Furthermore, if an anime series has three seasons, split them into distinct folders so that “Season One,” “Season Two,” and eventually “Season Three” could be readily discovered while looking at it from this standpoint.

Arrange DVDs :

Anime DVDs are often organized differently than mainstream culture. With vertically stacked cases rather than horizontally stacked cases like CDs or other kinds of entertainment. Organize each season’s DVD release by name or volume, depending on how much space you have available to keep the discs themselves. Organizing items vertically is also advantageous. Because it takes up less physical space, allowing you to locate them and stream them quickly. To cut back on DVDs, you can visit 1337X and download your favorite shows on your device. So that you can watch them anytime.

Find A Space To Dedicate To Anime:

To effectively organize a significant collection of anime, you’ll need to set up a space in your home just for them. Since humidity can harm DVDs over time, this area should be sterile and well-ventilated. Direct sunlight should also be avoided since it can cause minor distortion, which might compromise playback quality if not spotted soon enough after buying or renting. Finally, make sure your records are freely reachable no matter where you store them. You might want to put them on racks so you can go at them at your leisure rather than digging through boxes like an archaeologist hunting for buried treasure.

Label Every Anime Cds :

You’ll notice that folks tend to buy the same anime over and over again. How long does it take for someone to realize that their DVDs need to be labeled? You may either write on them using an erasable marker or buy adhesive labels. Alternatively, you may construct your own using a lightbox and some adhesives. It’s crucial to label things because you don’t want to go halfway through a film just to discover it’s not what you thought it was.

Determine What You Want ToKeep:

It’s crucial to get rid of items you don’t need. How can people love anime if they can’t get their hands on it? Consider getting rid of it if watching or rewatching it is too much of a pain. You may even discover new anime series that you were unaware of, which may turn out to be the finest you have ever watched.

Add A Description To Each Anime:

Including information about each anime is a wonderful idea. If the series isn’t mentioned, how can people believe that you have the appropriate one? You may include categories, characters, and any pertinent information needed to quickly watch or quickly rewatch your compilation.

Sort Them By Release Date :

This is a simple method for organizing your collection. For example, you may put them in chronological order by year, produce a list of the most recent releases, or group series that came out simultaneously.

Leave Out Anything You Don’t Like:

If you disliked anime completely the first time you saw it, many individuals might not want to watch it once again. No one should have to put themselves through something only to have every title accessible for numerous reasons, such as terrible sound quality and bad voice quality. Get rid of any titles on your shelf that you don’t want to see anymore! Eventually, they will take up excessive space.

Use The Same Colour Scheme:

It will be easier to file each series in order if you use the same color scheme across your collection. You might, for instance, put blue folders with images of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z on them, which are then separated into parts based on the number of seasons or when they were released.


It’s easier to find what you’re searching for when you have a well-organized anime library. Make sure your boxes aren’t piling up! The ideas and suggestions listed above might assist you in easily managing your anime collection.

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