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Tricks For Your Presentation At The Next Company-wide Meeting

Public speaking is a serious fear for many people. If you’re a leader in a company, though, you eventually have to get over this fear and develop your presentational skills. Teams that are working virtually present a new challenge: presentations given on a video conference platform. In some ways, a virtual presentation may be easier — you don’t have to interact with your audience face-to-face, for example. In other ways, though, it is even more challenging than before — navigating a video call platform while conducting a presentation will require a lot of multitasking. If you’re ready to tackle this task head-on, you can get started by choosing a Microsoft Teams virtual background that suits your style and represents your company-wide meeting.

Professional Presentations

Conducting a professional presentation requires research, preparation, and poise — how can you possibly covey all of these elements within the constraints of a Zoom call? You’ll need to get creative. Rather than relying on physical presentation props that you might’ve used in the past, it’s time to leverage the resources of the virtual workplace. Think about all the ways you can create a PowerPoint or how a link to a YouTube video can serve as a visual aid. Rather than imagining the limitations, consider the possibilities that are unique to an online environment.

A virtual presentation is a great opportunity to get creative, but you should still maintain professionalism throughout the meeting.

A custom Zoom background template is a great way to maintain a professional façade and present a polished image to your teammates. These templates can be customized to display an image of your choice and even feature your company’s logo. Add your own text and other details to make it yours and represent your company’s brand.

Clean Neat Virtual Office Space

Some of the most popular Zoom office backgrounds are images of neat and clean office environments. Your workplace probably isn’t quite as tidy as the image on your background, but that’s okay. Displaying a clean office setting maintains a sense of neutrality that will help your audience stay focused on your presentation. Even when you’re amongst your own teammates, it’s important to maintain professional appearances, too, which makes a background with a neat office area such a great choice. Nobody needs to know that it isn’t actually your office, and the tidy appearance may even inspire others to clean up.

Of course, if a neat and tidy office space doesn’t match your aesthetic, there are plenty of other backgrounds you can choose from. You can opt for a mahogany-paneled boardroom or a brightly lit office overlooking New York City. No matter what background you prefer, you should take the time to customize it so that it’s polished and professional. The right background will become the perfect backdrop for the next company-wide meeting you host on Zoom or Teams.

Install a custom background that’s suited to your personality and reflects your company’s brand. A great background can give you the confidence you need to succeed in a presentation.

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