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7 Innovative Service Solutions of Managed Technology

In 2021, the global managed technology industry was valued at a staggering $242.9 billion, and experts predict a CAGR of 7.9.

Yet, despite the massive growth in this industry, many SMEs don’t see the value of managed services. They feel that these services are only ideal for large enterprises. And that’s why they choose to handle all their IT functions in-house.

Yet, to keep up with the rapidly changing tech, you must outsource some of your IT functions.

Read on to uncover seven innovative service solutions of managed technology.

1. Managed Cybersecurity:

On average cyber attacks costs businesses $200,000, which leads to some companies going under. To mitigate this risk, you should invest in the innovative solutions of managed technology.

Also, it is advisable to invest in the best Cyber Security course to prevent cyber attacks. So, with these solutions, you’ll mitigate the data breach threat.

2. Managed Application Solutions:

Modern technology solutions make it easy to access apps with the internet, eliminating the need to download them. The only challenge is when these applications malfunction and you need urgent support. So, to curb this risk, learn more about how the top business supports the company operates.

You want to find a resource that educates you more on services, such as Microsoft Unified Support alternative solutions. Your goal is to access highly responsive and affordable; IT support solutions that meet your needs.

3. Monitoring and Help Desk Services:

Corporate technology is becoming an integral part of the production cycle, and without it, everything else halts. That’s why you need to look for proactive ways to prevent IT systems downtime. To achieve this goal, leverage the managed technology’s monitoring and help desk services.

The objective is to have IT experts monitoring your systems 24/7 and addressing issues that arise promptly.

4. Mobile Device Management:

Most hackers target your employees’ mobile devices, such as laptops and smartphones, to access your system. To mitigate this risk, seek business tech solutions, such as mobile device management. You want to have a managed technology company monitoring the usage of these devices, thereby detecting data breaches quickly.

5. Cyber Compliance Solutions:

Your business has a moral and legal obligation to protect your consumers’ sensitive data. However, many companies struggle to protect this data and adhere to the cyber compliance requirement. To overcome this challenge, invest in cyber compliance solutions from a reputable managed technology company.

6. Systems Monitoring and Upgrading Solutions:

The other innovative solution of managed technology is systems monitoring and upgrading. This solution makes it easy and fast for your company to adopt the latest business tech.

7. Managed Data Storage:

The managed technology also offers your business a secure option for storing business data. The idea is to move away from using hard drives to store business data. You want to keep up with the latest trends of storing business data on the cloud.

Leverage Managed Technology to Boost Business Growth

Investing in managed technology will make it easy for your business to enhance cybersecurity. Besides, you’ll access solutions that help to adopt the latest business tech quickly. That’s why you should strive to hire the top managed technology company.

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