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How Much Is a Disney Vacation Club Membership?

Are you wondering about having a Disney Vacation Club membership?

In 2018, Disney’s most popular park, Magic Kingdom, received over 20 million tourists. Disneyland remains the biggest amusement park brand worldwide, even after the pandemic. However, scheduling a Disneyland vacation can be tricky and a hassle.

The good news is that getting a Disney Vacation Club membership can ease your troubles. Yet, how much is a Disney Vacation Club membership? Below, we discuss the DVC or Disney Vacation Club membership cost and more.

Factors That Affect DVC Membership Price:

The cost of a DVC membership is different for everyone, depending on a few things. First, it depends on where you buy your DVC membership. You can get it from a direct Disney store or buy it on the resale market.

The resort you pick also affects the cost of DVC points. New members must also buy at least 100 DVC points if they get their DVC from Disney. You don’t need to get minimum point purchases if you’re buying on the resale market.

How Much Is a Disney Vacation Club Membership?

Now, let’s address the question, how much is a Disney Vacation Club membership?

DVC membership can cost you between $160 and $188 per point if you buy from Disney. Often, these prices differ depending on the resort you want to buy a membership in.

Getting DVC membership points from the resale market is cheaper. However, the price variations may also have significant or tiny differences only. Depending on the DVC point reseller, your savings can range from 23% to 48% of the original price.

Don’t worry if you think you won’t get anything from buying DVC points. Remember that you can also sell your DVC membership points back into the resale market. It’s a good option if you need cash or want to let go of your DVC points.

Do I Pay For Anything Else When I Have a DVC Membership?

Disney Vacation Club members also pay annual maintenance fees. Their maintenance fees will depend on how many points they buy. The resorts in which they have a timeshare also have various maintenance costs.

These maintenance fees go to the upgrades, repairs, and upkeep of the property. For example, the Very Beach resort has an annual maintenance fee of $9.48. Meanwhile, Bay Lake Tower only charges $6.40 per year for its maintenance fees.

What It Means to Have a Disney Vacation Club Membership?

Disney Vacation Club or DVC is a points-approach and rental-style timeshare. Its members have an easier time booking at Disney resorts, cruises, and others. You also get other perks, like free dining at some of their resorts.

Becoming a DVC member is for you if you’re a fan of Disneyland and like going there with your family. If you don’t think you’ll visit Disney amusement parks often in the next decade or so, then this may not be for you.

Collect DVC Points Now for a Vacation of a Lifetime:

We hope you now have a better understanding of the costs of a DVC membership. You also know now how to answer if a friend asks, “How much is a Disney Vacation Club membership?”

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