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How Much Does A Middle-Class Indian Wedding Cost

A wedding or marriage is a social bond between two families as well as two people, the bride, and groom. For the wedding, two families come together with respect to their son or daughter’s happiness and for a bright future. However, it is a mandatory thing that every girl and boy has to marry at a certain period of his or her age. Today we will discuss the Indian wedding cost. From our ancient times, this ritual exists in our life. In this society, everyone has to get married. However, now a day or in modern times, it totally depends on an individual person, whether he or she wants to get married or not.

In India, there belong to most middle-class families. Moreover, every, middle-class families’ parent has the dream to give a grand wedding for their sons and daughters. However, sometimes it is not possible for all parents to celebrate their children’s wedding, as they want. The main reason behind this is the financial problem of the family. A wedding is a grand celebration where there are many functions and rituals. For doing every function, there needs a lot of expenses. Indian wedding cost becomes an issue for the poor or middle-class people that they remain unsuccessful to give a grand wedding.

In this context, we discuss middle class marriage budget in India, how much a marriage cost in India? how much does a Bengali wedding cost? etc with descriptional ways. So let’s start to continue:

#What Is Wedding Or Marriage?

A new family begins with marriage. In addition, marriage creates opportunities for procreation and inheritance. Through marriage, interrelated men are identified as husbands and women as a wife. The afterlife of men and women often considered marital life in this society. However, can be done in different styles in different countries or societies. The wedding is a pure bond or ritual in this civilized modern society. Even the Indian wedding cost varies on different types of marriages.

Note that the minimum age for marriage, especially for women, has become a controversial issue at present. According to the present marriage law, to get married an age should 21 and 18 for both the boys and girls. If this law has been criticized by religious and social conservatives. The law should be gender-neutral in the case of many like again. Under the Indian Majority Act, 175, the minimum age for marriage is 18 years.

#Why Is It Necessary To Have A Minimum Age Limit For Marriage?

It was important to set the least age for weddings in order to stop the earlier period of child weddings and the cruelty of minors. The law also says, to announce unlawful, if she gets married, earlier than the age of 18 then it is not lawful. To the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the age of a girl is 18 and the age of a boy is 21. Other laws are dissimilar. Although, child marriage has not so far been declared unlawful by law. However, if the minor does not consent at the time of marriage, then the marriage can announce unacceptably. In Islam, the marriage of a minor measured lawfully.

#The Reason Behind The Age Gap Between Men And Women?

To put it frankly, there is no suitable motive, why the law should distinguish the age for marriage between men and women. This age has been dogged according to numerous ideologies of law and holy rules. In our earlier period days, many renowned social workers raise their voices regarding this topic. However, the Law Commission’s letter of advice stated “the wife has to be younger than the husband because of different legal criteria.” Activists fighting for women’s human rights argue that this should not be the case. Physiology and psychology also explain that girls of the same age are more adults than boys. So why this age difference? The commission then suggested that the least age for marriage be 18 for both sexes.

#Why Do People Get Married?

The history of marriage shows that there was no marriage at the beginning of the world. As people slowly moved towards civilization, they began to segregate their resources. At that time money or any property, exchange kept one or more women with him. Originally, women were bought as the heirs of their own property.

Nevertheless, as people move towards more civilization, changes can be noticed within them and at one time, they feel the need to form only one woman and one family. Later, however, marriage became a different rule according to different religions. Humans marry mainly to maintain their family, to pass on their genes to their offspring in the future. Nevertheless, at present this idea does not work. This is an ancient idea.

Many people do not have children even after getting married now. In my opinion, marriage is done so that one can find a partner beside oneself in happiness and sorrow for the rest of one’s life so that, at least there is someone to give water to when one is sick in old age. Children often rely on each other to stay out. No matter how many friends and relatives there are, they will not come or take so much.

For this, you need a life partner so get married. This time the question is without getting married. Many people say marriage is just to introduce children, let me tell them there are now many couples who do not have children voluntarily. Why are they married? I think what is the problem with giving social recognition to love when there is it, many people say that if love is to be tied with social recognition, what kind, of love it is, and it is a controversial matter, which is a personal choice.

#The Purposes Of Marriage:

Marriage is a natural need of every human being. It has many important benefits and roles. Notable among these are:

1. Release From Distress And Homelessness:

The man who is not married is like a dove without a nest. He finds his home, nest, and shelter through marriage. She is a lifelong companion, companion, protector of secrets, sympathizer, defender, and ally.

2. Gain Satisfaction Of Biological Needs:

Biological needs are a very strong and valuable innate tendency in human beings. For this reason, every woman needs a man and a husband from whom to benefit and enjoy the taste in a safe and quiet environment, at the moment of need. Proper satisfaction of sexual instincts is a natural necessity and it is important to respond to its call. Otherwise, negative physical, mental, and social consequences may fall on one. Those who refuse to marry often suffer from a variety of mental and physical ailments.

3. Protect The Continuity Of The Descendants:

Marriage gives birth to children, which strengthens the family foundation and brings peace and happiness to the husband and wife.

#Different Styles Of Wedding In India:

In India, there are remaining different people with different types of religions. Hence, every marriage is different from one another. We can notice different types of rituals in each of the marriages. For middle-class families, they have to plan every function well and nicely. Thus, the Indian wedding cost changes according to the functions. Now let see the different marriage types in detail.

1. Bengali Wedding:

Bengali Wedding

The real meaning of the word ‘marriage’ is to carry in a special way. In Hindu marriage, only two bodies do not become one. Rather, the seven vows that the husband and wife make in front of the holy fire unite the two of them for seven births. Laying hands on each other, many mantras say that the marriage is consummated after following various rules including Malabadal and Sindurdan. After chanting many mantras in seven turns, the two minds are tied into one thread. It is not easy to break a Hindu marriage. This is like an infallible pull. Witnessing the holy fire, husband and wife go round and round. Moreover, every turn has to make a promise.

In Bengali marriages, a family has to spend a Hugh amount of money because there are so many rituals. That’s why the Bengali wedding budget is too high. Often in Bengali weddings, the daughter’s father hires a wedding planner to plan his daughter’s marriage. Thus, the Indian wedding planner cost includes the Bengali wedding expenses list.

Bengali Marriage Rules And Regulations:

1. Paka Dekha Or Patrapatri Dekha:

The bride and groom meet to decide on the wedding day and other matters. There is a discussion about when the marriage will take place and what will happen there. In many cases, the mother of the groom also blesses the future daughter-in-law with a gold necklace or other jewelry on the day of her arrival.

2. Aiburovat:

Aiburo means still unmarried or older than everyone else does. When the marriage is fixed, many relatives and friends call the future bride or the future groom and feed them. Because eating them as a bachelor or before marriage. However, at the house of the bride or groom, the day before the wedding is aiburovat. Rice, many kinds of fried, pulses with fish head, fish broth or salt, meat, chutney, and various other items are in Iburovat Usually the menu is chosen according to what the girl or boy wants to eat.

3. Wearing conch shells:

With the bride-to-be, her mother or the elders of the house go to Kalighat or any other temple on the day before the wedding. Many homes have the rule to go to the temple the day before the wedding and invite the deity with the first card. Then the bride is given a conch shell and a fleece. The name conch means that it is made of conch and the fleece is red in color, which is actually red coral. This pair of white and red is the symbol of Ayostri. It even calls Sakha and Pola.

4. Gaye Holud:

Fresh turmeric paste is smeared with mustard oil. At first, the groom’s mother and married relatives apply this yellow groom. The groom bathes with the jug that brought to fetch water. The surviving relatives took the girl home in a yellow silver bowl. The relatives took a yellow sari, a whole rui fish with turmeric and vermilion, and other gifts to the girl. The people of the girl’s house go on the day of the wedding with gifts for the boy and his family. This exchange of gifts called a theory.

5. Wedding Dress:

When the skin turns yellow, the girls and boys start preparing for the evening ceremony. Needless, to say, it takes a little longer for the bride to dress up than the groom. Girls chose fashionable sadiya to look more beautiful. If you want to know how much does a Bengali wedding cost then wedding dress shopping bills will give you a little bit of idea. Even in some of the upper-middle-class families, hire an Indian wedding planner to plan all the setup of the wedding venue. Indian wedding cost varies on the decoration of the marriage area.

2. Malyali Wedding:

At Malayali weddings, it took very little time to finish. Even the Indian wedding cost remains quite a low budget. In Kerela, there mostly found the Malayali people and the marriage style. Here the girls select new fashion sadiya as outfits. Mainly in the morning time, the marriages held. The marriage ceremony declared as velli. The bride’s father welcomed his son-in-law by clearing his feet. After that, when the groom ties a little yellow ribbon on the bride’s neckline, the marriage completes.

3. Assamese Wedding:

Every Assamese marriage happened a ritual. Both the bride and groom’s mother have to go to the nearest river to bring the holy water of the river. After that, with that holy water the groom and bride baths. At the reception party, both the family first serves curd, rice, and jaggery to the entire guest to eat and then other food dishes.

Previously the Indian wedding budget of this marriage was low but now the parties celebrate grandly. Even the assemblies are often going for the destination marriage as well to get married there. Hence, many go to Thailand also and the Indian wedding cost in Thailand happens according to all the functions.

4. Buddhist Wedding:

Buddhist weddings are so simple and short so their wedding budget in India isn’t too high like others wedding ceremonies. As we, all know the thing that the Buddhists lead a simple lifestyle. Hence, in marriages, there are so such rules and rituals. Both the bride and the groom have to visit the temple of Buddha and repeat the words after the priest. Their marriage will be complete. The wedding cost remains or expenses very little.

5. Jain Weddings:

Jain weddings mainly divided into three parts such as Lagana Lekhan, Lagna Patrika, and Sagai. Moreover, in the saga ceremony, a lot of middle-class families do many expenses.

Even sometimes, they go outside or another place to complete the ritual. On the wedding day, there are two other rituals, which happened that are Pheras and Kanya Daan, these two things are very noticeable ceremony to watch.

6. Kannada Wedding:

On the day of the wedding, the bride sits at the mandap surrounded by her sisters and friends. The bride has to cover her face with peacock feathers until the marriage. After that, some rituals performed by the bride and the groom which called Dhare Herdu and then satapadi. In satapadi, both the groom and the bride have to take seven rounds of the holy fire. Even Kannada people are very much fond of destination marriages, as it becomes a very trendy style of wedding.

Hence, they choose this style of wedding and often choose Thailand to get married. Therefore, the Indian wedding cost in Thailand, which, increases or decreases are according to the country.

7. Gujrati Wedding:

The wedding begins with exchanging jaimaala’s twice. Then the groom and the bride have to take rounds of the holy fire four times. These rounds signify things like ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘Kama’ and ‘Moksha’. After this thing, their marriage completes.

8. Christian Wedding:

At the holy church, in front of Jesus Christ, both the bride and groom repeat the words, which the father summons. After that, the couple kissed each other’s and the marriage done. However, the reception party celebrates so grandly, where everyone enjoys a lot and the guests celebrate the couple’s union by singing and dancing.

9. Kashmiri Wedding:

This wedding style is much similar to Hindu weddings. In the marriage, there some are rituals, which called Diugun and Haldihanth Rasam. The bride wears a fancy sadiyan to look more gorgeous. On the other hand, while the groom comes, both the father of the bride and groom are exchange nutmeg. It considered the start of their companionship.

10. Maharashtrian Wedding:

At first, at the wedding venue, both the girl and boy have to do engagement with each other, which called Shakhar Puda. Then they remain separated by a yellow shawl. After some rituals performed, they both take the blessings of their elders. Later on, they get married to each other.

11. Marwari Wedding:

In this fancy sadiyan, the pithi dastoor ceremony happens as a pre-wedding ritual until the final wedding day. The groom has to perform a ritual to hit a toran with an aneem stick, which remains tied on the doorway. After that, Kanya Daan and pheras took place at the wedding.

12. Muslim Wedding:

Muslim marriages named nikah. To get married, both the man and women have to sign the nikah naama. After that, they have to say qubool hai three times and the marriage gets complete. In Muslim marriages, there are also so many functions, which performed both families full of enjoyment.

13. Pahari Wedding:

On the day of the wedding, the bride wears a traditional dupatta, which named pichorra, and gets ready for the wedding. On the other side, there is a ritual called dhulyaraj, which receives the groom at the wedding venue. Later, by seeking the blessings of God the marriage begins. Indian wedding budget of this marriage ritual is not too high.

14. Punjabi Wedding:

Punjabi Wedding

The Punjabi wedding style considered one of the best marriage styles and stays top on the Indian marriage expenses list. In these marriages, there is a lot of loud music that takes place at the wedding venue. There are some rituals, which every Punjabi has to follow. If you want to visit at fancy sadiyan then must attend on Punjabi wedding. These rituals are:

a. Roka and Thaka:

This is a pre-wedding ceremony where both the family goes to each other’s houses for the Roka Rasam. The family of the groom comes with a lot of gifts to the bride’s house but in that, ceremony the bride not takes part in the ritual. She remains in the other room or another place. The ceremony begins with a puja. All the members seek blessing from God so that, the future of the couple gets better. It is moreover, considers as the beginning of a new journey.

b. Chunni Ceremony:

In this ritual, the family members of the groom come with gifts and a red-colored chunni or scarf. They presented the scarf to the bride as well as other gifts. After that, the red scarf puts on the head of the bride as a blessing. Some amounts of dye henna apply to the hands-on feet of the bride. This thing considered the bride as the fiancée of the groom. Later, the groom’s father puts meva into the jholi of both the bride and her parents.

c. Sagaai or Engagement:

Sagaai or Engagement

Engagement is a big function in the Punjabi wedding style. It is a ring ceremony where the bride and the groom exchange their rings. There come many relatives, friends, and other people to join the ceremony and to celebrate the joy. There took place, singing, dancing, and many more things.

On this occasion, even the couple takes part in the engagement, which is arranged by the sisters and brothers of the couple. The whole day goes between a lot of other functions as well.

d. Mehendi Ceremony:

Mehendi Ceremony

In the Mehendi ceremony, the main part takes place in the house of the bride. Few Mehendi designers come to the house of the bride and create beautiful designs on her hands. Even the other family members make the Mehendi design as well. You will be surprised to see all the designs.

However, a little amount of Mehendi puts on the groom’s hand as well because it is an auspicious ritual of the Punjabi wedding.

e. Sangeet:

It is a musical eve, which held in the evening at the bride’s house. People come from places to take part in this ceremony and even the neighbors visit the ceremony too. Here on this occasion, the women sing many songs one by one. The wedding of the Punjabis is very much expensive. All the middle-class Punjabi families try to do all the things in a marriage. Even sometimes, the Punjabis select a foreign destination to give their children’s marriage.

Hence, one of the favorite places, for a wedding is in Thailand. In addition, Indian wedding cost in Thailand grows according to the families demand.

f. Ghara Ghardoli:

On this auspicious ritual, the bride’s mother and some close relatives go to the closest holy river to pour water. After putting water from the river, they come to the house and the bride takes her bath with the water. Besides that, at the groom’s house, the sister in law of the groom puts all the holy water on his head. Hence, the ritual performed by each of the family.

g. Haldi ceremony:

Haldi ceremony

On the Haldi ceremony, the bride dress-ups, in yellow outfits, and it remains the same color for the groom, as well. Each of the family starts the ceremony by putting haldi paste on the face and other body parts of the groom and bride. Besides this function, little kids dance as well in numerous songs. Even the friends of the bride performed many dance numbers as well.

On the other hand, in the house of the groom, the friends of the groom do the same thing as the bride’s friends do. It is a full joyful day for all the family members. The groom’s family is ready to welcome a new member of their family as a daughter-in-law.

15. Sikh Wedding:

In the Sikh wedding style, both the bride and the groom are dress-ups very well and go to the gurudwara. It is much like the Punjabi wedding style. In gurudwara, in front of God, the marriage happens. Both the family enjoys a quite happy moment with each other and gives their blessings and wishes to the newlyweds.

#Total Expenses For Different Things In Wedding:

A marriage completes with a heavy amount of money. In the middle-class family, these expenses remain between 8 to 10 L. or above. Nevertheless, sometimes, the parents do a lot of extra things at the wedding which adds some more expenses to the total amount. However, there are different other things that require a heavy amount. Below you will get the answer to how much does a middle class Indian wedding cost or how much Indian wedding cost in India.

A. Like Marriage Hall:

For the wedding or marriage, most of the family booked a marriage hall or venue where the entire guest will come and all rituals will be done. Different marriage halls charge different amounts. Sometimes it becomes too costly or sometimes remains within the budget of a middle-class family. Besides that, the Indian wedding cost calculator ups or downs.

B. Stage Decoration:

After that, comes the decoration part, whether it is the hall decoration or the place where both the bride and groom will sit together. From light to curtains and other more things, need a lot of money. Even the Indian wedding stage decoration cost highly increased if you want to make the decoration more beautiful.

C. Dresses:

Without beautiful Wedding Dress Shopping Tips or costumes, marriage is quite incomplete. A middle-class family has to buy dresses for all the family members and even relatives as well.

Moreover, there is a tradition to gift some dresses (fashionable sadiya) to the groom’s family members as well. It depends on a family that how much they want to spend behind every function or ritual and some other important things.

D. Gift:

The tradition of exchanging gifts to each of the family of the bride and groom happens from earlier days. Even the gifts are so expensive and it increases the wedding budget quite well. Hence, all the things that happen in a marriage carry a lot of money.

#Marriage Of Different Types In India:

As we, all know that there are different types of marriage noticeable in India. People, who belong to middle-class families, almost spend all their savings. They do not think about the Indian wedding cost calculator. Now let us take a look at a few types of marriages.

1. Social Marriage:

In social marriages, there held so many functions altogether both the houses of the bride and the groom. Thus, decoration varies on the requirements. Hence, the parents keep the Indian wedding stage decoration cost in their mind. People come to marriage from different places just to bless them and wish them for better marriage life. Hugh crowd amass at the wedding venue.

2. Court Marriage:

The court marriages now a day happened rapidly. People who want a simple wedding often do court marriages. Taking some family members with them as a witness, the bride and the groom complete their marriage. This kind of marriage requires the least expense. They do not even think of the Indian wedding stage decoration cost. Besides that, both the families of the groom and bride do not bother about the Indian wedding planner cost as well.

3. Theme Marriage:

The theme marriages are done on a particular subject, which the bride or the groom wishes. In these marriages, there is a need for much money. Thus, if a middle-class family wants to give their children a themed marriage then they will have to spend a lot of money. Indian wedding cost calculator will increase rapidly as theme marriages have so many things.

4. Destination Marriage:

This type of marriage includes in the list of middle-class families recently. However, not all middle-class families can effort the expenses of it. Only the rich or upper-middle-class family can effort all the expenses of the wedding. Many of the families choose Thailand for marriage. Hence, the cost varies on Indian wedding cost in Thailand.

In this beautiful country, many grooms and brides get married. To complete all the tasks of the wedding, the Indian wedding cost in Thailand remains a little costly.

#List Of Fancy Sadiyan Depending On Middle-Class Indian Wedding Cost:

1. New Red Fancy Sadiyan:

This is the most wanted new fashionable sadiya that is low in cost. Wearing this red one gives the bride gorgeous looks. Available in Bengali wedding. In Bengali marriage, the low-cost the new fashion sadiya printed on red color very much observable. The vital fact is that you can easily buy this Fancy sadiyan at any online shops or offline shops on a low budget.

New Red Fancy Sadiyan

2. Marwari Wedding Fancy Sadiyan:

The attractive designed maroon color fashionable sadiya makes the bride gorgeous looks. This designing fancy sadiyan used in the Marwari wedding that is available in their wedding budget.

Marwari Wedding Fancy Sadiyan

3. Muslim Wedding Fancy Sadiyan:

Do you ever visit a Muslim wedding ceremony? If yes then you can observe the fancy sadiyan of the bride. The simple design of the red color saree makes her very attractive. The saree is very suitable with ornaments she wears at the wedding party.

Muslim Wedding Fancy Sadiyan

4. Punjabi Wedding Fancy Sadiyan:

The Punjabi wedding ceremony is always a rock atmosphere with everything. So, the bride needs to try something new with fashionable sadiya to gain all attention at the party. The well-decorated sadiyan that the bride wears is high costs and has heavyweights.

Punjabi Wedding Fancy Sadiyan

5. Maharashtrian Wedding Fancy Sadiyan:

The fancy sadiyan that used in the Maharashtrian wedding isn’t less expensive though it looks very simple in design. Wearing this new fashion sadiya the bride looks pretty and attractive.

Maharashtrian Wedding Fancy Sadiyan

6. Christian Wedding Fancy Sadiyan:

Who says white isn’t attractive color? White looks amazing when the bride wears it with a little design at the golden border. Simplicity with fewer ornaments at the Christian wedding the bride can attract all attention on her.

Christian Wedding Fancy Sadiyan


However, it depends on the individual Indian middle-class families how much they want to spend money on the wedding of their sons and daughters. Moreover, it is not possible to complete all the functions within a small budget. Indian wedding cost is a major factor in all the weddings and one has to invest between ‘10 to 12’ Lakhs of money.

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