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10 Top Iftar Party Menu Options During Ramadan Time

Ramadan or Ramzan is known to be the most pleasant month in the whole year according to Islamic culture. Across the world, all the Muslims are fasting and celebrate Ramadan and observe fasts. The best necessary idea at the back keeping a Roza is to instill patience and a sense of self-control.

The people who maintain a Roza eat earlier than sunrise which is called Sehri or Suhoor and then abstain from drinking or eating anything all over the day. Everyone breaks their fasts after sunset with food which called “Iftar”. 

An Iftar is a meal which people look onward to after the days long contain. At the Iftar party, every Muslim eats dates with juice, water, and milk. In the mosque, all the people gather and enjoy the Iftar party.                               

#What Is Iftar Party? 

Iftar also identified as ftoor (breakfast) is the evening snack at sunset. Everyone breaks their fast in the evening and calls to prayer for evening prayer.

Iftar is one of the spiritual observances of Ramzan and is frequently done as a community, Muslim people gather to break their fast together. After calling to the Maghrib prayer, after sunset, they take the meal.

Traditionally three dates are taken to break their fast, in the emulation of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad broke his fast in this way but it is not mandatory.

Most Muslims believe that feeding Iftar to someone is a kind of charity that is very rewarding and that was accomplished by Muhammad.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan also known as Ramazan, Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, experimented by Muslims as a month of fasting, prayer, and community.

A commemoration of the first revelation of Muhammad, the annual observance is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam and lasts for twenty-nine to thirty days since the sighting of the crescent moon.

Thawab or the spiritual rewards of fasting are whispered during Ramadan. Muslims abstain from drink and food, also tobacco products, sinful behavior, and sexual relations which devoting them instead to Salat and Quran.

10 Top Iftar Party Menu Options:

In this article, we discuss what to make for ifter party and some healthy dishes for your iftar party menu with a bang!

1. Chicken Shammi Kebab:

Kebab is a very popular meat dish which has grown in attractiveness in the last hardly any years, both at abroad and home. When this involves chicken, this is of the same kind as boneless chicken.

Chicken Shammi Kebab

Just any haphazard version of the boneless chicken piece does not symbolize this bowl. There is a particular mode of preparing it. It involves a combination of spices, channa dal, and pieces of chicken meat.

The meat pieces of chicken are fried until they are crunchy. Conservatively, the dish is for mutton destined. However, with a faintly varied style, you can also use chicken to organize the dish.

2. Kabuli Pulao:

When full of chunks of chickpeas are cooked appropriately in combination with spices, rice, and other ingredients, this makes for one of the most flavorful cuisines that one can think of.

The dish is known as Kabuli pulao. This dish is the hot preferred dish throughout the summer season.

Rice dishes are for eternity on demand in India, mainly during the Ramzan season. We not only used rice to organize pulao but also for biryani at the time of Iftar which comes accurate after the month of Ramadan.

Kabuli Pulao

3. Chicken Drumsticks:

Chicken Drumsticks Marinated and filled with pine-nuts and herbs, hen drumsticks, additionally referred to as kaghzi kebab, are the precise dish for celebrating Iftar. It entails hen meat with a crispy feel.

Not simplest is it clean at the belly because of its lightness, however, it additionally has a mouth-watering flavor. Due to the lightness of this dish, a few humans additionally choose it as a nighttime snack.

Though it does now no longer take lots attempt to put together this dish at home, you may additionally recall having it out of doors in case you do now no longer have sufficient time in hand to put together it at home.

It is to be had at some of the famous meal joints, such as KFC. If you do buy it from the latter, recall running your eye over KFC hen offers.

Chicken Drumsticks

 4. Dum Biryani:

There is no Indian who doesn’t know about biryani. It is the most well-liked meat dish in India. It has a high demand through India overall season and at the time of iftar, you will be surprised by seeing that demand of biriyani recipe at the time of iftar.

Dum biriyani, the favorite meat dish involves an extraordinary kind of long and thin rice, boiled meat, and spicy potatoes. You can choose mutton or chicken it absolutely depends on your food preferences.

Though biriyani is a fabulous dish itself it is incomplete without raita. If you add a bowl of raita which not only gives a perfect look also becomes tastier.

Dum Biryani

5. Fried Mutton:

Mutton portions aren’t simplest precise whilst cooked together with rice. You can find there also are different outstanding approaches of highlighting its goodness in mixture with a handful of taste. One of those customs, mutton fried is the best.

The mixture of spices makes for a memorable taste of mutton. Initially, bhuna mutton gosht, or fried mutton as it’s far domestically called is a mixture of the fried portions of mutton that’s cooked in uncooked papaya.

After that, multicolored aromatics are used to prepare it palatable for each tongue and the eye. If you’ve got began out making plans for matters to consist of your Iftar menu, recall these savory delicacies to it.

Fried Mutton

6. Paya Curry:

In Urdu, paya means trotter or foot. Paya curry actually denotes the delicious curry concerning onions and tomatoes which additionally includes sheep’s trotters. Also, there is a specific approach to making ready this dish.

One wishes to prepare dinner for an extended time so as for the trotter to get smooth. The smooth meat which comes together with the mixture of a highly spiced taste can captivate the coronary heart of any foodie with its great flavor.

It is the precise dish for essential events including the Iftar celebration.

Paya Curry

7. Kaghzi Kebab:

It is a very tasty grilled dish made with meat. It is famous especially in Turkey but Indians also loved it. This dish has several varieties such as Reshmi kebabs, Seekh kebabs, Doner kebabs, and Shish kebabs. Kaghzi kebab is an exclusive one which is shuffles with herbs and peanuts and chicken drumsticks.

Kaghzi Kebab

8. Faalsa Sherbet:

Your iftar party is looking empty without Faalsa sherbet which is nothing but refreshing and healthy and making your summer refresh.

9. Shahi Tukda:

Shahi tukda is one of the best desserts for iftar party menu. It is a rich and festive dessert which is made with ghee, sugar, bread, nuts, and milk. It is also a very well-liked standard royal dessert which is also known as shahi tukra.

10. Haleem:

Haleem is a famous Asian dish that has its origins inside the Middle East. And In India, it’s far famous especially inside the town of Hyderabad. It is an average mutton stew that entails lentils, spices, and damaged wheat.

If you’re a person who does now no longer like rice dishes including biryani, you need to do that one. Its proper flavor, coupled with lightness and delicacy, will soothe your tongue and meet your necessities for a delectable dish in an equal time.

Whether you propose to have it by myself or in a group, this mild mutton dish is able to fare nicely on each front. So, those are a number of the pinnacle dishes that you may recall in your Iftar celebration.

Choose your choice carefully, relying on what works the fine for you, and also you need to keep away from junk meals at some point of Ramadan.

Include those gadgets to your menu, and you will have the precise Iftar celebration together with your family, friends, and loved ones which you had constantly idea approximately.


Celebration of Iftar party in India:

Not only Muslims are enjoying the iftar party, there are so many Hindus who also enjoy the party with their Muslim friends and families. There is so much news that proved though our India has several religions but are one India.

Iftar Party in Mumbai:

In Mumbai, iftar celebrates in several ways. One of the best iftar parties is arranged by politician Baba Siddique. Every celeb of Bollywood and other politicians are invited every year to Baba Siddique’s iftar party

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan is the gem of the party. Last year Shahrukh Khan inwards in a grey kurta and Salman khan arrived in a black shirt with distressed jeans.

Both posed on the red carpet with Baba and Zeeshan. All the videos and pictures are in the social media account of the celebs.

Iftar Party in Pune:

The holy month of Ramazan is upon us and with all of the fasting and prayers, iftar meals are what makes Ramazan a celebration!

From scrumptious fried hen kebabs to mutton on a keep, on with piping warm samosas with exclusive fillings and we haven’t even skimmed the floor of the exclusive type of iftar meals you may gorge on.

Most human beings cherished the iftar party in Pune. But be anxious not, we scoured the town to carry you the pinnacle locations in Pune to exit and pattern scrumptious Iftar meals in Pune. Kausar baug, kondhwa:

In Pune Muslims are cherished to devour goodies like halwa paratha, desarts like malpuas, and highly spiced like kadi gosht, hen Russian cutlets, and nargis kebabs.

Camp, Azam campus: It is a well-known area of Pune in which you get Tandoori Quail, hen spring roll, hen cutlets, and doodhi halwa, rabri.

Iftar Party Images:

You can see how people enjoy the iftar party images searching on google. People loved and enjoyed this fast and the party more than Ramadan.

Some Health Tips during Ramadan:

1. Do now no longer blend culmination together along with your mealtimes:

Break your rapid with culmination or eat them when you are completed together along with your foods. Fruits while mixed with minerals, fat, and proteins found in different meals, can preclude digestion.

2. Do now no longer integrate seafood and nuts with cheese with different meat:

 Your frame is automatic to digest one focused shape of the protein. Consuming multiple can create headaches for your digestive system escape linking citrus foods with milk.

3. Primarily based totally meals:

Acidic acid thickens milk that could dissatisfy your stomach. Starch and proteins collectively are likewise now no longer a wonderful idea. If you’re making plans to gap on a dinner party complete with slender meat, attempt to complement it out with a few sparkling vegetables.

4. Take it easily:

Avoid being in a rush to complete your meals. If your frame gets an excessive amount of meals all of an unexpected after being disadvantaged of it for a whole day, it can result in indigestion and different stomach difficulties.

Start with a few culmination, yogurt, and masses of freshening juices like smoothies after which move directly to enjoy your primary path after a while.


Every Muslim enjoys the Ramazan month with their friends and family. So it important to make healthy and tasty foods during Ramazan so you can stay healthy and fit and enjoy the iftar party.


Q. What is the date of Ramadan in 2021?

Ramadan 2021 starts in the evening of 12th April and ends in the evening of 12th May.

Q. What is the date of Eid 2021?

Eid al fitar in India will start in the evening 12th May and end in the evening 13th May. But the public holiday date is 14th May.

Q. What is time of iftar?

Roza starts on 14th April and ends on May 30. Sehri timing goes by one minute and iftar timing stays back by one minute. 

Q. Can I eat everything after iftar?

Yes, you can eat everything without tobacco and alcohol.

Q. What should I do before and after iftar?

Before taking a meal at the time of iftar everyone prays and after taking it everyone observes prayer.

Q. How many days do I take iftar?

It is between 29 to 30 days.

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