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How Far Is Jacksonville From Orlando

How far is Jacksonville from Orlando? Here’s the quick answer you want to explore a wonderful experience with a long length of the road trip.  

The total travel time between Jacksonville and Orlando is 2 hours and 19 minutes in normal traffic.

Total distance: 142 miles

We desire the beautiful long-length road from Orlando to Jacksonville. We did the research for you and compiled a clear answer of how far is Jacksonville from Orlando with some great visiting places along the way. 

Your road trip from Orlando to Jacksonville will be filled with fantastic scenery, beautiful shorelines, memorable nature walks, and various unique attractions. It’s more important what time of the year you visit there. 

If you travel in the correct season of the year you can have different adventures. During the different seasons, nature and wildlife will have different roaming ways. 

The city of Orlando is located in Orange County, Florida in the United States of America with (28.5383,-81.3792) coordinates. And Jacksonville is located in the United States with (30.3322,-81.6557) coordinates. 

However, the calculated flying distance from Orlando to Jacksonville is equal to 125 miles which is similar to 201 km. you can easily cross four-lane routes and exit for the unique attractions of those places. 

Road Trip From Orlando to Jacksonville:

After knowing how far is Jacksonville from Orlando, surely you just want to make it in one trip. Driving to Jacksonville from Orlando can be made excessively entertaining and interactive for all of you and your partners. Don’t forget to drive a few visits to enjoy some delectable cuisine. Relish the road trip with your family and friends. 

It is a delightful opportunity for you and your family to make the most of a long journey by creating memories along the road. Firstly, stop at Daytona Beach and visit the Museum of Arts & Sciences along with many more historical places and memorials. 

Then your next big visit would be to St Augustine. There are many great restaurants along the way, you can satisfy your stomach and enjoy excellent cooking in splendid restaurants in St Augustine. 

There is a chance to make an overnight stay at chain hotels in St Augustine. And then ready to visit the Castillo De San Marcos National Memorials, which is one of the national park sites in Florida.  

Directions to Jacksonville From Orlando:

Here we mentioned the full direction details from Jacksonville to Orlando. Read carefully— 

1. Track Main St N to FL-10 E for 5 mins and then:

  • Head north toward E State St for a quick stretch of 262feet
  • Turn left onto E State St for a stretch of 164feet
  • Turn left forward the main St N for drive 0.9miles 
  • Resume your drive onto FL-10 E for another 0.6miles, after

2. Observe I-95 S and I-4 W to E Anderson St in Orlando. Take exit 82B from I-4 W. You will move for around 2 hours before getting to your next destination.

  • Use the center lane to merge onward FL-10 E drive for 0.6 miles
  • Keep left to continue toward I-95 S, where you need to drive for 0.1miles. 
  • Then merge toward I-95 S for a long period of 86.6miles thereafter you will
  • Take the exit toward I-4 W for 0.4miles you will use the right 2 lanes. 
  • Mark left to continue on Exit 260 B-A, follow signals for I-4 W/Orlando and merge onto I-4 W. Drive for another stretch of 50.6miles. 
  • Take exit 82B toward E Anderson St and drive for 0.3miles

3. Restart on E Anderson St. Drive to W South St. this will be a quick drive of only 2 minutes. 

  • Exploit the middle route to turn left onto E Anderson St and drive for 0.2miles. 
  • Next turn left again onto Boone Ave for another 0.1miles.  
  • Then turn right toward W South St and in 292feet, you will get to your destination. 

Orlando to Jacksonville Train:

You must think how far is Jacksonville from Orlando by train. It will be 125.12 miles if you like to travel by train from Orlando to Jacksonville. If you are not up for a long drive yourself, then it is one of the best ways to travel via train. 

Carry along a good book and reload your iPod with the latest and newest music. However, Amtrak Silver Service is the best and quickest way to get to Jacksonville. The Amtrak enfolds the distance in 3 hours 11 minutes. Train clocks every 4 hours, station to station so prepare yourself for a 2-day trip. 

Taking up most of the time on the train and other places along the way would be an excellent weekend deviation. Always try to travel on a Monday if you like to have calmness and quietness. 

Although the train trip is the most active on Saturday. To have a melodic and delightful trip, plan onward and book a ticket for a Monday.  

Final Thought:

I hope you got the appropriate answer about how far is Jacksonville from Orlando. We wrote this article for your convenience.  So don’t be late, come and experience a different side of Jacksonville and Orlando combining both family adventures and relaxation.  

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