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7a North Road Oslo Beach In Kwazulu Natal

Have you been to 7a north road Oslo beach in Kwazulu Natal? Let us know how you will be amused by a visit to the south coast region, and what you thought of the attractions, restaurants, and accommodation options in Oslo Beach. 

7a north road Oslo beach fibs in a desirable position sandwiched between Shelly Beach. Just because of the overload of shells on its shores and Port Shepstone, the beautiful and popular beach is so popular. The Oslo beach is located close by the R620 regional route to Port Shepstone and Margate. And also it is located at the end of the route. 

The little village of Oslo Beach is basically a barrio of Port Shepstone. It is so close to the town. With access to the beautiful and secluded beach of Oslo, It is much sought after by those wanting to live on the outskirts. But yet it has a good entrance to the town of Port Shepstone.

It is anything to visit the neighbouring town Shelly Beach If it is just three kilometres from Oslo Beach. Largely due to the reef just off the coast, this part of the coast is a mass of shells. By the way, suffering and fishing are the main attractions of Oslo Beach. And that quite comes with being away from the madding visitors.

Oslo Beach helps from an incremental ascent that places most of the homes and accommodation. It offers above sea level stunning ocean views. And the local vegetation is peppered with aboriginal mahogany forests and native wildflowers.  and is still largely unspoilt.

Where To Stay?

Where To Stay in 7a North Road Oslo Beach

On the 7a north road Oslo beach, the grand hotel Oslo is the most reputable accommodation in the city. It is classically styled and crowned with a clock tower.

From 1874, it hosted world leaders, like the Obamas, alongside celebrity couples like the Clooneys and Nobel Peace Prize laureates. 

Here you can find cafes like Edvard Munch and Henrik Ibsen, which was a favourite hangout for Norwegian luminaries. Don’t overlook its six on-site restaurants and its century-old ballroom.

Where To Eat & Drink?

Try Statholdergaarden for upscale fine dining with a Norwegian twist. Statholdergaarden is a 17th-century baroque palace converted into a restaurant which has a seasonal winter menu featuring deer. But it headed to the Vulkan district for the upscale food market, Mathallen Oslo, which has speciality coffee, organic meats, and freshly baked bread for Norwegian delicacies. Even it has a wine club, events and a culinary academy. 

In the central downtown area, the Summit Bar is settled at the top of the hotel for a stunning view overlooking the city. The city’s first “cocoa bar” is tucked for sweets and cocoa, beside the leafy Birkelunden park. Don’t forget to try the traditional hot chocolate, chocolate beer, or chocolate cake with chilli, and honey. 


Oslo Beach has two schools, Creston College and Suid-Natal Primere Skool which is an Afrikaans. The nearest public hospital is the Port Shepstone Regional Hospital in terms of medical facilities. And the nearest private hospital which is also in Port Shepstone is the Hibiscus Private Hospital as follows medical facilities. 


Attractions in 7a North Road Oslo Beach

Margate Airport:

In KwaZulu Natal, Margate is a gorgeous coastal town just two hours from the centre of Durban. It is home to its own little airport. Margate Airport is a superb choice for visitors. Travellers can fly to the area from Johannesburg as an alternative to the bustling King Shaka International Airport. There is plenty of holiday accommodation in Margate. Being ideal for family holidays and romantic honeymoons for anyone that loves long on the beach.

Oribi George Nature Reserve:

Hiking trails and idyllic picnic spots, the Oribi Gorge area boasts cliffs and forests and is spectacular. It is substantial in its scale.  It is also richly beautiful in its variety. The Oribi Gorge wildlife is formed of many alligators. Although the graceful oribi is rarely seen.

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve as a photographer’s heaven surrounds forests, rivers, rapids and ravines. It’s only 25 km inland from the seaside of Port Shepstone. It’s just like a home to awesome skimming and swimming beaches. It is known for its accordant sunshine.

San Lameer Country Club:

San Lameer Golf Course is located in some of the most tropical South African landscapes. You could imagine green rolling hills transforming into mountains, streams and rivers alive with life. And that’s just the grounding fact very close to the front, with the rays of sunshine, the warm Indian Ocean sparkling and flickering in an eternal movement.

Southbroom Golf Club:

Southbroom golf club is situated on the lower South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. The place is one of the more popular golf courses, Southbroom. You could enjoy the overall views of the Indian Ocean, a host of bird and animal life, a native forest, and a host of bird and animal life. 

By the way, out of the top 30 fun courses in South Africa and out of the top 100 courses around the country, Golf Digest has recently ranked number 1 in Southbroom is a testament to the level of enjoyment. 

Things To Do In Olso Beach:

Things To Do In Olso Beach

Oslo Beach:

Make sure that you visit the 7a north road Oslo beach for soft sands, great water and a comfortable day out. It is installed along the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal. If you or the children want shell collecting, then you will be frittered out with the type of individual shells. You will be able to find along this untouched shoreline.

Port Shepstone Lighthouse:

Port Shepstone Lighthouse was exited from its responsibility in 1905. It was replaced with an 8-meter-high round cast-iron tower pitched at the Umzikulu River mouth. The page was sprayed with the scent of salt to replace the fragrance of a lover. It holds the designs of a coastline form with ridge and wind. 

Aqua Planet Dive Centre:

Protea Banks presents an extraordinarily thrilling speciality Shark dive for locals and global visitors also. Visit Aqua Planet Dive Centre for your diving experience while you staying in Shelley Beach. 

Uvongo flea market:

On the KwaZulu Natal Hibiscus Coast, the town of Uvongo has had a flea market for the past 19 years.  And it is yet serving the neighbourhood every Saturday morning. There are 160 stalls to buy almost anything from fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, clothing, toys and games and also second-hand things.


The 7a north road Oslo beach is really close to Port Shepstone. It is great if you need the luxuries a bigger town offers but this place has its own interests. We enjoyed this lovely beach which offers safe swimming. We enjoyed even the long walks and the collected loads of ammunition. However, the Oribi George reserve is not far away if want to visit that place.

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