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How To Make Attractive Homemade Cake Recipes For Kids?

From a little kid to old people everyone enjoys eating delicious cakes. Now cake becomes a part of our celebration days, whether it is a birthday, business party, anniversary and for many occasions. Kids love to eat cake very much because of the creamy and yummy taste of it and for them, healthy homemade cake recipes are better. Even they like to have cakes for school Tiffin’s time. If you place a piece of cake in the Tiffin box of your kid then they will finish it all off.

Most of the time we order or buy cakes from the shop or online. However, we do not know how many days before the cake made. Keeping in the mind about the health of our kids, we can prepare the cakes in our house instead of buying it from shops or restaurants. Homemade cake recipes or yummy cakes are a better option for the kids to offer.

Homemade Cake Recipes

Few Simple And Easy Homemade Cake Recipes For You

If you search on the internet then you will find numerous cake recipes to make in the house for the little kids. Therefore, here we will discuss with all of you about the homemade cake recipes for your child. Let us have a quick look at this matter briefly.

1. A Birthday Cake For Kids:

This is one of the simplest homemade birthday cake recipes. After making the cake you can decorate it with icing and the name of your kid on it. Even one can give a stylish look with balloons to the cake. Now let us see how to make this cake and the ingredients needed for it.

Birthday Cake For Kids


  • Cake mix of flavor
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Whipped cream of dissimilar colors
  • Vegetable oil
  • Icing mixtures of a variety of colors
  • Traceable cake patterns
  • Decorating tips

How To Prepare

  • Heat the oven in 180 degrees.
  • Then take a bowl to pour the cake batter and add put a paper within the bowl.
  • After that see the given descriptions behind the packet and step by step do things as mentioned there.
  • After baking the cake, let it be chill for a few minutes, to cool and then take a knife to separate the cake from the pan.
  • Then let the whole thing take rest for another one hour so that it completely takes the shape properly.
  • Once it did you can write the name of your son or daughter on the cake.
  • After fully decorating the cake, cover the cake with a container that does not touch the cake. In addition, let the cake returns to the room temperature again.


Almost 12 pieces one will get from the cake.

Making Time

About 45 minutes will take to prepare the cake.


To give an attractive look you can add dry fruits, icing, and with many more things and here it is your homemade cake recipes for kids ready.

2. An Amazing Orange Cake For Kids:

It is another one of the easiest homemade cake recipes, which we can prepare for our little ones. Many kids do not like the orange to eat. Thus, you can offer them a cake filling with orange’s nutrition. Now let us have a quick look at the recipe.

Orange Cake For Kids


  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Orange juice
  • Baking powder
  • A whole orange
  • Some orange strands
  • Butter
  • Icing sugar
  • Some grated orange

How To Make

  • Set the micro oven for preheating in 180 degrees.
  • Obtain medium size pan and set a paper on the bottom.
  • Then in a big bowl combine all the elements properly to get ready the cake batter.
  • After the batter is complete, divide them similarly in the cake pan and put them on the oven.
  • After 30 minutes, take the cakes away from the oven and remove the paper from it.
  • Keep the cake onside downward so that all the things blend fine and look good. After that with the help of a table knife, you can cut the cake into pieces.
  • To garnish the cake you can add some orange slices over the cake and serve the soft and delicious cake to your children.


More or less eight pieces you will get from the cake.

Making Time

One can create this cake within 30 minutes.


Spread a few orange strands on the cake, and you can add icing if desirable. Here the homemade cake recipes chocolate is ready to enjoy.

3. Classic Chocolate Cake For Kid:

Here it is a perfect recipe for dark chocolate cake for the kids. So wasting the time, let us have a quick look at the recipe.

 Chocolate Cake For Kid


  • Flour
  • Dark sugar
  • Milk
  • Cocoa
  • Egg
  • Brown sugar
  • Dark chocolate
  • Maple syrup
  • Cake decoration
  • Butter

How To Make

  • Set the oven for preheating around 180 degrees.
  • Acquire a cake pan and apply butter on the entire sides very well.
  • After taking, a medium bowl and put in all the ingredients like brown sugar, flour, butter, milk, butter as well as cocoa. Blend it very well.
  • Once the batter gets ready, put it into the oven, for 45 minutes.
  • After that, leave the cake on a plate to relax for some time.
  • Then you can garnish the cake with the dry fruit.


Almost eight to ten pieces you will get from the cake.

Making Time

Within 45 minutes or roughly, one can prepare this cake.


You can add dry fruits on the cake and dry chocolate on the cake also. Homemade cake recipes vanilla is also very amazing you can attempt the recipe too.


Here are some of the amazing cake recipes for you that you can easily prepare in your house to offer your children. You can also see many cake recipes simple to make for your kids.

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