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Ready to Have a Fun Day in Cambridge, UK? Here Are 13 Things You Should Do

Are you visiting Cambridge, UK, and are not sure what you should do when you get there? There are a lot of sights to see and things to do. Actually, it can be quite overwhelming. Don’t worry. Even if you just have one day, you can drop your bags off at luggage storage in Cambridge and try any of these 13 activities the city has to offer. 

Go To St. John’s College 

Cambridge is known, around the world, for its grand college campuses that have breathtaking architecture and design. One of the largest and oldest of these is the great St. John’s College. This particular university is also the wealthiest college in all of Cambridge. This can be easily seen in the facilities, food for students, and their annual May Ball, which consistently makes the news. 

Explore the City on a Punt 

Have you ever been punting before? What may seem like a strange term in the U.S. is actually one of the best activities any visitor to Cambridge could do. Throughout the city, you will notice quite a bit of water. This is the River Cam, which is known for passing by many of the prettiest landmarks of Cambridge. Punting on the River Cam is certainly a must-do. 

Visit Great St. Mary’s Church 

Upon arriving in Cambridge, you will notice quite a few gorgeous churches. These great staples of history are all worth a visit, but one that you must see is the Great St. Mary’s Church. This church is absolutely breathtaking. And it has the best view in the entire city. You will have to climb its tower, so be sure to drop your bags at the luggage storage in Cambridge before heading in. 

Enjoy Wren Library 

Whether you like books or not, the Wren Library is a rich part of history that you must see. Within it, you can find a lock of Sir Isaac Newton’s hair and even his walking stick. And don’t worry about it being a university library. It is open to the public between 12 pm and 2 pm every weekday. 

Visit Fitzwilliam Museum

Speaking of historical artifacts. Well, this museum may not have what you consider to be typical historical artifacts that museums often have. Fitzwilliam proudly presents a large variety of trinkets and antiques. The best part is that it’s completely free to visit. Actually, it was recently voted the most popular free attraction in all of East England. 

Go to Market Square

After a morning full of sightseeing and walking the streets of Cambridge, you should plan to find yourself at Market Square. Here you can pick up a few trinkets from local artisans or enjoy a few treats from local bakers. Afterward, you can put your shopping bags in storage and move on to more sightseeing. 

Try the Street Food

The cuisine in Cambridge is incredible, but one special thing is its surplus of street food vans that are to die for. If you find yourself looking for a nice dinner and the Cambridge nightlife, a street lined with food trucks is the place to be. 

Bike Around the City 

Like many cities in Europe, Cambridge is walkable. However, many locals and tourists choose to get around on bikes. Not only is it practical, but it is also a great way to get out and see the sights of the city. 

Eat Local Cuisine at Fitzbillies 

Want a place to enjoy a hardy brunch? Fitzbillies is the local favorite for this sort of thing. If you choose to try it, get the Full Fitzbilly to enjoy the whole experience. 

Visit Cambridge University 

Like many cities, Cambridge has a few staple attractions you must see before you leave, and Cambridge university is definitely at the top of the list. In addition to being a prestigious school, Cambridge University has a breathtaking campus with rich history and is a delight to explore. Many tourists enjoy getting off the train, putting their luggage in storage, and immediately enjoying an evening in this magical place. 

Look at the Bridge of Sighs 

If you like serene beauty and historic significance, a trip to the Bridge of Sighs would be right up your alley. What was once Queen Victoria’s favorite spot to relax is still gracing the waters of Cambridge to this day. 

Enjoy a Drink at NOVI

After a long day of enjoying all the beauty that this lovely city has to offer, you obviously need a good place to sit down, take a load off, and enjoy a few cocktails. NOVI is the perfect place for this, especially if you love espresso martinis. 

Pick Up Something to Read at Heffers Bookshop 

Are you someone who likes to read? If not, Cambridge might turn you into a reader with all of the fascinating histories that are integrated into the city. If you catch the desire to read any books while on your trip, Heffers Bookshop is a local staple that could have just what you need. 

The Takeaway:

Cambridge is a beautiful city with breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and plenty of local indulgences to take part in. It would be easy to fill a day up completely with fun activities. In fact, you probably need several days to do everything you will want to do upon arrival. So, plan a full trip here, utilize the great luggage storage facilities, and enjoy a few days in this beautiful city.

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