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Grown And Flown Because Parenting Never Ends – Parent’s Role

The phrase “grown and flown” describes the process of children maturing and leaving their families. The expression is clearly related to young birds departing their nest. But saying grown and flown because parenting never ends has a profoundly sentimental meaning.

It is a phase when a parent must let go of their child while encouraging them to grow up to be independent individuals. It can be an emotionally trying time. ln order for them to no longer be obligated to care for or support them. This stage has many connotations and can arouse emotions such as pride, sadness, and, most importantly, accomplishment.

Even though it is every parent’s responsibility to help their children grow up to be successful adults and even once they make the transition, parenting never ends. So that you fully comprehend what this expression implies, you can see why it is a never-ending process. We’ll go into detail about what it means.

Description of Grown and Flown:

Regardless of how old you are, your parents must have stated this at least once in your lifetime: “For them, you’ll always be a child.” This assertion alone illustrates how parenting for parents never ends because they constantly view you as their child. You will still remain a child to your parents even after you become a parent yourself.

This is due to the fact that your parents will always have gone through various stages of life before you and they want to show you how they conquered them. The process of parenting is continuously changing. Your upbringing was entirely different from your parents’ upbringing. This is a result of parents’ constant efforts to provide their kids with the best.

As a result, their parents sought to provide them with the finest resources available at the time, and your parents gave you the best resources available at the time. This alone demonstrates grown and flown because parenting never ends.

But much like birds, there will be a point in your life when you must leave your nest. You’ll develop into a self-sufficient adult at this time. This is the flown expression, but it can also be seen as a testament to the everlasting relationship between parents and their children.

Grown And Flown Because Parenting Never Ends

What are the similarities between humans and birds?

Between conception to adulthood, both humans and birds undergo a number of developmental stages.

1. Both humans and birds are entirely reliant on their parents to survive during the first few years of life. Both infants are helpless and dependent on their parents for everything, including food, shelter, and protection.

2. They both learn new skills as they begin to mature by interacting with their surroundings and engaging in exploration. In order to stay alive and thrive in various habitats, birds and people have actually developed in a variety of ways and evolved to a wide range of environments. Both humans and birds have the ability to learn, adapt to unfamiliar environments, and solve problems.

3. Finally, they must reach the adult stage, at which point they will have attained a particular level of maturity and will be able to start their own families. Both species experience this when their social roles and norms shift and they essentially become independent at this point. This is where the phrase grown and flown because parenting never ends becomes relevant. 

As you can see, the species share a lot of characteristics. But there is a significant distinction between birds and people. And that is that once birds reach a particular level of maturity, their parents stop caring for them. They build their own nests, and there is scarcely any interaction between them anymore.

However, since humans are continually attempting to check on their children, parenting never ends for them.

Why is this phrase so famous? 

You have probably heard this well-known saying at least once in your life. You can discover similar articles published on the same subject by other reputable universities, either by their teachers or their parents, on the Internet. 

In fact, Grown and Flown: How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close to Your Family, and Raise Independent Adults is a well-known book. Lisa Endlich and Mary Dell Harrington are the authors of the book. It was released on September 3, 2019.

Growing and Flown is another well-known website. Despite the fact that they give articles on a wide range of subjects, the relationship between parents and their children is always the main focus.

But the primary reason this saying has grown and flown because parenting never ends is widely utilized is due to how accurate it is. Parents raise their children so that they will develop into self-sufficient people, and even after they have reached adulthood, parenting never ends.


In conclusion, it can be said that the phrase grown and flown because parenting never ends perfectly describes it. Until they are adults, parents raise their children by giving them food, shelter, and security while teaching them a variety of lessons along the way. Raising a child and seeing them through to adulthood takes a lot of work. 

Nevertheless, raising an independent adult is a tremendously satisfying experience for parents who feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. And that feeling of fulfillment keeps them going, so parenting never stops.

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