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Dad And Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog for those who are new in the club of becoming parents. Some may dislike children in their early life but later fall in love with their own offspring. There are people who still have mixed feelings even after becoming parents for more than a year. 

Parent’s blog helps a lot of new parents with their children about little things they are confused with. Here we will discuss why people love the mom and dad blog. So, if you were looking forward to dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog then you are at the right place to keep reading the article.

What Is Dad And Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog?

The blogger of the anti-parent parenting blog is Mike Julianelle, who is from Brooklyn. He is currently 30 years old and has been writing articles for decades now. He adores his newborn and loves to blog about his experience in the parenting world. The blog has been recognized as the best blog worldwide. They have even been featured by the NYMetroParents blogroll. 

People love reading each and every blog because of its special feature which is anonymous comments. Parents can comment their hearts out in the comment section without any hesitation or shame. The hidden secrets about parents are fun to know about dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog and even helps out other parents with problems they were facing being a parent.

Mike calls him anti-parents as sometimes he overdoes things. He regrets his present as he cannot drink anytime as well sometimes he just brags about becoming a parent. He shares every little moment and calls himself a jerk as he is not perfect as a parent. The blog has solutions to every problem they discuss from relationships to drug addictions.

He even explains to parents that it is okay to worry a lot about children, make mistakes and sometimes just leave them crying when you have self-time. Any additional pieces of information can be noted from the blog or you can just add your question in the comment section to know the answer.

Dad And Buried The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

Reasons Why It Is Known As An Anti-Parenting Blog?

With the help of dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog he wants to help parents. As the author is well aware of the fact that sometimes people don’t like children but after having their own baby they have to deal with each and every nuisance they hate. He knows even though the person is trying their best there is a weak point that comes across the pathway as parenting is a difficult job.

To raise a new human being and take care of his food, education, manners, lifestyle, and hope for the best out of them is like a dream come true. Society has a lot of opinions about parents; they judge them for everything. One should not pay attention to them and do what they think is right for their children.

They can be harsh, ugly, or even worse sometimes while on the other hand they can be fun, and amazing and allow their children to spoil. These are the reasons the blog by Mike is named dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog.

Why Are These Blogs So famous?

The blog has a father who is new to the parenting world and realizes with each passing day how harder being a parent can be. The situation he has to face is explained by him in his blog.

He also confesses about a few things he does just to get away from his child to relax. He even called his boy a couch potato for television which gives him time to deal with his job and he is glad about it. 

Once in dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog, he even said that he would rather love to be an uncle or just an 18-year-old. As he now knows, parenting is tougher than a 9-5 working job. You have a life in your hands and have to make sure it doesn’t end up as an asshole.

Although being a fun thing to read these blogs are helpful as well. Despite what the title suggests it focuses on the facts and tries to answer every query of the reader along with providing them with additional information about parenting. 


Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog for those who are having a hard time in their parenting world. They will definitely come across solutions to all their problems while reading these blogs which are funny as well as realistic.

The author is well aware of all the facts and problems new parents face as he himself is a father of a boy. You can also get your queries in the comment section which will definitely be answered in the coming blogs. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and now you have all the information related to the dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog.

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