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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for College Students

It’s hard to imagine what college would be like if students did not have the internet to stand in the gap. Yet, years ago, scholars survived without the internet connectivity because it wasn’t a reality at the time. It’s heartwarming to watch how far technology has come and how much it’s helping streamline learning experiences for students across the globe. In this post will know about the best Google Chrome extensions for students.

Imagine having a list of the best research paper writers to choose from every time you’re struggling with an essay assignment whose deadline is around the corner. Accessing the much-needed academic help allows students to tap into their greatest potential without stretching themselves trying to figure out every assignment on their own.

Aside from academic services, students also have access to tons of websites and pieces of software to help with cross-referencing, researching and more. And to help you sturdy even further, Google Chrome has incorporated helpful extensions in their browser so you can automate repetitive tasks during study sessions. 

5 Best Google Chrome extensions:

1. Grammarly: 

Many college students struggle to communicate their thoughts properly because what makes sense to them might be valuable and confusing to the professor. Thankfully, you can use Grammarly, one of the best Google Chrome extensions to edit your work so that your submissions communicate exactly what you intended to say.

When you’re so full of ideas, you can find yourself fumbling with words because there are so many thoughts going through your mind. And when you focus on whether what you’re writing makes sense, you end up writing a substandard paper that does not reflect your academic and intellectual capacity.

But knowing that you have Grammarly gives you the motivation to let your ideas flow as they come to you. And once you’re done putting down to paper what you had in mind, you can use this effective editing extension to make your paragraphs readable and your sentences succinct. Using Grammarly is like having a professional editor go through your work with a fine-toothed comb to ascertain that every word written in your paper is value-adding.

Grammarly allows you to write passionately and edit professionally so that you score high grades on every essay assignment you submit. And if you don’t mind editing your work as you write, you can easily activate the editor during the writing process so you kill two birds with one stone. If editing has never been your cup of tea, now you can breathe easy knowing that Grammarly has got you covered and you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

2. Dualless: 

A dual monitor setup is many students’ dream, but not many can afford to own one. Thankfully, Dualless allows you to split your browser windows into two so you can have the dual monitor experience without spending any money. This Google Chrome extension has made many students’ dream come true and now they can make the most of their computer screen during study sessions. 

You no longer have to manually move between two different tabs to get some work done; this extension ensures you can refer to research materials as you write your essays and research papers. 

3. Kami Extension:

Do you enjoy doodling at the back of your notebooks when you’re thinking about topic ideas to work on? What happens when you’re using your computer and you don’t have a pen and paper to practice this habit? When, you don’t have to forego doodling just because you don’t have a pen and paper at arm’s length because Kami Extension has got your back. 

This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that allows you to write on PDF documents like you would at the margins of your handouts. This way, you can absorb what you’re studying in one sitting. And having your notes scattered across your PDF handout ensures you can easily be reminded of what you studied. 

4. Cite This For Me:

If you’re currently working on your dissertation project, then you’ll love working with Cite This For Me. This Google Chrome extension allows you to correctly cite the sources you’ve used to curate your project. You don’t have to manually key in your citations and risk making grammar errors that will likely go unnoticed. With a simple click of a button, you can generate a comprehensive list of all the sources you used to write your dissertation.

5. Noisli: 

As the name suggests, Noisli is a Chrome Extension that helps you avoid any noise that might interrupt your study sessions. How this extension works is, it plays soothing background sounds that bring your attention to the task at hand.

Wrapping Up:

The possibilities are endless when Google Chrome is your default browser because you can expedite processes that used to be tedious and time consuming so you can get done with your school work faster. The best paper writing services use it on a regular basis. And since the extensions are built right into the search browser, you don’t have to spend money or subscribe to a service to access them.

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