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Best 23 Healthy Foods For Beautiful Hair

It is said that the hair of the human head helps to enhance the beauty of the face. If the hair is not beautiful then the beauty does not open. So we need the right nutrients foods for beautiful hair. Otherwise, it starts to become rough, messy. There are various problems with itchy hair. If you do not follow the correct diet, if you do not maintain the cleanliness of the hair, the problem of hair falls.

As we eat healthy foods, the skin becomes as beautiful as we are – almost everyone knows. But do you know the effect of food on the hair is greatly affected?  Shampoo and conditioner are very important besides eating healthy foods for beautiful hair! Experts say that the nutritional value of the food has a positive effect on the beautiful hair 4 u and the skin on the head.

Find out some foods for beautiful hair 4 u:

1. Egg:

It is a major source of protein and one of the best foods for beautiful hair. It also contains a large amount of zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron. Iron ensures blood and oxygen supply to the base of the hair. In addition, iron deficiency diseases such as anemia are a major cause of women’s hair fall.


2. Pulse:

Pulses are vegetable proteins that work to grow body cells. It helps a lot in the growth of hair cells. It increases the hair faster and boost the brightness of the hair and removes roughness. So put pulses in the food list for beautiful hair.

3. Marine fish:

Marine fish contains a lot of vitamin D, which makes the hair strong and strong. Almost all marine fish have omega-3 fatty acids that help with hair growth. Sardine fish, trout fish, salmon fish, tuna fish, etc. There is plenty of omega-3 in this fish.

4. Chicken:

Poultry meats are good sources of protein. It also contains health-friendly ingredients like zinc, iron, and vitamin B. This meat is good to get beautiful hair 4 u.

Foods For Beautiful Hair

5. Beet Greens:

Beet Greens contain a large amount of iron and foliate. Regularly eating these greens increases the levels of hemoglobin in our body and it reaches oxygen to the hair follicles. This makes our hair grow faster and the skin is fine.

6. Carrots:

Carrots also contain a lot of vitamins that are beneficial to the hair. Keeping carrots on a daily diet can help prevent hair loss.


7. Ripe tomatoes:

Tomatoes contain antioxidants, which increase blood circulation in the scalp of the head. Because of this, the hair follicles are stimulated. Make juice with a ripe tomato and eat it.

 Ripe tomatoes

8. Tamarind :

We all use tamarind powder in hair care. However, chewing four to five tamarinds with salt will also prevent hair fall. There is plenty of iron in the amalgamation, which helps prevent the hair from falling as it helps to grow new hair. In addition, the hair is thicker.


9. Cucumber:

Cucumber contains enough silica, sulfur and vitamin A. This material causes hair growth and stops hair fall and one of the best foods for beautiful hair. Cucumber juice is healthy and helps hair growth. Every day a small mushroom with cucumber’s shell will grow new hair.

Cucumber Slices Fresh

10. Capsicum:

Red, yellow and green capsicums are very good sources of vitamin C and help you to get beautiful hair long. Vitamin C helps hair growth and helps to reduce hair fragility. Make a habit of keeping capsicum in salads and cooking healthy hair.

11. Beans:

The essential ingredient for hair is keratin. Beans and pulses are rich in this protein. You can eat peas and pulses regularly for strong hair. As it grows hair, the hair will be healthy and shiny.


12. Nuts:

Almonds contain biotin material that grows the hair faster and strengthens the root of the hair. Cashew nuts, wood nuts, Chinese nuts, pasta nuts – these are high levels of biotin. Put one cup of nuts on the food list daily. Within a few months, you will see your change.

13. Walnut:

Walnuts contain a large amount of omega-3 acids, biotin and vitamin E, which protect hair cells from damage. Walnut acts as a protector of hair. The walnut also contains copper, which helps maintain the natural color of your hair. Walnut also helps to retain the sparkle of the hair.

14. Lemon:

To meet the needs of vitamin C in the body, you should eat lemon, oranges or fruits of this kind. Lemon can be eaten with rice or mixed with honey in water. This is very effective for quick hair growth.

Lime Slices Lemons

15. Guava, Papaya, and Orange:

These results in a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C help the capillary-nerve or the artery to transmit blood to the base of the hair. Which prevents hair loss?

16. Avocado:

Avocado has a lot of vitamins B and E and fatty acids. This prevents hair fall and hair fall. This makes the hair follicles strong.


17. Pear:

Beautiful hair, keeping the blood flow to the body, keeping the pH level in the blood, these pears are not paired. So you can eat it on your breakfast list or at any time of the day.

18. Blueberries:

Although blueberries are not a very familiar fruit in our country, this fruit is very beneficial for the hair. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which is very important for the nutrition of the hair. It adds nutrients to the hair, keeping the blood circulation in the skin of the head. With the absence of vitamin C, the hair becomes rough and brittle. Kiwi and strawberries also contain a lot of vitamin C.


19. Sweet Potato:

Sweet potato helps in vitamin A and essential oils on the skin of the head. In the absence of vitamin A deficiency, it may cause problems like itching and itching on the skin of the head. Carrots, mangoes, sweet pumpkin, apricots, and eggplants are excellent sources of Vitamin A.

20. Aloe Vera:

The amino acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins in Aloe Vera are especially needed for A, C, and E-damaged hair. You can eat aloe Vera with the inside shell.

Aloe Vera Plant

21. The Grain:

Biotin contains iron, zinc, and vitamins. Biotin plays a role in cell formation and amino acids, which are essential for fine hair. Therefore, it is possible to meet the demand of biotin by eating grain.

Wheat Grain Cornfield

22. Cheese, Milk and Dairy Products:

These foods contain protein; vitamin B and vitamin D. Modern research have shown that vitamin D helps to ensure the proper health of the hair follicles.

23. Oats:

Oats contain a mixture of protein, copper, zinc and vitamin B. In the morning playing oats will reduce hair fall, the body will be better.



We want water-based oils for healthy hair; with the necessary food bar. If the hair does not get the nutrients it needs from the body, then oil can be applied to the head and shampoo cannot keep the hair properly. So eat healthy foods for beautiful hair.

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