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Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth? Answered With Details

Does everyone have wisdom teeth? What do you think about your teeth? Or did anyone ever ask you about your wisdom teeth? Did you know what wisdom teeth are? And are they present in everyone’s smiling, cluttered teeth? These questions generally come to mind for those who have never heard of wisdom teeth. 

Teeth are the best part of our mouth and enhance the face whenever we smile, twinkling our little teeth. Kids develop teeth and grow along with shining faces. Let’s see more about does everyone has wisdom teeth. 

Also know about foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

When Wisdom Teeth Erupts

Wisdom teeth are typically said to be brain-tingling teeth. Generally, people get all the sets of 32 teeth at a certain childhood age. But when did these teeth erupt? It will always remain the question. 

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molar teeth, and it is often seen emerging in your early adulthood or your late teenage, maybe around the age of 16 or 20. Though it is not sure to guess the exact emerging age, people usually observe the changes in their mouths and know about it. 

Why does everyone have wisdom teeth? 

A regular dental x-ray can quickly identify if you have wisdom teeth or not. Wisdom teeth often come as a surprise, so if you do not have those teeth, it doesn’t mean you have any dental problems. Sometimes, it happens that you may have developed wisdom teeth at the back of your molars, but you won’t be able to feel them.

Most people have wisdom teeth, which helps them break down their hard food into tiny particles, which highly benefit the digestion process. 

No Wisdom Teeth

Most people do not have wisdom teeth, and this becomes their primary concern. But it should not be, as wisdom teeth are optional and may or may not occur in everyone. 

However, according to the dental survey, about 6 to 38% of people lack wisdom teeth. No one knows the reason behind this, but the various dentists assume this is related to genetics. Also, they add that a lack of wisdom teeth may happen because of environmental, chewing functionality, and diet influences.

How Many Wisdom Teeth You Have 

Several people face approximately four wisdom teeth at each back end of the mouth. However, some patients may develop less than four or even none. In some people, wisdom teeth proliferate without causing any pain or giving much trouble while chewing or anything. But in a few, it turns out worse. 

The pain or swelling may affect the person’s oral health, and in those worst situations, the dentist often suggests a wisdom tooth removal treatment. 

Need Of Wisdom Teeth Removal

If wisdom teeth do not emerge, it means it gets trapped in the jaws or may be stuck under the gums. And thus, to avoid any infections, swelling, or pain, dentists recommend you to get a wisdom tooth extraction.

The wrong placement of the wisdom teeth may require extraction. Thinking of the reasons for the removal, we see the lack of space or cluttered feeling of teeth may derive the person’s view towards the extraction of additional teeth. 

However, with changing years and evolutions, wisdom teeth become unnecessary for people. Due to its ever-problematic senses, wisdom teeth need to be removed. 

What Are The Complications Of Wisdom Teeth 

Now that we have come a long way, from does everyone have wisdom teeth to its complications before removal. Wisdom teeth tend to cause many problems, and if they persist, you are required to consult a dentist. 

Some of this complication that is basically the sign of wisdom teeth removal are: 

Pain In Tooth   

The pain in the end corner of the mouth is a common sign of wisdom teeth problems. If the pain is okay for you to handle, then wait for at least 24 hours, or else if it is too mild, talk to your doctor immediately. 


Along with tooth pain, redness and swelling are other symptoms of wisdom teeth emerging. This happens over many months and years and gradually goes on increasing. It creates difficulty while chewing and eating. 

Oral Infections 

With the emergence of wisdom tooth, bacteria grows into your gums, which eventually leads to oral infection. This is not at all good for your oral health. Pain, swelling, bad breath, jaw tenderness, foul taste, and redness are the most common signs of the said infection. 

So, these were the standard facts about the wisdom tooth that everyone should know. However, the often asked question, does everyone have wisdom teeth, and how many wisdom teeth one has now got its answers. Therefore, be extra cautious regarding wisdom teeth and their extractions. 

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