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Why Does Chandigarh Offers The Best Lifestyle?

We all know how drastically the rates of properties have boomed, and they are nowhere near looking for a full stop. The reason behind such a growth of prices is the demand of people looking to reside in a place that offers an easy and Best lifestyle.

When humans started developing residential areas hundreds and hundreds of years back, the main purpose was to stay in an organized area. And the definition of a better environment to live in kept on upgrading with time taking us all to where we are today.

Even though developers are putting all kinds of facilities in societies they develop in many urban areas, they are still not able to get the best for the people because most of the lifestyle depends on the environment of the geographical location and the development in the whole city, and not just the society. 

So, which city has the perfect best lifestyle to offer?

The answer is Chandigarh, and the city defeats its competitors like Delhi and Bangalore by a huge margin.

Let’s understand the reasons.

It’s A Planned City:

Unlike other urban cities, Chandigarh was developed thoughtfully. It was a dream city of India’s first Prime Minister, Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The government hired famous French architect Le Corbusier, and he did his magic. A planned city provides properly designated spaces for commercial, residential, and administrative areas and buildings. And this lets the people have a life free of unwanted noise pollution, longer traffic jams, and unhygienic livelihood. The city also has a lot of greenery. All these are the attributes that every person looks for before buying a property to live in. 

Home To Higher Government Officials –

Chandigarh is a home for many government officials that rank high in the power grid. This leads to a high level of police and army security throughout the city. Now this means that crime rates are lower in the city compared to many other cities around the nation. Everyone wants to have a lifestyle where he/she can stay worry-free, and Chandigarh delivers that. 

Best Of The Best Things Are Available:

Whether it’s good or bad, brands now hold a significant role in defining lifestyles. You can find all of the best brands in the city. From home furniture to wardrobe items and from expensive cars to eatables like send cake to Chennai, you have the best options to make a pick from. And in today’s time, these things do make a part of the lifestyle. The Elante mall provides people options to style themselves like stars. 

Strict Traffic Rules & Regulations:

Traffic around the world is increasing day by day, and hence the number of road accidents. Authorities have made some really helpful rules for avoiding accidents on the roads, but people don’t follow the rules. You don’t want to get hurt because of someone else’s mistake. The Chandigarh administration knows how to make people follow the rules. CCTV cameras are fitted on signals which ensures that whoever breaks the rule gets fined. While there are many other cities with the same system, not all are able to make people understand as Chandigarh does.

Tourism Sector:

Of course, it is not one of the best tourist spots in the nation, but it has some decent tourism attractions for the people of north India. Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, and Government Museum & Art Gallery are some of the attractions. Tourism attracts revenue and that surely leads to a better lifestyle on a city level.

Rockstar Influencing:

Well, we do not know if you will count this one as something that relates to lifestyle, but it is something that we needed to include. And it is one of the things that also make Chandigarh a better city. Punjabi music and movie industry has grown at a great pace and the celebrities have gained nationwide fame. And Chandigarh is the favorite spot of Punjabi rockstars for activities like shopping and partying. 

Your lifestyle matters the most. It’s not that everyone can move to the city talked about here, but it is surely a must to consider options if you are somewhere around and can make a shift.

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