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Top 10 Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

“Almost 3 out of 10 persons are allergic to dogs and cats, and cat allergies are more common”, says the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). The symptoms of pet allergy include coughing, hives, wheezing and itchy eyes. However, if you are considering getting cat breeds for an allergy sufferer, there is so much talk about hypoallergenic cats, and it is high time you paid some attention to it.

Scientifically, there are no hypoallergenic cats but anecdotal reports confirm that some breeds may probably not trigger allergies in their lifetime. This is because they do not shed so much or so often, or produce low quantities of a protein allergen: Fel d1. Read on to learn about the best cat breeds for allergy sufferers.

10 Best Cats Breeds for Allergy Sufferers:

Now that you’ve gained a bit of insight into hypoallergenic cats, let’s mention some of the breeds you should consider.


Because this breed is hairless, people usually consider it first when looking for hypoallergenic cats. It will interest you to know that Sphynx produces dander, but frequent bathing minimizes it and prevents oil buildup on its skin.

Sphynx is friendly, mischievous, playful, and outgoing. It is also curious and intelligent. Just like a loyal dog, Sphynx will stay with you in both tough and sweet moments, and go wherever you go.


Javanese is known for its vocal nature. It is a chatty cat and may talk back or start a chat all by itself. It is athletic and smart, an excellent jumper that loves exploring drawers or cabinets. It has a short coat that requires little maintenance and no undercoat. Regular brushing helps to reduce its chances of producing allergens.

Oriental Shorthair:

This breed has both the longhair and shorthair varieties. The shorthair breed is suitable for allergy sufferers because its coat is silky, easy to groom, and does not shed so much. Brushing it regularly can reduce shedding and make the coat appear shiny.

Oriental Shorthair is a noisy breed, outgoing, and very active. It is a social cat and requires enough exercise or activities that would keep it occupied. It also tends to bond closely with family members as well as other pets that match their activeness.


This is an athletic, smart, and high-energy breed. It could be quite demanding especially as it loves playing, going out, and chatting with family members. You can watch this article to find out smart ways to keep an active cat occupied.

Unlike most cat breeds, Ocicat does not mind taking a luxury swim. It also enjoys the company of people, dogs, and other cats. The breed does not shed much, but it would be good to regularly remove dead furs with a clean grooming cloth.



The breed is also called “the Siamese with long hair”. It is very smart, social, and adaptable. It is not too demanding and gets along with children and other pets. It loves playing as much as it likes to relax.

The Balinese has very little Fel 1d, which makes it a good option for allergy sufferers. Despite its long coat, it does not shed frequently. It also requires minimal grooming.


This is a big cat that has many colors. It showcases a coat of three layers, which you can easily maintain by brushing it properly every week. A Siberian sheds seasonally, a period that calls for daily brushing to keep the coat healthy and minimize allergens.

The breed is attentive and intelligent. It likes learning and figuring things out for itself. It is gentle with children, visitors, and other pets.

Devon Rex:

This breed has very thin and fine hairs that hardly fall off. You can even wipe down its coat and apply some natural oils to it. Generally, it does not require much maintenance.

Devon Rex is energetic and likes to get busy. Whatever activity you are engaged in, you will certainly find this cat around you, purring loudly. It is quite mischievous, so you should observe it closely before it runs into trouble.

Cornish Rex:

It has a curly coat that stays close to its body. Its hair is thin and does not shed much. The cat is also energetic like Devon Rex, loves playing and having fun.

Cornish Rex is quite curious and athletic. However, it prefers being picked up instead of jumping on your body. If you are going anywhere, you need to watch your steps because this breed will go anywhere with you. It’s also an attention lover.


Burmese is talkative, stubborn on some occasions, and quite energetic. It likes hanging out with kids, dogs, and other cats. It is smart and can stay all by itself if left alone at home. It also likes playing even if you do not give it anything to keep it busy.

It has a short, silky-looking coat and does not shed much too. You also do not need to do a lot of grooming as it only requires daily brushing to keep its coat clean and healthy. You can check out to learn more about cat breeds.

In Summary:

Getting a cat breed with low grooming requirements and minimal shedding – the one we term hypoallergenic – is good thinking if you or a family member has allergies. Although all cat breeds differ, you can’t really say whether a particular breed will cause allergies or not. Hence, it is proper to speak with a veterinarian, breeder, or expert to get more information about your specific condition.

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