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How to Calculate the Diamond Price?

There is a time when we need to buy or sell a diamond. Will you go to the showroom without any preparation? If yes you are likely going to get disappointed if you get scammed.

The wise thing to do is to know the diamond worth before you are ready to buy or sell your diamond. There is no rocket science involved and being a customer or a seller you just need to ask the right questions.

There are some fundamental rules when it comes to calculating the Diamond Price. Professionals use “price per carat”.  It is different from calculating the price of other products we shop for.

The Formula Is Total Diamond Price= Price Per Carat X Carat Weight:

The formula is quite simple but there are many factors that affect the price. So if you know about these factors it will become easy to know the real Diamond Price. It may seem a daunting and complicated process but it is not.

Factors That Affect The Diamond Price:


Carat is the diamond weight which is hard for a common man to figure out. It seems like all the diamonds are the same in terms of clarity, color and cut, but there is a difference in weight.

The bigger the diamond the heavier it is going to be and the bigger stones are always the most expensive ones.


Color is the absence of a yellowish tint. A colorless diamond is the most precious one. If your diamond is having a yellow tint it is definitely not pure and this will affect the price of the diamond.


Cut is the proportion of the diamond. The cut is what maximizes the diamond’s brilliance and makes the diamond sparkle. The more proportional the cut of the diamond the more expensive it is going to be.


Clarity means the absence of flaws which means there should be no visible inclusions in the diamond. If the imperfection is visible it is directly going to affect the price of the stone.

The shape:

The shape is also important because some of them are outdated and no buyer or seller is interested in them anymore. There are different shapes such as heart, round, cushion, emerald, princess, marquise, radiant, oval, royal Asscher, etc. The more popular the shape, the better the price.

Other Parameters:

There are many other parameters that decide the diamond worth. The professionals in the industry keep their eyes focused on the diamond industry. They follow diamond price charts on a regular basis and so should you which are easily available online.

Both buyers and sellers have specific demands when it comes to diamonds. Some categories are more expensive and this is why if you need to sell your diamond you must know about it. 

For instance, the year 2015 cushion and princess gemstones were popular as compared to the others. Trends keep on changing so you must follow the 2022 diamond price chart and what is in the trend.

The original round top clarity diamonds never get out of the trend and it stays the same and their value is also intact. The round cut diamond is the classic demand of the ladies no matter which era it is.

Certification Of The Diamond:

Among the 4c’s there is one more C and that is the certification which is a significant factor you must not ignore. Within the certification, everything is mentioned such as its cut, clarity, shape, diagram of inclusions, and all the factors.

This certification also includes the report number and you get this at the time of purchase. You can get this certification online from GIA and AGS labs which are the most respectable laboratories in the diamond industry. No matter if you are buying a diamond or selling it, certification is a must.

Diamonds Are Special So Take No Chance:

Diamonds have emotions associated with them and every buyer knows this. A man gifts her beloved with a diamond ring, a woman buys her own diamonds to flaunt her success, diamonds are the most precious gifts which are passed from one generation to another.

In simple words diamonds are Precious Metals and everyone wishes to find their own diamond.  It is special to us so no one deserves to get cheated on this. 

So perform your research, know everything you wish to know, gather every piece of vital information regarding the diamond’s worth and then get out buying or selling your diamond.

There are even services offered and diamond price calculators which you can use to get an estimation of its price, in the case of diamonds one must not be in hurry or take any chances.

There are professionals in the business like Diamond Banc whom you can consult for buying or selling your diamond. Here you are going to get proficient advice from the experts.

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