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Pros & Cons of Buying Used Cars

Finding the right car for you might seem like an impossible task. With so many things to consider, you might feel like giving up. However, there are options out there no matter your situation, with bad credit car loans becoming increasingly common. This then aids more people on their car buying journey and enables them to still have the car of their dreams.

A lot of people are now making the move towards used cars or are at least considering it when looking to change their current vehicle. So, if you’re thinking about getting a used car over a sparkly new one, keep reading and discover all the pros and cons that come with buying one.


Lower Outright Purchasing Costs:

You’ll probably already be aware of this, but buying used cars normally saves you a bit of money upfront. Cars automatically sell for less when they’re no longer brand new, so if you’re wanting to save a few pennies, then going for a used car could be great for you.

You can find used cars at dealerships and from private sellers, both of which will cost you considerably less if you were to buy brand new. However, it’s not always a given that it will be loads cheaper. In fact, a second-hand car that is a newer model can still be pricy, so make sure you shop around before committing. 

Avoid Depreciation in Value:

With a brand-new car, it starts to automatically decrease in value as soon as you buy it. It’s said that new cars lose 20% of their overall value every single year! But if you buy a used car, it will have already decreased in value, meaning its value won’t lower much during the time that you have it. This can work out a lot better for you in the long run, as you could sell it on again and still manage to sell it for a decent price. 


When you buy a used car from a dealership, oftentimes they’ll offer you a servicing plan to help upkeep your vehicle. These plans can be used with budgeting as well, ensuring you can keep your motor running for as little money as possible. Each service plan may be different, with some being much more in depth than others. But if your chosen dealership offers one with your used car, it can be worthwhile. 

Better For the Environment:

We all want to do our bit for the environment, and buying a used car is a great way to do just that. New cars are constantly being made to try and keep up with the demand, but the amount of production that’s needed is having devastating effects on the planet.

With such high amounts of energy being used to create all these new cars, buying one that already exists is going to be a lot better for the Earth in the long term. Buying a used car also stops it from ending up in a tip or junkyard, helping to keep it from rusting away when it’s perfectly suitable for use. So, if you want to help the environment, then make sure you investigate getting a used car. 


Invisible History:

There aren’t many cons to having a used car, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Whenever you buy a used car, there may be things that you don’t know about. For instance, the previous owner could have had some issues with it that they don’t tell you about, leaving you to foot the bill.

Dealerships will typically be very transparent when it comes to any issues the car has had and should be able to provide you with a full history of the vehicle. Private sellers may be more concerned with getting rid of the car easily rather than being upfront about the history of it. That isn’t to say that all private sellers are like this, but if one is being particularly cagey about the car’s history, then it’s probably best to avoid them.

Any good seller will be open about any problems the car may have faced as they’ll want to ensure you understand what you’re purchasing. So, make sure the car’s history isn’t invisible and you’ll find it a lot easier to buy a used car that doesn’t break down!  

Private Purchasing with No Warranty:

If you go with a private seller, you may find that they don’t offer any form of warranty. This can be a little worrying if you start to notice that the car perhaps isn’t running as it should be. If you buy a used motor from a dealership, chances are it will come with a warranty to protect you from any issues you may have in the near future.

However, private sellers most likely won’t provide you with one which can make it tricky if the car suddenly breaks down and they don’t take any responsibility for it. So, if you’re a little wary about buying a used car, make sure you go for one that comes with a warranty, and you’ll find it much easier to deal with any issues that arise after purchasing. 

Potentially Increased Maintenance:

It goes without saying that a used car does have the potential to have more issues with it than one that’s completely new from the factory. This is because all the parts and components have been used before for probably a number of years. General wear and tear means that you run the risk of dealing with the aftermath of it when you purchase a used car, leaving the previous owner with more money in their bank.

However, a reputable seller or dealership will be upfront about any potential maintenance that it may need, so always ensure you research your seller or dealership beforehand. On the other hand, it’s been said that new cars do often break down or experience issues within their first year of purchase, so it might not be such a bad thing to buy a used car with potential maintenance. 

Used cars can be a great option for many people, and lots of car financers are also offering them as an alternative to brand new cars. However, they do have some drawbacks that could put you off such as a lack of warranty and an invisible history. But there are many more positives to buying a car, and they can greatly outweigh the cons.

So, if you want to do your bit for the planet, save a bit of money, and have a fantastic motor to drive about in, then you should definitely consider a used car!

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