Swagota Mondal

Swagota Mondal
Swagota Mondal is a professional writer with a vast knowledge of this field. She mainly loves to write on food, business, traveling, health tips, and other things. She works for many sites as an author. She has a strong passion for writing on new topics.

How to make Pasta Salad With Interesting Tips

Pasta salad is a healthy and tasty recipe. It helps us to lose weight. It is also a yummy recipe. In its huge quantity...

How To Make Salad Potatoes – Easy Tips

Potato salad is a tasty and delicious recipe. It is also healthy for our health. Children are like it mostly. Its taste is yummy....

How To Make Salad Macaroni With Easy Guides

Macaroni is a tasty recipe. It is also a healthy diet. You also keep it in your diet chart. Macaroni salad tasty is yummy,...

How To Make Salad Fruit Step By Step

Fruit salad is a healthy recipe. It is a healthy diet chart. The people who maintain a balanced diet also keep fruit salad in...

How To Make Ham Salad Easily At Home?

Ham salad is a healthy and delicious dish. Its taste is also yummy. This salad helps us to gain weight. The people who want...

How To Make Salad Tuna? A Complete Guide

Tuna salad is a healthy and tasty dish. It is also delicious food. If you are on a diet, you also keep this salad...

How To Make Egg Salad; Step By Step Complete Guide

Egg salad is very healthy and tasty food. The people who maintain a balanced diet prefer to eat egg salad. Because it helps us...

Restaurant Style Easy Chilli Chicken Recipe At Home

Chilli chicken is a very tasty dish. Children are preferred to eat chilli chicken. Its taste is delicious and yummy. Chilli chicken eats with...

Easy Biryani Recipe; Best Homemade Chicken Biryani Recipe

Biryani is tasty and delicious food. From the kids to adults everyone loves to eat biryani. Because its taste is yummy. Nowadays biryani is...

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