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Top 10 Best YouTube Audio Downloader For Free

YouTube is the platform that every one of us prefers while listening to music videos. It provides us with all kinds of music along with its videos. Sometimes, sitting alone or doing exercises during the night, we often consider only listening to music rather than watching its videos. It is more feasible as we can use other apps too while listening to music.

YouTube gives our minds and bodies a soothing effect during our work. It is effortless to extract or convert the music from the video using a good YouTube audio downloader. This process of extraction or conversion of audio from its original videos has been in demand and still increasing day by day. Let’s know more about it in detail.

What Is YouTube Audio Downloader?

YouTube Audio Downloader is an application that makes it simple to download any music you like from YouTube without using extra tools. It allows you to convert or extract the audio in any format, as it has a wide range of media formats. Any YouTube audio downloader mp3 usually supports other formats like MP4, FLV, 3GP, MP3, WMV, WEBM, AVI, M4V, etc.

Moreover, desktop-based free YouTube audio downloader is faster and more straightforward in conversing or downloading videos than browser-based tools. The audios can be downloaded in their best quality and have no cost. However, there is no need to register in any of the downloaders, but some of the apps still ask for registration. In that case, you can add your email linked with YouTube.

Is It Safe To Download YouTube Audio Downloader?

Extraction or conversion of audio from videos has become an everyday habit of many active people on social media. That is why thousands of websites and software have been created to make it more accessible. Before going for any YouTube audio downloader online, ask yourself whether it is safe or not.

It is not safe to consider any downloader or have complete trust in them with your data. You need to wisely choose only those apps or websites, which do not cause any harm or infect your device with any viruses. We are here for you to guide and make it safer for you to choose a good YouTube audio downloader.

Is It Legal To Use Audio Downloader Mp3?

Downloading audio from YouTube mp4 is considered illegal as this platform primarily consists of copyrighted content and materials. Using Audio downloader MP3 to download copyrighted audio is unlawful, as it violates copyright law. Copyright law prevents the public from converting YouTube videos into their copy without any payment. But if you download the non-copyrighted audio from YouTube using a YouTube audio downloader, it is legal.

List of 10 Best YouTube Audio Downloader:

We are here with the list of the top 10 YouTube audio downloader, which provides you with the best sound quality and is safe to use.

1. 4K Video Downloader:

This app allows you to download and convert videos, audios, channels, and playlists from YouTube and other sites. It has a straightforward interface and is easy to handle. It enables fast downloading and converting. Moreover, after converting or extracting audio from its original video, you can store them in its original quality.  There will be no degradation of the quality and size of the audio.

Moreover, it has the feature of intelligent mode, which allows you to download your favorite audio firstly. If you activate the intelligent mode in this app, you will find that it automatically enables you to download the song or any audio you are streaming. The specialty of this app is the extraction of audio and is compatible with several platforms.

2. Uni-Converter Wondershare:

This app is one of the best video converters and downloaders. Irrespective of your device, you can easily convert and download the videos from YouTube. This free YouTube audio downloader has multi-platform compatibility and enables you to download videos quickly. It is a widely accepted app as it offers better quality, high flexibility, and supports many formats. Uni-converter has the DVD toolkit that will help you to edit and create DVD files.

The interface of this app is user-friendly and can compress the file without affecting its quality. It has a set of optimized tools such as a video and audio compressor, image converter, DVD converter. GIF maker, VR converter, etc.

3. Snap Downloader:

This app is top-rated for converting YouTube videos into MP3. Compared to the 4K Video Downloader, people always prefer Snap Downloader because it provides the best quality audio files. It has no other unnecessary features and is only committed to converting and downloading YouTube to MP3. When you download a video, it automatically downloads and extracts audio for you from that video. However, it has multi-platform compatibility to the utmost hundreds of platforms.

Snap downloader has a built-in YouTube search. You can easily search for any video and download them by clicking on the start download option. It supports almost seven file formats and has easy to use interface. Moreover, one specialty of this app is that you can download multiple videos without wasting any time. It provides its user with a support executive so that they can resolve any of the queries related to their app.

4. aTube Catcher:

Another best app for youtube audio conversion is aTube Catcher. This app has a user-friendly interface which makes it more suitable for beginners as well as experts. It is compatible with several devices like iPads, GPS devices, iPods, smartphones, etc. aTube Catcher is also compatible with multiple formats and languages.

It helps you to download the YouTube playlist in bulk and enables you with fast downloads. This app comes with a built-in screen recorder feature and keeps you updated with new features regularly.

5. Freemake:

This tool is globally accepted by over a million people. It has the feature to modify, convert, and extract the audio from videos. The main focus is to provide its user with the best quality of files. It also supports lots of formats and platforms. It can convert and download videos with subtitles. Overall this app is one of the popular and best tools for conversion and downloads.

6. YTMP3:

This app is known for its compatibility and flexibility. It has a free version and is compatible with multiple devices and platforms. This app does not allow you to make adjustments to the quality of the file. But the in-built software of the YTMP3 app always makes sure that you get a high quality of the file. Provide its user with high speed to download and has easy to use interface. This app is considered to be most helpful for personal and professional use.

7. Y2mate:

Y2mate has a lot of functionality and ensures security against any viruses and malware. You can simply copy the link of your favorite video and paste it into the text bar of Y2mate. Then click on the download option. It gives you access to any of the formats and is compatible with a large number of platforms. You can convert and download multiple videos and convert them into audio. Moreover, it does not ask for any registration and is compatible with various languages.

8. AVC:

Any Video Converter (AVC) is easy to handle, and it provides a high-speed download. It also protects your device against any viruses. AVC supports the feature called Video burning, in which you can easily download and save your favorite videos and burn or delete them back into blank DVD. It has a highly efficient video coding facility, which ensures better quality and faster downloads. Moreover, you can edit, trim or even adjust the videos and audios in it. It supports different formats and languages.

9. ClipGrab:

It enables its user to download their favorite YouTube video firstly and more efficiently. Suitable for both personal and professional uses. It supports different quality formats and compresses your file without any loss of quality in them. ClipGrab is considered one of the fastest apps for YouTube audio downloader. It also provides you with a FAQ section on their sites.

10. Free YouTube Download:

Free YouTube Download is the most fantastic app and has a very simple interface. You can easily copy-paste the URL to download your YouTube video and convert them. It also supports various formats and can run on different platforms. But it has limited capacity to download videos but converts in HD quality of audio and videos. It also includes various tutorials that help the user to know the steps of downloading and converting.

The Bottom Line:

YouTube audio downloaders are a better way to get new customers to your website, and it also allows people to enjoy music while using other applications. All the above-listed applications can be used to download a YouTube video into audio format. If you are looking for a good audio downloader, you can choose any of these apps for yourself.

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