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Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus? What Are The Reasons?

Plexus has been a popular choice for several people in gaming for a long time now. Almost everyone was using Plexus and inviting their friends to the game as well. The benefits of Plexus were widely discussed on social media. However, there are now several ambassadors of Plexus who have stopped talking about it. Unlike their previous sales tactics, they have now quietly been using the least amount of publicity. But, why is everyone leaving Plexus?

What is happening? What are the issues with Plexus? 

Although there are a variety of reasons why is everyone leaving Plexus, the company has ultimately ruined several lives. Continue reading for a more thorough analysis of the Plexus problems that are driving people away.

Plexus: An Introduction

As the name of the company might sound something related to the scientific industry, Plexus is a direct sales firm involved in the manufacturing and sales of products for health and wellness. The company has been marketing its products as supplements for the promotion of general well-being, weight control, skin care, gut health, and other areas of well-being as well. 

The products offered by Plexus include items like Plexus Slim Hunger Control which claims to help reduce appetite and aid in weight loss. Other products like Plexus Block say it can prevent the absorption of carbs and sugar whereas Plexus Bio Cleanse can promote digestion. 

But, why is everyone leaving plexus when it promises good health for people?

Well, Plexus has an MLM structure that operates on sales based on person-to-person. The salespeople at an MLM structure get paid for both the recruitment of new members and the sales of products whereas, in a pyramid scheme, they might only get paid based on recruitment. 

Plexus: Is It a Multilevel Marketing Company?

Inviting new members with the promise of financial gain is the distinguishing characteristic of the MLM or pyramid scheme business. This business strategy is considered to be illicit and must be avoided. The FTC claims that the fundamental component of a pyramid scheme is that the majority of the earnings are generated by the recruitment of new members rather than the actual sales of goods and services. 

However, technically, multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that depend on their members for the sales of goods or services might be considered legitimate enterprises. Members of multilevel marketing (MLM) organizations often work in hierarchical structures and get commissions on sales by both themselves and their recruited members. 

MLM and Pyramid Scheme

Although MLMs and pyramid schemes might have some similar characteristics like the focus on recruiting new members, MLMs are lawful as long as they provide a genuine good or service and get the majority of their income from sales. 

MLM businesses generally present themselves as a means of achieving financial independence. However, it has been found that most of the MLM representatives had only borne loss and only a few of them have gained money.

However, the appeal of working from the comfort of home and the ability to earn money overpowers the fear of loss. A lot of people kept joining the MLM in the pursuit of financial independence as they were not aware of the loss of the majority of the MLM members. 

While MLM is lawful and a pyramid scheme is not, it is challenging to create a distinction between them as both can be potentially harmful to individuals. Most of the participants are more likely to face financial loss as they choose any of the schemes. Both schemes can strain relationships as individuals feel driven to recruit friends and relatives. These schemes can also be distinguished by the use of deceptive claims of rapid money and high-pressure sales techniques.

Plexus and Additional Layers of Unnecessary Expenses

Plexus is a multi-level marketing organization that pays commissions to seven different levels of sales representatives. This incentive system can drive up the selling cost of their items significantly.  As a result, their price is higher than that of standard goods from shops since the commissions given to sales representatives at different levels must be included in the product’s price. 

This pyramid commission structure further leads to the expense of the product passed on to the customers. Only a few members at the top of the pyramid earn the majority of the money while the rest of the members get little to nothing in this structure. These additional layers of irrelevant expenses became a major reason why is everyone leaving Plexus

Monetization of Friendships and Social Pressure in Plexus

MLMs or direct sales organizations generally depend on personal connections to market their goods and services. People often invited their relatives and neighbors to parties to sell certain goods. Nowadays, MLM representatives have been using social media platforms to highlight the success of the items they sell and the positive changes it has brought to their lives. The MLM model has gone online for increased sales and profitability. 

The difference between salesmanship and friendship is getting more blurred as more multilevel marketing salespeople are utilizing social media to promote their goods. People can run into awkward circumstances as a result, feeling under pressure to purchase goods from close acquaintances or friends. 

Friendship and sales can get even more complicated when MLM salespeople are under pressure to promote their brands on the Internet. When talking about why is everyone leaving Plexus, these factors cannot be overlooked. 

Deceptive Promotions and Ineffectiveness of Plexus

It has been found that the representatives of Plexus inquired people regarding the symptoms of their illness and then made vague claims to cure certain health issues to draw clients. Plexus made assertions that anyone who chooses to join Plexus can feel much better and lead a healthier life. 

These promotions were completely deceptive and ineffective which also became a reason for why is everyone leaving Plexus

Why Did Plexus Not Get Approval From FDA?

It has been noted about Plexus that the sales representatives of the business are told to use ambiguous language when making claims or promises. This helps them to stay safeguarded against any kind of responsibility if the promised product fails to address the vast range of issues it is claimed to address. 

The representatives of Plexus are also told the sell the products as a supplement instead of the treatment for any particular ailment as these products are not approved by the FDA. Moreover, there is no guarantee provided by Plexus that their products can cure any particular disease. 

The US Food and Medication Administration (FDA) issued a warning notice regarding Plexus products in 2014. The notice said that Plexus was promoting its supplements as a cure for ailments, which is prohibited unless they had undergone the process of medication approval.

This lack of approval is also why is everyone leaving Plexus


Well, it is quite understandable why is everyone leaving Plexus. The Plexus has an MLM structure which is slightly different from the illegal pyramid schemes. Plexus gives the individuals hope of earning money while in reality, it makes them lose money.

The trust of relationships and friendships has been harshly exploited by the structure of Plexus. Besides monetizing relations, Plexus has also ruined them. Plexus is not able to fulfill any of the promises made which validates why is everyone leaving Plexus

What makes Plexus illegal?

The outsized claims made by Plexus that are not true have been a major reason why Plexus is considered illegal.

How has Plexus ruined lives?

Plexus has ruined lives by ruining their relationships with their close friends and neighbors. It has also led to financial losses of people that ruined the lives of people.

Why did Amazon Ban Plexus?

Amazon banned Plexus as it violated different terms and conditions of the platform.

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