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What Is The Central Idea Of This Excerpt

A portion of a more elaborated text or a quotation that is selected for a specific purpose is called an excerpt. Here the elaborated text is defined as a book, speech, or article. It is mainly used to highlight a particular argument, theme, or idea of the original text. Also, it can be used to provide an overview of its contents.

Excerpts can be seen also in social media, textbooks, news articles, and academic journals. Depending on the planned use and audience, it can be from a few sentences to several paragraphs.

It should be kept in mind that it represents only a small portion of the actual text at the time of reading an excerpt. It may not be possible to provide an accurate intention of the author’s intended meaning of what is the central idea of this excerpt. To understand the meaning of the entire text, it should be read seriously or at least an important portion of the text.

Excerpts can be an essential tool for getting a sense quickly of the purpose of the original text. It can be decided to identify the key ideas and arguments whether it is worth reading in full.

The reader can acquire more serious knowledge of the author’s message and the elaborated context in which it is located after focusing on what is the central idea of this excerpt.

How to Determine a Text’s Main Idea Effectively:

Naturally, to teach you how to identify the main idea of any work, we are going one step further than “What is the central idea of this excerpt.”

It can be difficult to pinpoint a text’s main idea, particularly if it is complicated or covers a large range of subjects. Readers can, however, employ several techniques to assist them in correctly identifying the main theme.

Examine the text closely and analytically:

It’s crucial to read the text carefully and critically before attempting to pinpoint the main topic. Search for terms and phrases that jump out, as well as any proof or instances that bolster the author’s claims.

Determine the Author’s Objective:

Consider the author’s motivations and goals when reading the work. This can make it easier for you to recognize the main idea and comprehend the author’s point of view.

Seek Out Common Themes:

A text’s main point is frequently reinforced by reoccurring themes or ideas that crop up throughout the narrative. Examine the text’s various sections for links and patterns that will lead you to the main theme.

Think About the Situation:

The greater historical, cultural, or social environment in which a piece was produced frequently influences its main concept. Take into account the audience, the period, and any pertinent historical or cultural developments that might have shaped the author’s viewpoint.

Write a personal summary of the text:

Attempting to put a text’s main idea into your own words is a useful method for doing so. This can assist you in more clearly identifying the core idea and distilling the author’s message into its most crucial elements of what is the central idea of this excerpt.

Significance of Determining the Central Idea of a Text:

The excerpt helps readers to develop a more sophisticated interpretation of what is the central idea of this excerpt that the author wants to mean. The main skill for reading, evaluating, and understanding the written material is to Identify the central idea of the text.

Also, the excerpt helps the reader to make judgments about the text’s credibility. It synthesized information from several sources to form a more comprehensive outlook on a given subject.

A Few Instances of Key Concepts in Various Text Types:


A fictional work’s main idea is frequently connected to the themes or lessons the narrative teaches. For instance, the major thesis of George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” is that people in positions of power tend to corrupt others.

However, the main thesis of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is that prejudice and injustice cannot be defeated without empathy and understanding. Now let us try to know what is the central idea of this excerpt!

Texts that are not fiction:

The main theme in non-fiction writing frequently relates to the author’s position or argument on a given subject. The core thesis of Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers,” for instance, is that opportunity and cultural background, in addition to individual talent, play a significant role in shaping success.


A speech’s main theme frequently has something to do with the speaker’s message or goal in front of the audience. The main thesis of that lecture is that a truly free and democratic society requires racial justice and equality.

Articles from news sources:

The core premise of news articles is frequently connected to the major topic or event being covered. For instance, the main points of a news story on a natural disaster might be that relief efforts are in progress and that the incident has had a major influence on the impacted areas.

These are but a few illustrations of the kinds of main concepts that could be found in different kinds of literature. It will be simple for you to comprehend the author’s message more fully and form a more nuanced opinion on the subject at hand once you can recognize these main principles.

Wrapping Word:

For readers of all levels, figuring out an excerpt’s main point is a crucial ability. A deeper appreciation for the work can be attained when you comprehend the major idea or point of contention made by the author.

We have previously demonstrated to you how to identify the main concept of any kind of text. Thus, you ought should be able to answer “What is the central idea of this excerpt?” 

In the last word, we can say that after reading this article thoroughly you will be able to answer the above-mentioned question.

What is called “the central idea”?

The heart of the text, the great conception that links together all of the smaller details and supports the overall purpose of the author for writing is called “the central idea”. It is the main message which the author wants to convey to the reader.

What are the techniques to assist in correctly identifying the main theme?

Determine the author’s objective
Search the common theme
Write a personal summary of the text
Analyze the text more closely and identify what is the central idea of this excerpt!

What is the primary contest happening in this excerpt?

The main idea of the story is the primary contest happening in this excerpt.

In a story, where are the main idea and the topic?

The Main Idea is the author’s intended statement regarding the Topic, which is the topic of the discussion.

What is meant by the main idea?

That is the core notion and what the entire story is about.

What is the main idea, both spoken and implied?

When the author of a given piece expressly states the primary idea of the work, it is known as a stated main idea. An unspoken major idea, on the other hand, is one that the author alludes to but does not explicitly identify.

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