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Vidmate Cash | How To Earn Money From Vidmate Cash

In the world of sky-rocketing inflation prices, earning money has become one of the fundamental aspects of one’s life. Nowadays people are more attracted to earning fast money, but they struggle with the question of ‘How’. What if I tell you that the internet has opened doors for individuals that desire to earn money without much hassle and in the comfort of their homes. Sounds interesting? Well, you just reached the perfect spot here.

We spend too much time on the internet doing useless things that can never bring any monetary gains. The internet holds the potential of converting those minutes into money just by utilizing it effectively. The best part about earning money through the internet is that you don’t need to possess any particular qualities or skills. You just need to have a smartphone, a stable internet connection and time. Do not believe us?

The internet has introduced many apps that help us in earning money, one such application is Vidmate. Read the full article to get guidance about how to earn money through Vidmate Cash.

Let’s get started by knowing what the Vidmate Cash app actually is.

What Is Vidmate Cash? 

Vidmate Cash is one of the best money earning as well as video downloading applications on the internet. It allows users to download unlimited videos, photos, movies, songs, and other apps through it. It is designed for a better user experience by giving you a secure, virus and malware-free downloading experience. 

Plus, it also holds free trials, trying services, campaigns, tasks, quizzes, and games, thereby serving as a video sharing platform to facilitate money earning in the form of coins. 

Features & Facilities Of Vidmate Cash: 

Features of Vidmate Cash are as follows:

1. Earn Easy Money:

Vidmate Cash allows users to earn easy, hassle-free money. You just need to fulfil some tasks and boom you get paid for it. The tasks are easy, full of fun and require minimal effort. For example, filling out surveys, sharing opinions, downloading apps, playing games or quizzes and others. 

2. No Investment Needed:

The app doesn’t ask for any monetary investment before/while installing the app. Therefore, you need to worry about purchasing the hefty-premium plans or making advance payments. 

3. Video Downloads:

Besides working as a money-earning tool, it also serves as one of the best and most popular videos downloading tools. You can download as many videos as you desire from different leading video streaming sites. It supports downloads from 1000+ video-streaming platforms including leading sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. 

4. Unlimited Movie Downloads:

It allows you to watch online and download unlimited Bollywood, Hollywood and other language movies. Keep up with the hottest and latest movies only on Vidmate Cash. 

5. High-Quality Music Download:

With Vidmate, you can play and download high-quality music in various languages. It has a total of 500,000 songs. 

6. Advanced Downloading Functionality:

Vidmate gives you a variety of incredible downloading options such as multiple downloads, and background downloads to increase download stability. You can pause the download and resume it anytime you want and experience fast and easy video/audio downloads. 

7. Unlimited Access To Pic Resources:

Vidmate gives you access to thousands of high-quality photos, memes, and Shayari free of charge. 

8. Save Status:

 Besides downloading pictures, videos and audio it also allows you to save WhatsApp status before they get deleted to enjoy unlimited access to it. 

9. Download And Convert Videos:

It has an inbuilt converter tool that allows users to download and convert videos into desired YouTube to MP3 or MP4 format. It also offers various high-definition downloading formats and resolutions ranging from 480p to 4K within minutes. 

10. Safe, Security And Easy To Use:

Vidmate provides a safe, reliable and easy to use interface which allows you to have full control over it. It means you can stop/exit the game or application whenever you want. It is a virus-free application, so you can download as many apps as you want. 

How to Install Vidmate Cash App? 

As the application may not be available on the play store in some countries (like India, and others that banned the Chinese apps), you can download the app from the browser. To install the Vidmate app, follow the following steps:

1st Step: Open the browser and search for the Vidmate application. 

2nd Step: Click on the download button.

3rd Step: Go to settings and allow download from unknown sources. 

4th Step: Click on the Install button. 

5th Step: The app gets installed on your phone. 

In case, you are unable to find the Vidmate Cash app click on the external link. After downloading the app, you can reset your settings back to ‘always ask’ for download from unknown sources. 

How To Earn Money From Vidmate Cash? 

Vidmate Cash can be used to generate a side-income source that can help users get a frequent cash inflow. The first step one needs to follow to earn money from Vidmate Cash is to register through email or phone numbers on the app. 

After successful registration, you will be granted 2000 coins. If you don’t know what coins mean, Vidmate Cash’s 100 Coins are equal to 1 Rupee. That means you get 20 Rupees instantly in your Vidmate Wallet. 

You can collect coins regularly just by logging in to the application, completing daily tasks (like watching ads, videos, writing reviews, filling surveys, playing games, quizzes etc.), editing or uploading videos, installing applications or sharing Vidmate with your friends and family. 

Once you reach a minimum cash of 100 Rupees in your wallet, you can easily transfer the cash out to your Paytm wallet. 


Vidmate Cash is one of the most popular video streaming, and downloading platforms. Because of its inbuilt converter, it is used to edit videos and save them in different desired formats and resolutions. 

Besides being a conversion tool, it also serves as a great source to earn money with minimal effort like completing tasks, playing games, quizzes, installing apps and others. 

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