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Using Smartphones Apps To Run Your Business In A Smart Way

It’s not an overstatement to say that everyone has a smartphone in their pockets at all times these days. In fact, you would find it surprising if someone does not possess one. With that being said, smartphones have the potential to do a lot more than making calls and enabling users to browse through social media apps.

Have you ever asked yourself, why not manage the business operations through smartphones? All credits to faster processing speeds, energy-efficient devices. And cloud technology capabilities, running a business from a smartphone is now a reality. 

Why not utilize these small potential-packed devices to optimize your business? That is exactly what CloudApper, a no-code mobile applications platform, provides. Starting from customer relationship management to facility maintenance management to regulatory compliance management, everything you can imagine to run your business is possible via smartphones. 

On that note, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of using mobile apps for running a business.

Cuts down cost:

This is a no-brainer. Businesses, whether it’s small, large, or a start-up, are always looking to cut down on costs. And there is no better way to cut costs than moving your business to smartphones. Mobile apps for businesses, particularly cloud-based ones, are cheaper than legacy or on-premise solutions. You could even find a provider that will enable you to consolidate all your business apps under one roof, as a result saving money from having to purchase tons of different apps from multiple vendors. It substantially reduces reliance on IT resources and investment. 

Allows employees to work from anywhere:

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of using mobile phones to run your business. Managers and employees can access the mobile app and critical information from wherever they are and anytime they want. For example, a sales representative on a field visit does not have to wait to come to the office and log information on their computers. Instead, they can just log on to the mobile application and input relevant information. 

Improves responsiveness:

The ability to log information from literally anywhere allows employees to be more responsive in recording details and relevant information. With more ease, efficiency, and speed, employees are able to log all the details or access any information they are looking for and manage other works. Mobile applications offer more ways for employees to receive notifications and respond to relevant communications and get in touch with team members. This also enhances collaboration with colleagues. 

Build your own mobile app:

No-code mobile applications platform like CloudApper’s and many others means that it enables users to build their own applications according to their needs and unique preferences. You don’t need any programming knowledge to create applications. With a drag and drop design editor, you will be able to produce a robust application with your business logo embedded. This also helps to make your business decision and brand stronger. 

Enhanced productivity:

With all the capabilities, mobile applications allow employees to do more with less. Studies continue to show that mobile applications have the ability to boost productivity. The integration of mobile applications in the workplace saves around 7.5 hours per employee, per week. Primarily based on the devices’ familiarity and user-friendliness, smartphone applications have shown to increase employees’ productivity for work-related purposes. 

Shift to a new paradigm:

If you’re already using legacy applications, you might feel reluctant to move towards cloud-based applications. While that is totally understandable, you won’t realize the benefits of mobile applications until you have experienced the benefits yourself. Taking the initiative to move towards something new requires courage and can be critical. There are many other advantages you can experience, such as lower licensing fees, more saved time, better visibility, more control and security, etc. 

With all being said, one thing is for sure that your investment in mobile apps to run your business will help you reap unimaginable benefits. 

I'm Bipasha Zaman, a professional author with vast experience in the research field. Presently, I work for many sites. Also, I have a strong passion for writing creative blogs.


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