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Preserving Dried Flowers In Epoxy: An Artistic DIY Endeavor

Don’t you just love watching those videos on Facebook and YouTube? The videos of making things out of epoxy? They look so exquisite and wonderful. The end result is mind-blowing, and no one can tell you otherwise. You have wanted to make one of those epoxy projects. But, taking on a massive project like building an epoxy river table is for the experts. 

You might want to start with something easier. How about preserving dry flowers? They look absolutely beautiful, and you can decorate your drawing room by framing the dried flower epoxy or keeping them flat on the coffee table.

Essential Supplies:

To embark on your journey of crafting a stunning masterpiece, you’ll need a thing or two. Here is a list of items you might want to keep handy.

  • Liquid color pigment
  • Mixing cups, resin blending
  • Silicone Spray
  • Duct Tape
  • Soft Mallet
  • Polishing paste for achieving a glossy surface
  • Tweezers
  • Additives

How To Dry Flowers?

The key is to start with fresh flowers for the best results, and then you’ll want to let them dry for about 3 to 4 weeks. While they don’t necessarily have to be completely flat, for projects like jewelry and coasters, it’s best if they are.

  • Place the flowers between the book pages, close them, and then weigh them down.
  • You can flatten the flowers between the pages of a book and then press them with a dry iron.

Mixing Mod Podge Resin:

Start by measuring out equal quantities of Resin and Hardener (remember, go by volume, not weight). Grab separate measuring cups for each part. Once you’ve measured out equal amounts of both Resin and Hardener, pour them into a mixing cup.

Now, the fun part – gently stir those two parts together for a solid 3 minutes. When you begin stirring, you’ll notice some cloudy swirls forming.

As you mix, be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing cup to ensure the two parts blend completely. Keep at it until those cloudy swirls vanish and the mixture becomes crystal clear. Quick tip: It’s best to mix only the amount you’ll need for each project, one project at a time.

Arrange The Flowers:

It’s time to get creative with your dried flowers and glass candle holders. Arrange those delicate dried flowers on the candle holders just the way you like. Since dried flowers can be quite fragile, you might find it handy to use tweezers for precise placement.

It’s Resin-Pouring Time:

Carefully pour clear epoxy gel over the flowers. Fill up those candle holders as much as you can, but be mindful not to let it overflow. If you notice the dried flowers trying to float away, gently push them back into place using a toothpick. And for that extra touch of elegance, sprinkle some gold flakes over the clear resin.

Allow to Cure:

Now, let’s give your creation some time to set and cure. To start, use a butane torch to remove any pesky bubbles that might have formed. After that, let it sit for about five minutes, and then go over it once more with the torch to catch any additional bubbles if necessary. Here’s the waiting game: allow the resin to fully cure as per the package instructions, which typically takes around 24 hours.

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