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Plus-Size Women: Top 5 Effective Dating Tips For Them

Being a plus-size woman in today’s world is pretty intimidating and overwhelming. Living a normal life is a challenging task, and they often have to justify themselves. Indeed, the world is continuously evolving, but some people show no respect to plus-size women. Such people spread unwanted negativity and shatter the confidence of others.

Be it a plus-size woman or a skinny girl; everyone deserves to feel loved and happy. It is where the importance of inclusivity comes in, encouraging society to accept everyone as they are.

Keeping this in mind, some plus-size women struggle to socialize in the real world. Moreover, they find it difficult to date others because of their size. It happens because they hardly ever got the chance to socialize like any other person. There is a social stigma attached to being curvy in the physically conscious world. Everyone wants to have a size zero figure. When you find someone you are interested in or someone finds you, exercise caution.

However, dating someone should not come at the cost of losing your self-confidence. Everyone has the right to interact with dates and get to know them better. When it comes to dating, your dress size and figure do not matter. What matters the most is your willingness to find love and build a healthy relationship with your partner. If someone truly likes you, they will accept you with an open heart.

Top 5 Dating Tips For Plus-Size Women:

1- Put your comfort first and dress accordingly:

This dating tip for Plus-Size Women might sound super generic, but it will sort most of your dating problems. Wearing something comfortable on your first date will boost your confidence. For instance, a plus size high waisted bootcut jeans will not just complement your figure, but they are comfy too. If it is a summer date, you can wear a light floral dress or Pastel Clothing with comfortable sandals. In winter, you can play with warm tones and wear your favorite coat on top of a shirt.

Who says you need to get out of your comfort zone to impress your date? Being nervous in front of your date is normal at first. However, wearing something uncomfortable will only make it worse as you won’t act like yourself. So do yourself a favor and carry yourself in a way that gets the conversation going from the start.

2- Change your mindset regarding plus size women:

Dating is only fun when you take it easy and enjoy every moment of it. You are not supposed to blame yourself and feel intimidated by date just because of your size. Social media is obsessed with idolizing a slim body image, but it does not mean the same happens in reality. If you think that your date is only attracted to a slim woman, you are wrong. You have to change this mindset right now, or you will never find success in dating anyone.

You can meet guys who want to date a person, not their body type, with the right mindset. Soon, the entire dating game will become less intimidating and more fun. The idea that men only appreciate skinny women is not true at all. It is a backward notion that needs to be put at rest right away. Every person has a distinct taste for dating, but nobody wants to date an imposter. Therefore, stay genuine while dating and allow others to know you better.

3- Date people who respect your body:

When it comes to dating, please know that your time is precious. If you started dating someone who shows you no respect, what is the point of dating? Yes, there are moments when you ask for another person’s opinion about your new haircut or dress. If they tell you gently about how it looks on you, it is fine.

But if you are dating someone online and they start body shaming you for no reason, time to block them and move on. Nobody has the right to look down upon you and pass comments like, “You look so big” and “Why would you wear such a revealing outfit? It looks bad.” If someone truly cares for you, they will show support instead of undermining your existence. So beware of people who like to criticize others and have nothing better to do in life.

4- Date the person you want, not the other way around:

The most important rule of dating is meeting someone you want to date and having a good time with it. Often, curvy women feel conscious to date and settle for less. If a person shows a slight interest in them, they start dating them no matter how they feel in return. It is good to know if the other person wants to date you. However, it is much better to stay confident and dare to take some risks in life.

Instead of settling for anyone who dates you, go on a date with someone you wish to date. Just like anyone else, you have earned the right to spend your evenings with someone to whom you are physically attracted. Moreover, if you are not feeling the vibe with someone who approached you first, feel free to communicate it. By doing this, you are prioritizing yourself and not settling for anything below your worth.

5- Differentiate between fetish and attraction:

Having a fetish or feeling kinky about someone’s appearance is fine as long as the person getting fetishized has no problem with it. However, if you feel uncomfortable in someone’s presence who sexually fantasizes your body, then speak up about it.

Knowing the difference between someone fetishizing your figure and the one who is naturally attracted to you is crucial. You can do this by paying close attention to how your date engages with you. If your date is obsessed with your figure and having nothing else to talk about, consider this a red flag. Your dates might encourage you to bulk up even more and force you to share your weight with them. In such a scenario, you can easily distinguish between a fetish and sincere attraction. As soon as you find this, act wisely and cut all ties with that person.

The Bottom Line:

Now, it is up to you how to turn your dating journey into the most memorable one. All the dating tips discussed above give you equal access to date people like a normal person and feel at ease. As a plus-size woman, you can destroy the perception that curvy women cannot date by putting yourself out there. Your confidence in dating others will encourage other women like you to live an ideal lifestyle. So, what’s keeping you waiting?? Set up a date, and who knows, you may end up finding your soul mate!

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