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The Significance of Nursing on World Health Day

World health day is a global health awareness day that we celebrate to create awareness among people worldwide. The last two years have been very tough for the healthcare sector due to the pandemic of COVID-19. It has shaken the entire world and caused a loss of precious lives and heavy finances across the globe. The role of healthcare professionals deserves special appreciation in this regard. Significantly, let’s talk about the role of nursing and nurses in the COVID-19 pandemic. We will see how they have contributed to work tirelessly during the pandemic. They have been the frontline workforce and still fulfilling duties efficiently.

On this world health day, it is essential to acknowledge the services and efforts of the nurses, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19. They have proved to be one of the most valuable assets of the healthcare industry. It is great to appreciate and value the contribution of nurses. Still, at the same time, there should be policies in place to reward them. Every healthcare organization should have sufficient resources to strengthen their capabilities, improve their qualification, and provide more career-advancing opportunities. It will motivate them to do better and deliver their best. Let’s explore the significance of nursing on this world health day.

Education as an Integral Component

Healthcare organizations prefer highly qualified nurses who can help patients in the recovery process efficiently. Nurses must opt for a high-level degree. The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is still here, so you can consider leveraging online education opportunities.

In that case, masters of science in nursing online will be ideal for you. It will enable you to help patients get back control of their lives and make impactful nursing decisions for the betterment of patients. Education is one of the integral elements of modern-day nursing, so earning a relevant and high-level degree is a must for nurses according to their interests. On this world health day, the appropriate healthcare authorities need to create more educational opportunities for nurses. We saw during the pandemic how well-educated nurses treated patients by making informed decisions.

Nurses have to spend time with patients to educate them, so having a solid educational background is necessary. They have to guide patients about treatment procedures and the side effects of medications. So, it can only be possible with suitable qualifications.

Spending More Time with Patients

Nurses are known to be more closer with patients than any other healthcare staff. They mainly coordinate with patients and understand their issues by interacting with them. Competent and qualified nurses know how to treat patients. Doctors only come for a few hours for routine checkups, but nurses are the ones who spend the most time with patients. They better understand the condition of patients and also provide doctors useful insights by uncovering valuable health information.

According to a study, intensive care patients spend around 86% of their time with nurses. It shows the significance of nurses in patient care handling. When nurses do overnight duties in hospitals, they even got more time to spend with patients. It helps them to examine and identify the root causes of the issues that the patient is going through.

Nurses as Patient Advocates

When nurses spend more time with patients, they get to know their needs and behaviors better. It allows nurses to observe their health habits efficiently that makes them their health advocates. The advocacy role of nursing holds particular importance in healthcare settings.

In this role, nurses have to get in touch with the family members of patients to find out the patient’s details related to past medical history. It helps nurses to find out whether the patient is taking the proper medication or not. When nurses work as patient advocates, they also have to watch the patient’s overall treatment to ensure that everything is moving forward in the right direction. It shows the significance of nurses while patients are in the recovery process in hospitals and medical centers.

Monitoring Patient’s Condition

When it is about monitoring a patient’s condition, nurses fulfill this duty efficiently. It is not easy to keep an eye on every patient’s condition in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. It was a daunting task to keep an eye on every patient during the pandemic. But nurses successfully fulfilled their responsibility to take care of patients’ needs during this deadly pandemic.

Doctors can not observe patients 24/7. Nurses work in long and tiring shifts to ensure that the condition of every patient is stable. They inform doctors instantly if they have doubts about the state of any patient. It puts a significant responsibility on patients’ shoulders because they have to act immediately according to the patient’s condition. Any delay can be very costly, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mindfulness and dedication of nurses were the exemplary display of their genuine passion for the healthcare industry.

Greater Autonomy

Currently, nurses have greater autonomy in the healthcare industry. The pandemic of COVID-19 has indeed played a pivotal role in making everyone realize the significance of nurses. It has made everyone understand that nurses have greater autonomy because they are first responders to the patients in an emergency or any situation. They often first recognize the problem and take the standard protocol accordingly to stabilize the patient’s condition.

There are certain situations where nurses have to make decisions on their own. For example, suppose the patient’s magnesium level has dropped down. In that case, nurses can do the needful without seeking permission from the doctor. This autonomy requires nurses to have a broader understanding of their scope of practice. They need to build reliable and strong relationships with physicians and other staff members to work efficiently in healthcare settings. The role of nurses in today’s era is not one-dimensional. That is why their significance is more significant than ever.


It is important to realize on this world health day that the role of nurses is crucial for the progress of the healthcare industry. We all saw how nurses gave their blood and sweat during the pandemic to serve the healthcare sector. So, it is essential to value and reward the efforts of nurses. All healthcare organizations must take the proper measures to generate more career-advancing opportunities for nurses to contribute to the industry effectively.

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