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Men’s Suspenders: How Do They Fit Into Today’s Fashion World

Are you looking for a path out of the elastic waistband doldrums of the last couple years? Style is not just about how we present ourselves to the world, it’s about how we define ourselves for ourselves. No matter how you define dressing up, the act of thoughtfully choosing an aesthetic will bring out your creativity and confidence. 

Whether you’re going for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan look or aiming more in the vintage directio, incorporating sartorial elements from past eras is a good place to start. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, and using items that have layers of cultural meaning inherent to them allows you to create a complex aesthetic that invites people to want to know more about your story.

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Keeping Men Decent For Centuries:

While there were some 17th century precursors, modern suspenders were invented by Albert Thurston, a British tailor, in the 1820s. Generally referred to as braces by the British, early suspenders lacked the elastics and metal clasps that became popular later on. Traditional suspenders hooked on to buttons on the inner sides of trouser waists. They were a functional and essential part of being properly dressed.

Most 19th century men stuck with suspenders, except when a heatwave required them to switch to a belt so as to be able to remove their jackets. The World Wars caused a shift in menswear, notably the lowering of the waist. This change stuck, and along with it the adoption of belts by most men in the 20th century.

Diminished, But Not Abandoned:

Some men held on to their suspenders despite the changing fashions. Doctors maintained that suspenders were better than belts. They improve posture, ease pressure on nerves, and make for less back and neck pain. 

In the sixties, men’s suspenders made their way into a very different aesthetic. Young working class Brits adopted an ultra masculine look of jeans and suspenders, sans jackets of course. This was then picked up by teenagers of various classes, alongside a completely distinct resurgence of suspenders in professional circles, a la Larry King and Gordon Gekko.

Young Dandies and Grandpa Chic:

Today suspenders can fit in a variety of fashions. A classic formal look can be achieved with invisible suspenders under your suit jacket. A great choice for weddings or other fancy events where you’re likely to be photographed, suspenders elongate the torso and support good posture. 

Still classic and sophisticated but more casual is the suspenders with a dress shirt look. Pairing delightfully with bowties, this shows a little more flare than hidden suspenders. Reminiscent of Gilded Age dandies, this is a good day into night look, with its professional aura paired with the subtlest of nods to a state of partial undress.

A different style that employs suspenders is that of the craftsman, be he professional, amateur, or merely sartorial. In this case suspenders are both practical, supporting good posture and allowing much needed flexibility for physical labor, and appropriate to the historical values of the modern craftsman.

While you probably aren’t going for a full-on seventies punk look, there’s a reason harder edged fashions keep showing up in high end fashion. Suspenders, once ubiquitous, have such a rich history that with a sartorial tweak here and there they can tell many different stories.

Men’s Suspenders Adds the Perfect Touch to an Outfit:

With so many uses, men’s suspenders are the perfect accessory to freshen up your look. They also make an excellent gift for just about any man in your life, whatever his style.

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