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Men’s Fashion Styles in 2021

2021 saw a range of changes and updates to men’s fashion, including the growing popularity of micro-trends. And while micro-trends can lead to wasteful spending and the need to constantly evolve your wardrobe, some of 2021’s fashion moments don’t have to be abandoned just yet.

As we approach a new year, learn about the trends that dominated 2021 men’s fashion that will feel just as fresh and current in 2022.

Fleece and Love:

One of the warmest and coziest men’s fashion trends in 2021 was fleece.

Fleece is practical, yet versatile, making it a winter staple year after year. But this year, it had a big impact on outerwear and even pants, keeping us warm from head to toe.

Thick fleece has been popular for several seasons, feeling both retro and new. Going forward, stick to less obvious fleece fashions, and only wear one fleece garment at a time.

Oversized Haul:

The bigger and baggier, the better. At least that’s what 2021’s fashion taught us.

Men’s fashion was filled with everything big and roomy, from oversized t-shirts to wide pants. Even otherwise-tailored coats started to look fresher when bought in a size up.

This trend won’t be going away any time soon. When wearing oversized clothing in 2022, keep only your top or bottom oversized. You can find great men’s wholesale clothing options for big jackets, 90’s-style baggy tees, and more.

Then, keep everything else tailored and somewhat close to the body. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed with too much fabric.

Business Casual:

The pandemic continued to change style trends in 2021, bringing more lounge-y and cozy styles to the forefront.

And menswear trends were no exception. Even for the most dapper and sophisticated among us, casual business wear started to take hold of our work wardrobes.

Business clothes saw more relaxed tailoring including loose trench coats and wider pants.

And suit sets started to take on softer fabrics that feel almost as comfy as pajamas.

Whether working from home or in the office, you can continue to embrace this look in 2022. Look for oversized suits in corduroy, easygoing cotton, or super-soft wool fabrics.

Clean Lines:

As our clothes loosened up, it’s no surprise that we needed some boundaries to keep things in check. And clean lines did just that.

This trend could be seen on menswear and streetwear in the form of pinstripes, chunky vertical stripes, nautical stripes (see more on this trend below), plaid, and check prints. You could see these lines covering shirts, jackets, and suits. In some cases, they even seemed to spawn a micro-trend of patchwork shirts featuring mixed plaid and striped fabrics.

For those who wanted a punchier look, checkerboard print kept things clean yet eye-catching.

Looking ahead to 2022, stripes and plaid will continue to reign supreme in fashion. But over-the-top checkerboard may be on its way out.

The Great Outdoors:

Men’s clothing always relies on active and outdoorsy clothing. After all, whether you’re the sporty type or not, these looks are easy to wear and extra comfy.

But in 2021, rugged activewear was everywhere.

Technical sporty jackets were huge and will likely continue to be a must-have item in your closet. These jackets are typically lightweight yet durable, featuring plenty of zips and pockets. And they look great whether you’re mountain climbing or exploring a concrete jungle.

Puffer coats also continued to hold popularity for their no-fuss warmth. And the same can be said for a variety of utilitarian accessories like simple beanies and rugged boots.

Expect more activewear and nature-inspired clothing in the new year.

I Sea You:

Some of us may have found ourselves daydreaming that we were escaping our home office rather than being stuck in it. And that might be the reason why nautical, seaside styles had a moment in 2021.

Nautical striped shirts were popular both on high fashion runways and on the street, even for those who don’t live near the ocean. And for those who weren’t into these preppy striped looks, easygoing polo shirts offered an alternative.

Bottoms also got nautical, with Bermuda shorts becoming a huge trend across different styles and aesthetics.

Stash your nautical clothes away until the summer, when they’ll likely have a comeback.

Light and Bright:

2021 demanded color, and men’s fashion trends delivered.

While black, navy and other dark neutrals will always be style mainstays, we had fun experimenting with pastels and other rainbow hues this year. In some cases, pops of neon could be seen across t-shirts and casual pants.

White, too, was embraced this year, with all-white ‘fits becoming popular.

This trend paired well with 2021’s more genderless and unisex styles that Gen Z has been championing. You could see this in another trend, colorful florals on menswear.

That ’70s Show:

From bomber jackets to autumnal colors, 1970s style inspired some of 2021’s big menswear trends.

The ’70s could be seen in corduroy suits, leather bomber jackets, and a slew of collared shirts that look just as modern as they look ready for you to do The Hustle.

This trend started early in the year, but it will likely continue to develop in 2022 and beyond.

Get Inspired by 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends:

Even as 2021 comes to an end, it inspired several men’s fashion trends that will likely continue to grow in the new year.

Keep an eye out for more lounge-y fits, simple lines and colorful florals, and more in 2022!

Don’t miss out on the latest fashion trend updates. Head over to my other fashion blog posts for more!

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