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Managing Your Pain Levels as You Age

Getting older is a natural part of life. Many Missourians try to put off the aging process in any way that they can, using cosmetic treatments, managing pain levels, fitness routines, and other anti-aging methods to try to stay young. But having lived a long life should not be a reason to fear the future and try to put off old age. It should be viewed as a privilege to have lived for this long and have decades of memories to reflect on.

One of the biggest fears about aging is the existence of pain levels. Since bones, joints, muscles, and immune systems will naturally weaken over time, the body’s ability to manage pain diminishes. This makes certain physical activities that you used to enjoy more difficult, or even impossible, to continue doing. 

Though more aches and pains may be inevitable as you get older, there are plenty of strategies for managing or even preventing some of those pains. Try out some of these methods for managing your pain levels as you age.

Continue to Exercise:

Physical activity is important for overall health, but it becomes even more important the older you get. Instead of focusing on building new muscle, you are hoping to maintain the muscle that you have. This will help protect your skeletal structure and joint health as well. Simple exercises like fast walking, bicycling, water aerobics, resistance band use, and other low-impact activities are perfect for aging bodies that may not be able to exercise as intensely as they have in the past. 

That is one key to exercising the right way. If you overdo it later in life, you could end up increasing the amount of pain you experience. Whether you live in downtown St. Louis or in the rural areas of Reynolds County, you can find healthy activities to engage in to prolong your health. Staying active at an appropriate level for your age will maintain the condition of your body and help fight off pain levels. 

Occupational Therapy:

As your body starts to creak, groan, and ache a little more in your later years, occupation therapy, which is slightly different from physical therapy, could be the answer. Specialists in this industry can help people who want to maintain a certain level of mobility in their lives, which often describes older adults. 

It is a great way to maintain or improve quality of life. Occupational therapy is a popular choice for seniors because its main purpose aligns perfectly with their health goals. By regularly visiting a specialist, they can maintain their independence and manage pain for as long as possible.

Healthy Eating and Medication:

Preventing pain in the first place could sometimes come down to the dietary choices you are making. If your body is not receiving a healthy balance of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy, then some functions may be impaired and lead to areas of pain. 

When pain has already become an issue in old age, depending on its nature of it, you may want to consider medication to manage it. Though this can be a last resort, there are plenty of over-the-counter and prescription drugs that can help relieve pain for older individuals.

One way that you can consolidate healthy eating and correct medication is at a long-term care facility. If you are at a point where living independently is no longer an option, institutes such as nursing homes can provide healthy menu options, 24/7 personalized care, and medication organization. Though abuse can happen in nursing homes, in which you should contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Missouri, the benefits of becoming a resident can create a more comfortable life for the individual. 

Massage and Heat Therapy:

Sometimes, your body just needs to experience some relaxing sensations to manage pain. Massage therapy or heating pads are a great solution for any age, particularly seniors who are experiencing chronic pain. There are plenty of technologies that you can use to massage the various muscles in your body, such as massage guns or massage chairs. 

Additionally, electric heating pads can work wonders on sore muscles and aching joints. Making regular use of massage and heat therapy can help you get back to enjoying the activities that you have loved by managing pain after the fact.

Accept Your Changing Body:

Many people can live in denial about the realities of their aging bodies. But in order to effectively manage pain in a healthy way, you should come to terms with some of the scientific truths about aging. Yes, your body is going to become weaker and its condition will decline, but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy life to the fullest.

Try out these methods for managing/preventing pain so that you can maintain independence as you age and continue to enjoy the activities that fulfill you for years to come.

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