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How You Can Make A Positive Change To The Planet Today

It’s our responsibility to look after the planet so that we can protect our wildlife, resources, and food supplies. Many of us will already be mindful of the impact we’re having on the planet – but if you’re wondering how you can get started, it’s simple! Think about how you can reduce your plastic use, for example in food packaging supplies, bottles, and containers. Think of ways you can travel to reduce your carbon footprint – the list goes on. Read more about how you can make a positive change below. 

Change The Way You Travel: 

The emissions from cars and planes all have an impact on our planet, as dangerous gases are emitted back into the air, contributing to global warming, and influencing the environment. To make a positive change to the planet, you should think about the way you travel. Try and cut down on how often you’re using your car – walk or take your bike for shorter journeys. This may seem like a trivial positive change, but it can have an impact.

If you’re thinking about going on holiday, try and keep it closer to home so you can reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re travelling over a long distance, try and think about how you can offset the emissions, for example travelling by train instead of taking your car.

Thankfully, cycling and walking your normal route to work or school doesn’t just mean a reduction in the harmful gases you’re producing, it also means you can add exercise into your day more easily – you can take advantage of the health benefits whilst being environmentally friendly. 

Think About Your Food: 

You may not realise it, but the food you eat can also have an impact on your carbon footprint. One of the main ways in which you can help the planet by changing your diet is to cut down on meat consumption. This doesn’t have to mean going completely veggie or vegan but reducing your meat intake over the course of the week means you can reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted when producing meat.

Plant-based diets allow you to eat more sustainably. If you’re looking to take it one step further, you could make sure you shop locally to reduce the emissions produced to get your food to the table! Keep sustainability in mind when heading off to do your weekly shop. 

Reduce Waste: 

The waste that we produce ends up in landfill, which contributes to dangerous gases and the destruction of many habitats in our environment. Reducing waste, especially single-use plastic is essential. When plastic is not disposed of correctly, it can produce harmful chemicals back into the earth. It can also make its way back into oceans and habitats and can harm animals if ingested.

This means that the food chain is affected. By reducing plastic waste, and reusing things like refillable water bottles, paper bags for food and tote bags to carry our shopping, we can help our environment avoid any nasty waste products that can harm the planet. 

Reduce Energy Consumption: 

The way we consume energy has an impact on the environment. A lot of energy resources are non-renewable, which means each time we use them, we are draining the earth of them. To reduce energy consumption, you should start with simple things like turning off your lights when you leave a room and turning your heating off until you really need it.

But it’s not all lights and heating, it’s water too. Make sure you spend less time in the shower to reduce water wastage and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth! This can not only help you reduce consumption, but it can help to save money on bills too.

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