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Amazing Benefits of Lawn Aeration and Overseeding for a Gorgeous Yard

Did you know there are tons of pests that damage your lawn in the spring? Are you a new homeowner? If you want some lawn maintenance tips, we can help. We’ll go over the importance of lawn aeration and overseeding services. Keep up with lawn care so you can enjoy your backyard this summer.

Are you ready to improve your lawn? Stick around and keep reading.

Spend Time Prepping Your Lawn:

To get a green lawn, you’ll need to spend some time prepping it for aeration.

On the weekend, gather some friends or family members and begin clearing your lawn. Try to get rid of debris, leaves, and branches. You might also cut the property lower than typical.

Grass seed will hit the soil and germinate.

Begin To Aerate The Lawn:

You should also begin to aerate the lawn after you clean it up. Aeration will take the same amount of time it takes for you to mow your lawn. Some people will rent a core aerator at the local hardware store.

Make sure you don’t pick the wrong aerator. There are hollow tines and solid tine aerators. Hollow-tine aerators tend to be the better choice. You can put the plug out of the ground and bring it to the surface.

A core aerator will bring microbes deep into the soil and loosen the compacted soil.

You’ll Need To Overseed The Lawn:

After completing the aeration task, you’ll need to overseed your lawn. You should work with an experienced gardener who can help you choose the right kind of seed for your lawn.

You’ll have to avoid overseeding. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Overseeding after aerating will help ensure that seeds fall into the new holes. They will have an excellent spot to germinate and grow deep roots as the holes fill up.

You Should Rake In Seeds:

After spreading the seed across your lawn, take a rake and loosely rake the yard. This will ensure the grass seeds get below current grass blades. The seed will contact the soil below the grass blades.

Water Your Lawn:

Next, you will water your lawn for a couple of weeks. Try to water the lawn every other day to ensure the baby grass will grow.

Follow the rules for watering your lawn. It would help if you looked at watering it before the sun rises.

Overseeding and Aerating Services:

Overseeding and aeration are the critical elements to getting a healthy lawn by the end of the day. You should follow these steps.

If you don’t have time, hire aeration services or overseeding services. A professional will come to your home and take care of this task.

Check out places like https://www.heartlandturf.com/leawood/ or a local lawn care company in your city. Keep your lawn in excellent shape every year. 

Don’t Forget About Lawn Aeration And Overseeding:

We hope this guide on lawn aeration and overseeding was insightful. You should spend time getting the right grass seed and rent an aerator.

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