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6 Tips for a Better Quality Inmate Visitation Online

You cannot control every aspect of a video call with a loved one in jail. If you have someone you want to reach out to, you will only get a limited time to visit. People in jail have spent 8% more time on the phone since the pandemic started, but the number of people dropped. Keep reading for six tips on ways to have better inmate visitation online. 

1. Prepare Room for Inmate Visitation Online:

When visiting an inmate online, the last thing you need to have is a lot of noise in the background. Many people don’t realize how loud their homes can get. Think about barking dogs, televisions, and noisy appliances. 

You also don’t want too much visual disturbance. Other people or pets in the room moving around can cause a distraction. Remove anything that will hinder your online inmate visitation. 

2. Close Computer Tabs:

Before your inmate visits online, close all open browser tabs you do not need. Programs can take up the power on your PC and cause interruptions. That could cut your online inmate visitation short.

Online visits with inmates take a lot of computer resources. Depending on the computer you have, you might not be able to spare anything extra. 

3. Online Inmate Visit Precautions:

Most video calls will use a screen-sharing method. You should change your security settings before the call. 

You don’t want to receive anything from work or friends while visiting an inmate online. There could be conversations you don’t want others to witness. You also want your private data safe.

4. Check Visit Details Before Call:

The detention center will have instructions on logging into the system. Go there before the inmate visitation online to make sure you can sign in for your call. Check the links and click for more information on what you will need. 

5. Have All Supplies on Hand:

Since you want the inmate visitation online to be flawless, have supplies available. If you use a laptop, have an extra charger ready to go. To avoid any sound feedback, invest in a headset.

Small changes can make your online inmate visit much better. You can get inexpensive items you may need and keep them for later video chats.

6. Check Internet Connection:

Many people like the portability of a laptop, but if you have unstable wifi, you may want to use a wired connection. Whatever you use, check your internet connection before any online visits with inmates. An internet connection that is not stable may cut you off the call. 

You may want to ask your provider about the speeds you get. If the internet is too slow, it could cause video delays. 

Focus On the Visit:

Preparing for an inmate visitation online can get a bit overwhelming. There are several things to check before your call. Once you log in and see your loved one, you can focus on the visit and enjoy the time you have together. 

Remember that things can happen, and no plan will always be perfect. Following these six tips will have you preparing for your online inmate visit like a pro! Check out the rest of our site for more lifestyle content like this. 

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