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5 Habits That Can Improve Your Self-Discipline

Among the many important qualities that contribute towards an individual’s long-term happiness and success, perhaps the greatest is self-discipline. Whether it’s a relationship, a workouts routine, a diet plan, or a business target, self-discipline is essential for the smooth accomplishment of your goals, small or big.

When using the internet and cable services like Cox cable, you must have come across interviews and documentaries of inspirational personalities. Most often they have a story to share about their journey. And you’ll notice that one of the most evident traits in their journey is that of self-discipline. These are regular people who took control of their lives and refused to let feelings and impulses dictate their choices. 

Self-discipline is not an inherent quality but a learned behavior. Anyone can acquire it if they have the intent to practice it in their day-to-day life. The following habits can help you improve or build self-discipline.

#1. Remove Temptations

Removing all distractions/temptations from your environment is the first step to build self-discipline. By keeping away from bad influences, you force yourself to focus on what’s important and healthy. For example, if you are on a diet, do not keep junk food in your fridge. Similarly, if you want to finish an office task within a certain time limit, turn off your mobile so that you are not distracted by calls/messages. If you’re still having trouble concentrating, you can download computer apps that block distraction websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and even emails for a certain period. 

#2. Identify Your Weaknesses

Everyone has weaknesses. At times they are self-imposed and at other times they’re triggers. However, it is important to identify your weaknesses and learn to be honest with yourself about them. When we are aware of the things/situations we struggle with, we are in a better position to devise ways to improve them. Acknowledging weaknesses is a step towards overcoming them. But if you are in constant denial, there is no way you can turn them around. To grow constantly, try to discover the areas you lag in and then come up with ways to manage them effectively.

#3. Understand Adversity

Adversity is when we are faced with difficulties, misfortune, and hardships during some phases in life. Such situations can take a toll on you psychologically. They can demotivate you to the extent that you quit pursuing your goals. But if you understand adversity, you will take it in your strike and become stronger as well as more capable. 

Remember, experience is the best teacher. You shouldn’t let it make you bitter. So when adversity comes to distract you from your goals or disrupt your life in general, you should remind yourself of your larger purpose and believe in it to get yourself back on track. 

#4. Practice Prioritizing

A major part of self-discipline is the ability to prioritize tasks. You should be able to distinguish the urgent tasks from the important tasks to those tasks which can wait. Organize your day/week accordingly and then act to tick them all off one by one.

If you have a sturdy plan, you are less likely to procrastinate. In this way, you’ll be able to give due attention to all the tasks at hand and do the maximum work possible in a day or week. 

#5. Schedule Breaks & Rewards for Yourself

Practicing self-discipline does not mean you always have to be tough on yourself. From time to time, you should give yourself a break and allow yourself to give in to old ways. For example, if you are on a strict diet, keep a cheat day to have that strawberry Sundae ice cream you’ve been craving. Similarly, if you’re trying to control your spending, let yourself splurge once a month. Self-discipline can be demanding and hard. So if you’re on the way to attaining it, reward your efforts once in a while. 

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