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Home Décor Industry: Taking Furniture On Rent Become New Trend

In the past few years the trends in the home décor industry have changed a lot. A few decades ago, people used to save up to buy a house and decorate it how they want. Now, people are moving around more and not many are buying houses but prefer renting them. Some of these rented spaces come with furniture but most don’t. With the growing popularity, many companies have started offering this facility.

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Why People Prefer Home Décor Industry?

There are some important reasons why people are preferring home décor industry and we will help you understand them so you can determine for yourself whether it will be better for you to buy or rent furniture.


Furniture can cost a lot and after buying a space or paying monthly rent it is not affordable for many people. Even if you have enough savings, most think it is not worth it. Furniture has been deemed a perishable investment, especially since the value decreases with time and trends change so a piece might go out of fashion quickly. It is a smarter option to rent a piece of furniture when you need it and invest your hard-earned money on better or more necessary assets like electronics.


Life has become much more fast-paced and in such a scenario people move out and in from a place very quickly. If you buy furniture, choosing them, getting them in size, getting them delivered, and then set up takes a lot of time which seems quite wasteful. When you get a bed, couch, cabinet, or almirah on rent in Pune, you can choose the pieces that you want online and the company will not only deliver but set up your house.

Since they already have the pieces in their collection, they only require enough time to deliver them, so the whole process is over within a week. Most people have found this to be a more efficient method than buying furniture.


A huge problem that has arisen due to people constantly moving around is fast furniture. Like fast fashion, companies were churning out a bunch of pieces and once a user is moving, they are mostly throwing the pieces away because their quality has deteriorated or they won’t match the other living space. These furniture items are collected in the landfills and since they’re mostly made of plastic, cannot be disintegrated. This is hugely contributing towards land and water pollution. It’s more sustainable to rent furniture than buy them.


The most obvious reason behind renting furniture is that it makes more sense monetarily. While renting furniture, you pay a small amount per month, quarter monthly, or half-yearly. On the other hand, you have to pay a huge sum at once while buying. The difference in the amount as well the options of paying per your ease when you’re getting office furniture on rent in Bangalore is a convincing factor.

These reasons and many more are some of the major reasons why home décor industry is more popular to rent furniture over buying them.

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