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How To Make Mouthwatering Fuchka Recipe In Bengali Style?

Indian people love the tasty mouthwatering fuchka and in this content, I will show you how to make this fuchka recipe in Bengali style. From north to south, east to west, wherever you go, and many people stand on long lines in small shawl leaves. To some, it is Golgappa, so some know it as Gap chap. Now surely you understand what food I am talking about?

All of you guess right! I am saying all of our favorite phuchka or golgappa what you say. It is a meal that many people at any time, will agree to eat. Who loves this delicious snack they are making competition with each other. So today we are going to find a great recipe to make Bengali fuchka and with this make fun of the afternoon on holiday. Then serve it with tamarind water for your family, you will see how it makes them happy.

It does not take more than 20 minutes to make fuchka recipe and you don’t want huge ingredients to prepare this. Then why you are waiting to do this, don’t waste your time going to make fuchka recipe in Bengali style.

#How To Make Fuchka Recipe?

In this recipe chart, I will discuss with you how to make fuchka in bengali style with easy ingredients and tips. So read this article carefully.

To prepare Bengali fuchka or panipuri recipe you need flour one cup, Semolina four cups, Talmakhana one teaspoon, and salt one teaspoon and water two cups. Except for the oil, blend all the requirements together and make a small blanket and cover for 15 to 20 minutes. The lid should be soaked in hot submerged oil in a medium flame. When the lid is roasted in hot oil, it will swell when the lid is slightly pressed.     

#How To Prepare Fuchka Water?

You need four cups of water, Mint leaf slice, tamarind, green chili slice, coriander leaves, chili powder, salt, black salt, and chat spices. Now put the ingredients in the blender. You should make a sauce by mixing a little water and pasting the elements well. Then mix 2-3 cups of water in the baked chutney. Blend water with tamarind. Test it once and see how the water is drinking. If anything seems low, mix it again with water.

#How to Make Puri for Pani Puri?

The ingredients you need to prepare puri for pani puri are simmered chickpeas, Sore potatoes, Spice seasoning, pani puri masala, chili powder, onion, nut, cucumber, salt, and black salt. Now boil the potatoes well. Once boiled, squeeze the potatoes well. Slice the onion. In a slight bowl, blend simmered potatoes, coriander leaves, onion, cumin powder, black salt, and chat masala.

#How To Serve Fuchka With Fuchka Water?

With a spoon or a finger tear off the head surface of the fuchka. Take a little quantity of purr and keep inside the purr. Then drain the water well once and dive fuchka into the water. Now serve this delicious fuchka recipe or panipuri recipe with your family.

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