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Top 10 Entertainment Apps That You Must Download On Your New iPhone

Apple is the manufacturer of the iPhone that has a fan following of millions from around the world. The smartphone series comes with a neat design and a powerful operating system. It is capable of running even the heaviest of Entertainment apps and games without the slightest of performance issues.

With the Spectrum internet package or any other internet plan, you can download all your favorite Entertainment apps by going to the app store online. There are thousands of top-notch apps to choose from. If you’re looking forward to finding some suggestions, you’re at the right place. Here you will also find out about some of the best Entertainment apps that you must download right after getting your new iPhone.

Best Entertainment Apps for New iPhone:


We all love Netflix and watch our favorite movies and TV series on this powerful streaming app. Install it on your iPhone so you can access your favorite content even when you’re traveling on holiday destinations. The app stores the viewing history so that you can simply resume watching the show you were streaming earlier. The monthly subscription to Netflix doesn’t cost a lot. Apart from this, the company releases many original titles every now and then.


Instagram is one of the most useful social media networks out there. Install it on your iPhone so that you can stay aware of updates from celebs, politicians, and athletes. Upload your own pictures or promote your business, it’s all up to you. The Instagram Live Badges help to promote business exponentially.

Dark Sky

If you travel frequently, you must have a quality weather app that shares accurate information. Download Dark Sky to know about upcoming weather changes. The app also sends timely notifications that you can customize.


Many social media websites exist today. Surely, you must have accounts on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Thanks to apps like 1Password, you don’t have to remember app passwords all the time. Simply save them to 1Password. You can log into the app with your FaceID.

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is an excellent app for easy-going and fun-loving individuals. You can swap the faces present in two different pictures. This will result in two new pictures that may look quite eerie. At times, the results are spectacular. Swap your face with your friend’s to see how his dressing looks on you! If you’re creative enough, you can recreate very good images.

Pcalc Lite

Pcalc Lite has a user-friendly interface and is quite easy to use. The app will help you to perform quick calculations. The developers have optimized the app for iPhone users. As a result, the app window fits in the rounded corners pretty well.

Reeder 3

If you’re into reading RSS feeds, then Reeder 3 must be among the first downloads to your new iPhone. This app comes with a user-friendly theme against a black background. The app text is written in white. Thankfully, the design of the app matches the dimensions of the phone. You can enjoy a high-speed RSS with the help of Reeder 3.  

8fit Workouts and Meal Planner

Iphones come with several features that you won’t find in other smartphones no matter what. Install 8fit workouts to plan good workout routines. Follow the workout goals present on the app to achieve your health goals. It will also provide you tips related to weight loss and dieting.


For those who travel frequently, Hooper is an excellent choice. It will help you to significantly lower your air flight costs. You can also access weather-related predictions with it. The app also provides details related to cheap flight tickets, suggestions for hotel bookings, and the most suitable time for traveling.


If you want to watch HBO Now, you will need to download it to your new iPhone. Once you access the app on your iPhone, customize it to your heart’s fill. Watch premium quality content with the service.

These are some of the apps for the iPhone that will let you perform many different actions. Download them to increase the user experience you’re phone is already offering you. You’ll be able to get cheap flights, watch popular shows on Netflix, read with the help of Reeder, and save content in any reliable services.

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