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What Are the Different Types of Spas That Exist Today?

Are you or someone you know a hard worker who needs a well-earned day of relaxation?

If the answer is yes, you deserve a day at the spa!

After years of continuous growth, the spa industry revenue in the US went above 19 million in 2019. The global pandemic put a halt to the industry. But in 2022, it’s set to get back on track.

It wasn’t long ago when people assumed spas were only for the rich and famous. But today, we know there are many different types of spas. And there’s one for everyone!

So, what are the different types of spas? Continue reading to find out!

Destination Spas:

Destination spas are designed to help with your overall health and well-being. You will receive dietary tips, fitness classes, and exercises while you’re here.

Traditional spas focus on looking after you while you’re there. A destination spa wants you to improve your lifestyle, even when you return home.

These spas usually have a minimum stay of 2/3 nights. And are set in the most breathtaking locations across the globe.

Hotel/Resort Spas:

Hotel/Resort spas do welcome locals and regulars. But their main focus is on people looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or vacation.

The facilities at these spas are usually of a high standard, especially in luxury hotels. But, since the main focus of running a hotel is renting out rooms, they’re usually not as well equipped as other spas.

Nevertheless, hotel/resort spas are a great place to relax and travel. As long as the spa isn’t the main reason for traveling. 

Day Spas:

Day spas are perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy treatment or makeover. They are usually found near residential areas to give customers easy access.

These businesses don’t offer overnight accommodation. So treatments can be finished in just a few hours. They also don’t offer some facilities and items such as lockers, robes, and slippers.

Many also specialize in beauty treatments. It’s common for day spas to offer customers nail, hair, and makeup services.

Although there are some luxurious day spas, these are the best spas for you if you’re on a budget.

Mineral Spring Spas:

Mineral spring spas are the most unique and sought-after spas in the world. And they’re always the most popular attraction in any city, that’s lucky enough to have one.

There are around 1,161 of these spas in the US, and each one is created with and around nature.

The water at these spas is heated by the earth’s core. And the minerals in the water are well known for healing and treating your body. Most notably, your skin and joints.

Medical Spas:

Medical spas are a service that helps with medical practices. Popular procedures are Botox, laser hair removal, and fat reduction that is non-surgical.

They differ from most spas since they’re not made especially for comfort or relaxing. All spas need to have a fully licensed medical staff for certain treatments such as Botox.

You can read more information about medical procedures or anti-aging specialists!

What Types of Spas Is Right for You?

There are many different types of spas, and each one is suited to a different need and desire.

But, if you still think you deserve a day of relaxation, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and plan yourself a spa day! And find a local spa close to you.

Then you can come back and start learning more health or beauty tips from our blog for free!

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